"Exit from black". How I decided to change the color of the hair, how much time and money it was worth it

Why was the question of changing hair color

From birth, I have a brown hair color. Years from 15th I started painting strands. First, in the pink shade, then I tried a melting, and the hair was slowly painted at all. So with a light, I switched to darker shades.

From the age of 25, gray hair began to appear. Every month (or even once every 3 weeks) walk and paint the roots in the cabin was tedious and cheap pleasure.

Once the girlfriend brought Henna from India. I tried to paint her hair once with her, and I really liked the result. Brown henna bag mix with black and voila: hair shine, healthy, ammonia paint does not smell, and color - rich dark chocolate!

A few years of use of henna, she was so hung in the hair that I did not notice how I became a "burning brunette."

Maybe the photo does not transmit all the "burning", after all I am a brunette mom)
Maybe the photo does not transmit all the "burning", after all I am a brunette mom)

And everything would be nothing, but several factors made me think about changing the color of the hair and transition to paint instead of Henna:

  1. Gray hair became more and more. White thread, or rather white ribbon, they can be seen on a black background of my hair, and every 3 weeks the roots needed to paint.
  2. With the birth of a child, I began to sleep badly, and it was displayed on my face with blue circles under the eyes. Against the background of black hair, my face was even more pale and unhealthy (
  3. The daughter was born "All in Pope" - a blonde with blue eyes. And I am a brunette with karium. "They will say that nanny" - I thought))

Solved - I turn to the bright side!

Choosing Masters-Colorist

For a long time I watched a photo in instagram on the work of Masters-Colorists. What techniques they do not use: Belozh, Ombre, Shatuch and fashionable word "AirTouch!"

I already presented myself with a fair-haired beauty with long curly hair))

But I had another task - to get out of black.

For this, I looked after Masters-Colorist in Moscow, wrote a few of them, but not everyone was decided to take up this work. Exit from black - long and costly process, and the yield from black henna can be unpredictable. If listening to the experienced, it can get green or loss of hair length.

Prices for such staining from 10 to 30 thousand rubles and higher.

My choice of a specialist consisted of several parameters:

  • must be photo of works and reviews
  • acceptable price for me
  • Salon is not far from home

And such a master was found!

I told him the story of my staining (than painted and how many years), sent photos of the hair for the current period and the desired result.

Photo of the desired result (from the Internet)
Photo of the desired result (from the Internet)

Day X has come!

How did the transition process from black

First stage It lasted about 3 hours. It was necessary to apply oxide and clarify the hair. Each strand was wrapped in foil to improve the result. This stage is also called washes.

Stage 1. Applied oxide on hair and wrapped in foil
Stage 1. Applied oxide on hair and wrapped in foil
Made a wash
Stage 1. Applied oxide on hair and wrapped in foil
Stage 2. Printed paint
Stage 1. Applied oxide on hair and wrapped in foil
Result after staining
Stage 1. Applied oxide on hair and wrapped in foil

Second phase - This is the applying paint (toning). First painted the roots of the hair (the color is darker), then strands to 1-2 tones lighter.

So we came out of black (tone 1-2) in the blond (tone 5-6) at a time (leaf photos above in the gallery)

All this it took 6 hours of work of the master and 16 thousand rubles from the family budget.

Results of my experience from the black hair outlet

The condition of the hair was terrible: they were overpowering, became brittle, poorly broke (wet combing it was impossible).

A few weeks later, the paint was blurted out and I began to look like a slaughtered fox (it seemed to me).

On the hair there was a dark strip of color, as the master said, the dark pigment focused in the middle and once again it was necessary to lighten.

I had to come to the salon again in a month, clarify and paint your hair. It lasted for 3 hours and 2 times cheaper.

After the second time the result was better: The hair became more obedient, the color did not wash away, and we can say we almost achieved the desired result.

