Speech Delay: How to help a child to speak

Speech Delay: How to help a child to speak

The delay in speech development is one of the most relevant problems today in child neurology, which affects, unfortunately, and absolutely healthy children. Often the cause of the child with the speech becomes the parents themselves. The main children's neurologist of the Ministry of Health of the Tver Region Galina Anatolyevna Zueva tells what to do and what in no case should do the child to speak correctly and on time.

Hello, dear parents!

Today, our conversation is devoted to a very important and relevant problem - the speech development of children. In the past few years, we increasingly hear that a child who is unworn in 2.5-3 years old is the option of the norm that there is nothing terrible in this, you need to wait a bit, and the speech will appear. In fact, this approach is not faithful. There are physiological norms of the right speech and mental development, and it is very important to track their observance from the very birth of a child. Only in this case he will be able to harmoniously and fully develop.

The main stages of the child's speech

You can begin to engage in the development of the speech of the baby from the first day of his birth.

The first thing you need to pay attention is how the child is crying. Crying a child from birth very different, especially expressive he becomes the first month of life, it can be understood that the baby needs: he is cold, he hurts him, he wants to eat or in the toilet, and maybe it just wants mom to take on handles . If the child is intonationally doing everything right, then attentive mom quickly learns to understand the difference and respond to these "requests". In this case, mental, and then speech development occurs harmoniously. If the child is crying monotonously, at the same level, and reacts poorly to the voice, consult a doctor.

If the child is healthy and he has no problems with hearing, then in response to positive emotions on the second month of life, he begins to "go." Together with the "bouquency", the first laughter appears - recreation in response to emotional communication with adults. The sounds of "merchants" are already distinguished by a certain variety with the predominance of combinations of guttural and vowels ("Gu", "Ge", "Ha", etc.), he tries to communicate with these sounds, reacts to what is happening around him. If the baby does not begin to "claw", consult a doctor, perhaps he has a problem with ears.

From two months, the period of sound resistance begins: the crumb is closely following the mother's lips when she talks to him, and as if trying to repeat these movements, but so far silently. So by 3.5-4 months, a true "bustle" is formed, where the child focuses on pronouncing sound, a syllable, as if he listens to himself. During the true "consultation", the sounds are becoming long, singers and more diverse. Along with the gentle and vowels, lip sounds and combinations of vowels with lip are increasingly arising.

By half a child appears a muddy speech - he begins to pronounce some separate letters, syllables. During this period, it is important to track intonation - as he says, as crying. In half a year, a healthy child must already chat, pronounce certain syllables, repeat specific sounds for mom. During the lepture period, the sounds of an adult becomes more clearly.

By the end of the Torcheek period, non-verbal forms of communication of the child with surrounding are complicated. Communication is carried out with both hands, more differentiated facial expressions and sounds. The child pulls his hands to the mother, pronounces individual sounds, as if asking "Take me." Then Mimic is complicated. It becomes more expressive, symbolic gestures appear. The child can communicate with one hand. A variety of imposition words appear.

By the year, the child should speak from 8 to 10 ordinary words: "Mom", "Dad", "Baba", "Give", "on", that is, short simple words from several syllables. It is during this period that an early speech development ends and motor speech begins to form a way to communicate between people.

After one and a half years, the child by imitating easily utters familiar and unfamiliar words, as addressed to him, and accidentally heard from others. The intensive development of motor speech usually begins with the second half of the 2nd year of life. Until one year of six months, the child utters about 30 simple words. In two years, the child already speaks more than 200 words, he has almost a phrase speech, he must be able to formulate a simple thought or request: "Mom, let's go to the store, you promised to buy me toy." At the same time, some sounds he can still pronounce fuzzy. By three years in the child's speech there are up to 1200-1500 words, including almost all parts of speech.

This development is considered the norm. But it happens only when parents constantly talk to the child, tell him fairy tales, sleeve satellite songs. A very big problem today - a living speech is increasingly replaced by gadgets. Because of this, many children originally born healthy in terms of neurology do not begin to speak on time.

If a healthy child at 2.5-3 years old does not own phrase speech and, at best, only says single simple words, he has a delay in speech development, and this, unfortunately, must be treated.

