Search for places by coordinates on Google map

How to find an object by coordinates on Google Maps

How to find any object on the location map? Of course, at. And what if the object does not have the address or is it unknown? Search by coordinates. However, coordinates for an inexperienced person are simply an incomprehensible set of numbers. For a long time they would still have a mysterious entry "for dedicated" if neither Google Card service.

What are the coordinate record formats understand Google maps

Google Maps Navigation service is able to work with three coordinate recording formats:

  • Decimal degrees (example: 55.753575, 37.62104).
  • Degree with decimal minutes (example: 55 45.214, 37 37.262).
  • Degrees with minutes and seconds (example: 55 ° 45'13 "N 37 ° 37'16" E).

When entering the coordinates, decimal values ​​are made to separate the point, and the breadth that is always worth the first, and the longitude of the comma.

How to use service in browsers on pc

Consider an example. Suppose we have the following data:

  • Latitude 55 ° 45'13 "N (55.753575)
  • Longitude 37 ° 37'16 "E (37.62104)

To find the right place:

  • I will open the Google card service in any web browser and then go to the "Satellite" mode so that the card looks more clearly. To do this, press the button that is in the lower left corner of the map.

Switch to satellite mode

  • After commas insert in the search string first latitude, then the longitude. The format is not fundamental. Then press the ENTER key.

latitude and longitude

  • In our example, the search line opened a panorama of the found place, where it can be seen that this is the Red Square of Moscow. If you have entered the location coordinates from which there is no saved panorama, nothing will be displayed under the search string.

Panorama of Red Square

  • Next, look at the satellite snapshot. As can be seen, our hypothesis was confirmed.

Red Square on Google Map

Search features on mobile devices

On the smartphones and tablets based on Android and IOS, the search for coordinates produce in the same way, only instead of the browser use the Mobile Maps mobile application. Litness and longitude are introduced into the search string, which is shown by the arrow in the screenshot below. After that, the found place is marked on the map with a red marker.

Where to send

How to find out the coordinates of the site visual location

If the coordinates are unknown to you, but the visual location is known, to determine its latitude and longitude with the help of Google MAPS is also very simple:

  • Switch the map on the satellite view. Click on the location of the right mouse right and select from the menu. What is here? "

point is here

  • See the desired data in the window at the bottom of the screen.

Coordinates of the object on the Google map

On android devices, the menu is opened by a long touch of an object of interest. IOS will additionally have to click on the inscription "Untitled".

Coordinates of some famous places on Google maps

Have mastered the service? Now we propose to practice. Below are the latitude and longitude of several attractions at different points of the world, try to find them:

  • Roman Colosseum (41.890471, 12.492234).
  • Mysterious Stonehenge (51.178937, -1.826243).
  • Bran Castle, also known as Count Count Dracula (45.515314, 25.367296).
  • French Versailles (48.805346, 2.120388).

And if you know other interesting places, which can also be found on Google maps, share your finds in the comments!

It is often necessary to find a place for the coordinates obtained. You could send them on SMS, in the messenger, you can see them in the campaign report, or you yourself recorded them somewhere.

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