Here it is - the color of the hair that I like!
Here it is - the color of the hair that I like!
"Exit from black." How I decided to change the color of the hair, how much time and money it was worth it
Here it is - the color of the hair that I like!
"Exit from black." How I decided to change the color of the hair, how much time and money it was worth it
Here it is - the color of the hair that I like!

If you are brunette and want to get out of dark color in the brightest personally my tips:

  1. Find a proven wizard.
  2. Find out about all stages: how it will happen, for how many times they will achieve the desired result and how much it will cost time and money, what a hair condition will be after this procedure.
  3. After staining, use 2 weeks shampoo for painted hair.
  4. You also need to use a special regenerating mask.
  5. In no case, do not comb wet hair, they were injured, let them dry.
  6. If the first time it did not work - do not panic! Sometimes you need several stages. Best patience - it is better to make a gentle method and not damage the hair structure.

Share with you your story, as I left the black hair, but you should decide whether it is your time and money;)

How to repaint from black in blond: Methods and instructions

Sometimes there are periods in the life of a girl or women when she fully wants to change his image. Of course, some simply make themselves a new haircut, others - highlighting, and the third is solved on risk: they leave their usual color in a completely different. Sometimes it is extremely difficult to do this, but not impossible. Therefore, if you decide to repaint your curls from black in a blond shade, then we will tell you how to do it.

Master or home staining?

Master and coloring

Blonde shades, like all the bright colors, in principle, require a very fine work of the wizard if the base is a dark chapel. Otherwise, you can achieve a not beautiful and even shade, but terrible yellowness or, more worse, greenish color. If you decide to achieve a result by staining from black in a blond color, then find a good mastter-colorist.

After all, home painting promises thinning of curls, if not their loss. If you are not aware of how you need to go to such a tone, then most likely, you will not get the tone that you have been planned initially.

In addition, if you are a fan to use a puffer or hairdryer, you can forget about beautiful hair. Literally after a couple of procedures, you will notice how much curls deteriorate. Of course, if you know all the subtleties, you can try, but the urgent advice from all those women who have already passed through such experiments says that it is better to find a good specialist.

What to do next?

In each hairdresser, you can find an experienced master who knows how to move from black in the blond shade. But this does not guarantee that the result will be good. It is for this reason that the search for the wizard will need to make a special meaning. Share your friends, friends, talk with professionals and with those who have already passed such reincarnation, they will be able to tell you the right specialist.

Do not ignore this step, because you can spoil your hair very quickly. An experienced wizard will help you in solving the problem of how to repaint in a blond color, while not harming the hair. He will look at the state of your curls, only those components that are suitable for you will be used, and this is very important!

By the way, first of all, the specialist will ask you about what kind of care products you used that dyes were used how long you did it. This will help him better assess the situation.

Based on the conclusion, the wizard can offer you 3 options to go from black to blond color. Let's learn about each process in detail, because you must understand what should be expected.

Washing for hair

Washing for hair

Washing is known to many girls, but despite this, not every will use it. The fact is that this tool suggests weak flames, that is, your curls according to the result will acquire a reddish or brownish shade, so in one session, the wash will not help to move from black in color.

The substance itself consists of chemical components that, as it were, "pushed" the pigment used earlier from the hair. So why, as a result, we have a redhead, if the paint is wrapped off? The tool is only an initial step towards a blond color, it cannot replace the evillper calor.

Like any other remedy, the wash will dry your hair, but it will not spoil their structure, as it is most gentle. And for this reason, if you want to turn into a brunette in a brunette, then it is important not to stop there.

We do tone

Toning Lockon

The toning stage is also a common practice that involves regular hair coloring in the desired color. In addition, the previous procedure may not be carried out. But it is still important to go through it at least once, since then the color is most light, and it will save you from the need to visit Colorist so often.

The process of hair tint does not imply "knocking out" pigment from hair, on the contrary, on already colored curls you impose a new tone. If you do the tint without discoloration of the hair, then you can hardly achieve the desired effect.