We are developing gradually

So that the child learned to speak correctly and build logical, shaped phrases, it takes time. When a child is just learning to walk, he makes the first uncertain balls with her mother's help, and six months later he runs on his own, jumps and dancing. The same thing happens with speech: it develops gradually. The child not only remembers new words, but at the same time trains the articulation muscles, learns to manage intonation. It takes no one year. Therefore, if at 3-3.5 years, your child is just beginning to pronounce the first words and build the simplest phrases like "Mom, Give", then to six years, when it comes to go to school, he will not have a full-fledged phrase speech. It is important to deal with the development of speech gradually, but from early age.

Causes of speech development

The first and most basic cause is damage to the brain due to ischemia, hemorrhage, infection. But similar deviations are diagnosed, doctors are watching the child and conduct all the necessary events. These are the patients with whom a neurologist, a psychologist and speech therapist.

But there is a category of patients who are born absolutely healthy. But due to errors in training, they also begin a delay in speech development. Most often, the reason becomes excessive passing of parents with mechanical sound, that is, the sound from the TV, computer, tablet, telephone. In children who look a lot of cartoons or constantly play with singing-speaking toys, a passive speech is well developed, but their own, active, is not formed. This is due to the difference of the wavelength of the live speech and mechanical. In order for the child to start talking, you need to talk to him as much as possible, to read fairy tales yourself, sing lulled songs.

In no case can not allow the TV or Radio to work with the background in the room where the kid spends time. Of course, if you want to show a child some kind of cartoon or a transfer on a computer, it can and need to do, but after viewing the device must be turned off and removed.

Of course, all these devices and toys allow your mother to relax a little or do some kind of deeds. But when they replace living chat, it leads to serious problems with the psyche of the child. It is better to prevent such things than then for years to crash. To restore a three-year-old child, the correct stereotype of speech, change his perception, takes a lot of effort and time: a child cannot quickly catch such spaces, you have to resort to intensive drug treatment, to additional classes with speech therapists. This is a long and difficult way. Why should I bring if you can do everything right from the very beginning?

Why do you need to sing lullabies

Singing lullabies is an important part of the child's education. The most famous lullabies, for example, Bai-Bayushki-Bay, were invented back in the V-VI century, and we do not accidentally sing their children so far. They are built specifically in Tombre and fluctuations in wavelengths, which are understandable to the child, soothe it, develop the brain. For each age there are their songs that need to sing. The melting of such a lulled little child and the simultaneous mention of it on hand creates the basis for proper mental development.

Now many couples are suitable for pregnancy planning with full responsibility: they lead a healthy lifestyle, rent all tests, read books about the health and education of the future child. Include in this training and learning at least a few lullaby songs to sing their baby. Whatever simple they seem to you, but popular wisdom has been enclosed in them for the correct formation of the person, it is very important. Sake these lullabies at least up to the year.

By two years, when a child is already well understanding a phrase speech, the songs can already be selected more plot, so that while my mother sings, he could imagine this picture in his head.

Speak with the child as much as possible

Do not hurry in conversations with the baby, calmly and measured him, what happens around, voicate your actions. Then he will begin to perceive, as one or another item is called, so the passive speech is formed. From half a year, add details about the color and volume of items: "Little toy", "Red Ball". When you do it all the time, the child learns to hear and understand you.

This helps after a year to explain the baby that the panties should be dry, that is, pretty early to teach the child to the pot, and not to use all the time diapers. In a year and a half, the child is able to hold the bladder, control its pelvic functions. This is one of the important links of mental development. Of course, to ask for the toilet, in the end, he will learn and himself, but these skills will come much later and no longer in the form in which I would like.

Therefore, it is very important to teach yourself as much as possible with the baby and maximize the mechanical sounds around it - these are the most important links for the prevention of speech development delay. If we build it right, then at 2.5 years old, the child begins to speak phrase speech, and parents have no problems with his behavior, learning. If your child does not say at 2.5 years, especially if there is no so-called his Tarabar speech, he is silent and doubues the game facing you about something about something, then this is not an option of the norm, this is a problem that needs to be engaged.

How to talk to a child

  1. It is necessary to talk with the child with a regular voice, it is this particular tone and timbre that the child knows from the intrauterine its state.
  2. Try to talk to simple phrases, but do not suck, do not hover the words.
  3. If a child has a problem with vision or hearing, then mom needs to start brightly to paint his lips as early as possible so that he can follow her lips and understand exactly how she utters sounds.
  4. If the child in the first year of life had problems with swallowing, then, unfortunately, not to avoid problems and sound-proof. You can begin to engage with a special speaker, you can already in the first months of the life of the baby, even in the precompliament period.
  5. Decide all the problems as soon as they appear, do not postpone and do not expect that it will pass. Will not pass.