Hair discoloration

This procedure is most effective if you decide to become a blob beauty. It is she who helps you get rid of the previous dark shade and go to the necessary in a short time. Despite these advantages, it is important to understand that discoloration is extremely negatively affecting the condition of the hair after the first time. If you need to spend a lot of procedures, you can say goodbye to healthy hair.

When light shades are needed, it will have to go through 2-3 illuminated procedures. Of course, after a certain period of time. Also, when the color of you still succeed, literally a few weeks later it will fill up, so it will have to tint again. But in case you have enough 3 or less discolorations, then the subsequent sessions to the master will be limited only to tinting.

Preparation and advice

Tips for care

Before you begin to clarify strands, it is important to prepare your hair. If your master did not provide you with recommendations, then you can use tips in this article.

A week before the color, get a shampoo that allows you to deeply clean your curls. Use it regularly before discoloration. Similar funds not only affect the condition of your hair, they also help "knock out" pigment from curls, and we need it. If you can not purchase a similar product, then simply acquire a dandruff shampoo. It has an identical action.

It is also important to follow several key rules:

  1. Use hair masks, also powered by high-quality oils. This procedure will help to protect the curls naturally before the aggressive procedure.
  2. During discoloration, make sure that the clarifier does not have a high percentage, since unconcentrated not so spoil your hair as a result. Also, paints and clarifiers should not have in ammonia and similar substances, since they are thinning their hair and dried them (almost burned).
  3. Of course, your paint should be strictly professional, since only it helps to achieve the desired result and minimize the risk of damage to the chasis. Do not trust all lovers of cheap alternatives or household hotels because they will spoil the hair.

It is very difficult to find at least one woman who has never painted her hair in his life. Virtually any friend of fine sex managed to try different colors until found the most suitable. However, sometimes there comes such a moment when the kel, with whom you are not the first year, just bored. And the question arises how to return your natural hair color. Not every girl has enough patience to grow hair naturally. There are several uncomplicated ways, as from black to repain in blond.

how to repaint in black

1 way. There are special preparations based on blonde, which allow you to wash the color from the hair. With the help of these tools, you can gradually return the natural kel. Sometimes it will take not one procedure so that the color from the hair is completely completely. However, it should be remembered that the washing - the procedure is quite harmful to health. After it, it is necessary to regularly use the structure of the curls with masks and balsams so that they look healthy and alive.

2 way. It is suitable for those who wonder how to repaint from the dark color of the hair into bright. In this case, you need to take a wash with a special decorant, and then make a timing. Thus, you will get a very beautiful light color, but the hair will still require treatment. So do not forget about the use of regenerating balms and masks.

3 way. Another option, how to repaint from black to blond - use shampoo, deeply cleansing the hair. This is a special means acting on the principle of washes from previous methods. It acts gradually, after several washing procedures, the color will noticeably fade, after which you can apply paint, as close as possible to natural color. Such shampoo can be used before carrying out a wash at a hairdresser or independently.

How to repaint from dark hair into bright

4 way. There is an opinion that you can wash off the paint from the hair with the help of the household soap. And all this without the use of various artificial drugs. However, this folk remedy is not suitable for each type of skin and hair. So before the black to repaint in the dark in such an unusual way, it is necessary to test the scalp on the absence of allergies.

If you take a wash yourself, you need to follow some rules. The washes is applied, starting with the tips of the hair, and not with the roots, as is usually done when painting.

How to return your natural hair color

Because of the dark color, it is almost impossible from the dark color, before the black to repaint in the blonde, it is better to first go to the redhead. Usually after washing any dark color of the chapel, herself acquires a copper shade.

In order for the hair during the transition from black to the blonde, the undesirable green shade is not becoming better, after washing it is better to make felting. And after the clarification, you can repaint in the necessary natural hue.

A sophisticated way from brunette in Rousum - how to pass it with minimal losses?

At certain periods of life, any girl and woman want change. And they begin almost always with the global hair color change. But one thing when the blonde wants to find a brown or chocolate shade of the chapels, and quite another - when the brunette suddenly decides to become Roma. Exit from black - always a difficult task. And first of all, the health and integrity of the hair structure is on the horse.

The blond shade is particularly capricious. When it needs to be achieved by artificially, all the thinnest tricks of the color are going to move. Otherwise, wanting to become a fair-haired nymph, a woman risks to acquire an ugly green shade on their curls. It is almost impossible to repaint from brunette to the blonde alone.

Such experiments at home are fraught with complete collapse, and even a substantial spool of the curls themselves. Wanting to find a certain color of hair, some ladies simply "Burn" Their aggressive industrial paints, jeopardizing their further existence.

No rare cases when the curls simply disappear after such staining. So how to repaint in black black, and is it possible at all? Don't have to grow oldly and painfully to grow your own color so that at least get closer to the blond and get it with minimal losses?

This is not quite so. But it is extremely important to choose a competent and experienced specialist who can help you in a striving for radical change.

Any modern hairdresser will offer you several variants of staining from black in blond. A good master knows exactly how to help you repaint from black. But the trouble is really very talented hairdressers now very little, and not everyone wants to evaluate individual problems before getting started. The result is an action on the template and fiasco as a result.

The fact is that the structure of our curls is unique, and to minimize its vicious, it is important to diagnose the initial condition of the hair. Even the notorious bowing can come far from every woman, what to talk about aggressive chemical discoloration.

In addition, a good master must be clarified from you, for what time you stained your curls into dark colors and which specifically the products used at the same time. Colorist immediately denotes all the risks that will wait for you on the way to success, and in advance will select a worthy restoration care that can help you reanimate the chapel after the actions produced.

Let's look at the three easiest ways, as the black blonde from black, and detail, what risks and nuances pay each of them.

It is relevant only when the client is looking for an answer to the question - how to repaint in brown from black. Naturally, from one, and even two washes, you will not become a rattling beauty. What is washing? This is an artificial pigment on the hair, leaning an artificial pigment from Cortex. As a result, you are guaranteed to get a redhead, and its intensity depends on the effect of pigment and durability in dark colors.

This is due to the fact that the paint is washed away, but there are enough red pigment in her hair.

Washing is always the first step on the way to clarify, but cannot replace it. If you want to become a bright brown, you can only need it.

If you are looking for cleaner and light tones, the subsequent discoloration will be required as the final etching of the dark pigment.

Contrary to common misconceptions, the washout does not spoil and does not destroy the hair, but it can noticeably dry the tips. One way or another, it is not at all the main blow to them, but the subsequent clarification.

Some hairdressers, answering the question of how to repaint from black to chocolate, recommend the so-called "Gradual toning" .

Literally - you regularly go to the salon and paint in some color on top of your. At the same time, it may not be done, but it is better to still apply at least one procedure.

The imposition of a new color is not a clarification, but adding an additional pigment. Therefore, if you are offered staining without clarification, know - the maximum that you will achieve is a rich coffee, chocolate or chestnut tone.

Lightening paint can be slightly (for several tones) discolored except that the native blond color. And then, slightly.

But if the paint at the same time is non-ammmonary, you can really use such a proposal and get out of the black gradually, but without loss of curl quality.

This solution is the only true of all three. The discoloration implies the full etching of a natural and artificial pigment from the cortex. However, together with its effectiveness, this procedure is also quite aggressive. It is traditionally and universally held after washing, and often immediately.

If the hairdresser diagnosed the state of your hair as unsatisfactory, it will recommend you to avoid washes and prepare the lap to the subsequent chemical impact. The discoloration is relevant and then when you are looking for an answer to the question - how to repaint from black in red.

In this case, you will not have any problems at all - it will be enough once to be neutral powder with a low-concentrated oxidizing agent, and then toned the hair into any selected shade so that it becomes uniform.

If you stubbornly strive for light shades, you will have to perform 2-3 procedures with a specific time interval. And you should prepare yourself in advance for the fact that for several months you have to have a decrease in people with a completely unsightly color of the hair. As a rule, it takes two to three bleaching in the roller, to exit brunettes in the roller, to finally eliminate the pigment from the hair.

Only when your chapelur will become a pure pale blade without outsiders are yellow and red, you can start toning in the desired color. But even if everything turned out perfectly, the Colorists add a special corrector to the paint - a mixtone, which "Gasit" Unnecessary shades. For example, for those whose hair gives the red, the purple mixture is used. And for those who want to become an ash blond, having a slightly rusty yellowness, a blue corrector is added to the paint.

The appearance of a green shade is almost everywhere for those who decide to repaint from the reddish to the blond. To "to repay" Zelenta, cherry or alaty can be added to the tinting paint. At the same time, the final shade becomes truly unique and immaculately beautiful.

Even if the master for some reasons did not give you a detailed manual for action, we will help you to carefully prepare for the subsequent transition procedure from black to blond.

During the week, wash your head shampoo for deep cleaning. It removes not only dust, skin fat and residues of styling means, but also blew the pigment well, thereby neutralizing the subsequent aggressive impact. If you do not have the opportunity to purchase a professional tool, use the usual dandruff shampoo - it also copes well with such a task.

How to help hair and keep their strength and health?

  • Be sure to diminish strands with oils and make firming masks. Your hair should have natural protective resources before the upcoming "Attack" on them;
  • Ask a hairdresser to use nonconcentrated dyes. Means with a small percentage blew slowly, but almost no harm hair;
  • Ideally, if the powder and oxidant will not contain ammonia and other destructive elements;
  • Watch the paint to be professional, and run from all legs from those "Colorists" that offer you toning with a common household product. Not only that he mercilessly drags your hair, it will also give a doubtful result;
  • Check in advance with the master for subsequent care. You will need professional recovery masks and elixirs, thermal protective creams or oils (if you are placed), special shampoos and balms to maintain color.

Are you ready for "Horsa X"? Then go to the salon, and let your reincarnation take place in the best form! Take care of your hair and maintain it in such a "hard" moments.

For several years I painted my hair black, while once did not decide to become a blonde. Thanks to the competent master I managed to do it with minimal losses.

But not everyone is lucky with hairdressers. In addition, many simply lack information on how to lighten the hair correctly. Therefore, I want to share what I found out on my own experience.

If your hair is painted in black, only you will help

bleaching powder (blonderan)

. There are no other paths.

You can not get out of black with a washing or simple staining. I explain why:


Washing will help only when you want to make chocolate from black hair. But not blond, and definitely not blond. Smex flies black paint from hair without harming them (contrary to the opinion that it spoils her hair). In most cases, hair after washing acquire a bright redhead due to the fact that the paint is washed away, and in the hair there is a lot of their red pigment. But the wash can be used as the first stage of clarification - to wash off the paint. Then you still need to bleach the powder.


The paint cannot clarify the hair painted into the dark color. It only adds a new color pigment into the hair, but cannot remove it old, that is, lighten. And when you paint your dark hair with light paint - they remain dark, because Dark paint still "sits" in her hair. The paint can only clarify natural non-colored hair, and that is not strong.

If you ask the wizard to make black hair blonde or blond - it can offer only bleaching powder - to remove pigment from hair. Most often have to do 2 discolorations so that the pigment in the hair does not remain completely. And only then you can paint the hair into the color you need.

My natural color is blond. The hair from nature is weak, the master estimated their condition as unsatisfactory and warned that they may not withstand.

Stage 1.

. To wash the hair of a black pigment, the master told me a week to wash her hair with dandruff shampoo (for example, nodowed). It is very strongly flushing the paint from the hair. Although it is possible to make a wash.

Stage 2.

. Then the master discolored me all the hair using a discoloring powder mixed with an oxidizing agent 1.9%. Every strand she wrapped in foil. After discoloration, my hair was orange

Powder and oxidizing agent were professional L'Oreal without ammonia.

The bleaching powder (Bonddor) can be mixed with oxidizing agents from 1.9% to 12%.

If the percentage is large (9 or 12%), hair is discolored faster and stronger, but at the same time burn and deteriorate, plus are obtained more yellow.

If the percentage is small (1.9% or 3%), the hair is decolored less and longer, but not "burned" and are not very damaged, plus the yellowness is very small.

Since my master took the smallest percentage, she wrapped every strand in foil so that the process was going faster.

It is in this that

Professionalism Masters

: take the minimum% oxidant and keep it on her hair longer to get a light shade with minimal red.

Only in this way - discoloration - you can achieve lightening by 5 and more tones. Simple cleaning of this can not do.

Stage 3.

I again put Bonddor on the hair (bleaching powder), mixed

with an oxidizing agent 1.3%. The master again used foil to each strand. The hair turned out light yellow.

Stage 4.

I painted paint colors "purple-ash blond". Due to purple color, the hair of yellow became ash-white.

It is very important that the paint is professional. Mass-market in 50% of cases gives at all exactly the color that is needed.

Staining or toning is necessary after any discoloration

. All color pigments are washed out of the hair, scales are open and it is "empty", easily breaks off and falls off. Toning or staining fills the hair with a pigment and closes the scales.

Toning is the same as staining, but there is no amiak in the paint, and it is mixed with the lowest percentage of oxide 1.9%. That is, hair is once again not damaged by amiak and high%, which is very important after discoloration.

All stages (except for the first) were made in a row, in a row left 6 hours

My photos before and after

After switching to the blonde, the condition of the hair is 3 with a minus, and only professional means can be put into order. At least this is a restoring mask (from 600 rubles to 1500 rubles), silicone oil / sulfur for tips, which will constantly light down (from 700 to 1500 rubles) - it "seals" the seed tips. When straightening the hair with an iron without professional thermal protection (from 700 rubles and above), the hair simply will be twisted in a couple of months. I already wrote about your departure.

It will be possible to relax a bit in a year or another when the hair discolored 2 times will grow and will be cropped.

The exit of black hair is made using a washing and bleaching. It is difficult to get rid of permanent household dyes, such as Palette. But it is possible to do at home. Just need several procedures.

Alkaline Wash for Hair - American Shampoo

If a quick result is needed - lightening and subsequent tinting, it is best suited to an alkaline wash. The composition can be prepared with your own hands. It is called - American shampoo.

How to make american shampoo:

  • Brightening powder.
  • Oxidizer 3%.
  • Shampoo deep cleaning
  • Water.

Mix everything in proportion 1: 1: 1: 1 . We apply from the tips, gradually rising above. During applying, the hair is well remembered to be completely soaked. It is important that the funds have a lot. We leave up to 20 minutes and start to push.

Acid wash - what it is

Acids contained in the composition, remove the artificial dye from the hair. In this case, natural pigment is not affected. Acid washes does not clarify, but natural color will not return. After it, we get our "burnt" pigment, which was formed after the exposure to oxide from paint. Therefore, if you have black, brown, scattered hair, you get red, possibly red.

Acid wash is used a month after the last staining. Apply it to retreat 1 centimeter from the root zone.

Video bow black:

7 hours of work! It was done: acidic scalebapilling combing (3% -6%) OmniPlex protection! Color banyadvoy toning2 times the procedure for hair restoration. And all this, so that the quality of the hair remains good

You can do from 1 to 5 times. It all depends on the desired result. As a rule, one wash sufficient is enough to destroy and remove red, purple, copper macromolecules. The main minus - you can tonit hair two days after washing.

How to do:

  1. Mix two bottles in plastic or glass dishes, in equal proportions.
  2. Quickly apply for a length, retreating from the root zone 1cm.
  3. Wear a hat and warm the hair dryer for 25 minutes.
  4. Rinse with hot water well. Apply deep cleaning shampoo, hang and rinse. Repeat 5 times. Hanging towel, without any means. Then the dry hairdryer.
  5. The dried hair carefully comb.
  6. The hair will be very dry - it is not necessary to be afraid. We look at the color. If necessary, repeat the procedure. Then, at the end of the procedure, we applied the nutritional mask.


Allows you to get out of the dark in the blond in one day at home, on your own. Usually three or four wedges. Apply the emulsion 3-4 times leaving for 20 minutes.

Result 4 washes with ESTEL COLOR OFF

Decoxon 2FAZE Kapous.

Decoxon 2 Faze from Kapous is a means of removing artificial dye. It is recommended to use it immediately after receiving an undesirable shade. That is, in the case when the result of staining did not like and need to return to the original color. Its soft formula does not change the structure, does not discolor.


This is a color correction system from Brelil. The remedy in the dishes of plastic or glass. To do this, mix Remove Color Sistem 1 and 2. The mixture is applied to the washed, dry hair. Equally distributed. Then the head should be covered with a film and leave the tool to act for 20 minutes. Rinse hair with warm water.

Why the hair darkens after washing

The reason can be not completely washed artificial pigment. It may turn out that overnight the hair again becomes dark. This happens precisely because of this. The links of an artificial dye, destroyed not to the end, are again connected. This can be determined by the quality of curls, after the washing made. They should not be dark sites, stains. If they are - you need another procedure.

Lightening after henna

Henna is not amenable to lightening. During the clarification process, natural or artificial pigment is destroyed. And Henna is not such a pigment. If you look at the henna molecule under the microscope, it looks like a ball with spikes, which is dug into the hair cuticle.

In this case, only powder can help and then in order to uncover the pores of the hair. The cuticle under the action of the powder becomes soft and from it you need to mechanically cleaned the hu. The process is long and time consuming. The percentage of oxidizer is not important. You can work by 3%.

How to get out of black in blond

At the first stage, acidic washes are made. It is necessary to destroy and wash the whole artificial, black pigment. It may take up to 6-7 bow. The means is applied for 20 minutes, then washed off and the result is estimated.

The number of procedures depends on what staining was conducted. If a professional dye was used, the process will pass faster. In the case of household paints from a regular supermarket, you will have to make a lot of procedures.

After washes, they perform a color bath. It is needed to neutralize an unnecessary shade. After the bath, the hair is toned.

How to get out of the dark

This process is the most difficult. You can not pass it in one day. Usually masters advise to perform such a transition within 1-2 months. The first stage is the washing of the dark pigment. This can be done in one day. Then the hair is toned and give them one month to restore.

For a month you need to care for curls. Move moisturizing masks. A month later they make re-lightening, to the desired level and tinted in the blond. Only such a process allows you to save curl quality.

How to repaint from brunette to blonde - Small Melting

This method allows you to gradually go into bright. For this, the whole head performs small, relief highlighting. Bright strands are mixed with dark and the desired effect is created. After clarification, the entire volume is toned in the desired color with a low-size oxidizing agent - not white 2.5%.

Olaples for hair

Olaplex is shown for dry, brittle, damaged hair. It is added to the clarifying composition. Under its action, disulfide bonds in the hair are restored, which are destroyed during the discoloration process. Thus, the method of depigmentation itself becomes less traumatic.

Cream Hair Paint Lightening Colorista Bleach from L'Oreal Paris

This Colorista Bleach cream cream allows you to lighten up to 4 tones even brunette. In fact, it makes it possible to move from the shoten in the rumble at 8 level. The darker the base before staining, the darker-red result is the result.

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