Garden speech therapy or ordinary?

So, the child has grown, and it's time to decide what kind of pre-school institution to take it. At this point it is important to figure out if your baby has problems with psyche and speech, and what.

When there are no serious medical problems with the baby, start with an ordinary garden. If in the first year it is not aligned and will not develop to the desired level, then it is worth applying for the passage of the Medical and Pedagogical Commission. She passes from February to June. You can get the direction in the children's preschool institution or call them and make an appointment. For the passage of the Medical and Pedagogical Commission, it is necessary to have a neurologist, speech therapist, psychiatrist about the state of health of your child.

If the child began to speak phrase speech, but does not pronounce certain sounds, then you can take it into a regular garden, in which there are speech therapy groups. There are engaged in children with normal psycho speech development, but with the wrong settings of the sounds themselves. Usually, the speech therapist starts working with such guys from five years to align speech and correct all the weak sounds. On average, on the production and consolidation of one sound leaves three months.

One of the frequent disorders in children is 3-3.5 years old - the so-called porridge in the mouth, when, due to the innervation of the speech muscles, the child cannot clearly, clearly pronounce some of the sounds. In this case, without the help of a specialist, it is not necessary to turn to a neurologist to set the exact cause of dysarthria and the necessary treatment, if necessary, it is also necessary to attend a special speech therapy garden. A comprehensive approach is required here: the simultaneous coherent work of the speech therapist, a neurologist and a psychologist.

The distribution of children in specialized groups or gardens is engaged in the Medical and Pedagogical Commission.

And again I repeat, it is much easier to engage in the prevention of speech development delay, so that those children who could speak, but because of the lack of attention of their parents did not start, did not fall into special groups. For this, it is important not just to talk to the child, but hear what he says, try to understand him and react to his words. I assure you if you have to register this contact since childhood, then it will continue for life, will help the baby to become a good member of the family, society, reliable support and support for you.

How to prevent stuttering

There are cases when a child does not begin to speak for a long time, while they are engaged in with him, he accumulates a large passive stock of words, may be phrases in his head. If you run the speech process overly actively, it will not cope with the stream of speech and starts stuttering. Most often it happens in 2.5-3 years. Children with teaks are especially susceptible to stuttering (obsessive blink, blinking, nose and the like). If you notice that at the beginning of speech, the child begins to stuff, this is a signal that you need to contact the neurologist to solve the problem. Of all the obsessive states, stuttering is the most difficult problem, for the treatment of which may take years.

Children's nipple and speech development

Another important aspect of preventing speech development delay is long-term use of nipples and prolonged breastfeeding. I mean the situation when a dummy or muming breasts are in the mouth of a child not for calm or feeding, but just so, in wakefulness. In this case, the problem occurs purely mechanical: in order to speak, the mouth should be free, and if the mouth is busy, it is impossible to say - the nipple or chest interferes.

The pacifier can be used when the child falls asleep when he is sick when he hit, but during the wakefulness it needs to be removed. After two years, it is necessary to abandon completely. This will help avoid problems with speech and maintain the right bite, which will significantly reduce your cash spending in the future when treating an orthodontist of ugly teeth of your favorite child.

The same applies to the mother's breast. It should be a source of food or a remedy, no more. Of course, breast milk contains a lot of good substances in itself, but it needs to be smoothly until the child began to eat a normal human meal. Sucking the chest is very important for the formation of psychological communication Mom and child. But by two years, the child is already well understanding the converted speech, maybe he himself says, so this connection is only strengthened and will not interrupt after the child's riddling from the chest.

It is important from the very beginning to teach the baby to suck the finger. By 2.5-3 years old, the child must calmly go around without a pacifier, mother breast or sucking fingers. Why? During sucking, swinging and progressive movements give a feeling of calm, sedation. With age, the child's need in such movements weakens, now he needs to know the world around us, be active. And if the child continues to suck a finger or a pacifier, he automatically transfers himself into the infant period, behaves like a baby and does not allow himself to fully develop.

Gadgets: harm or benefit

Modern devices, on the one hand, are very useful, but when it comes to children, you need to be extremely attentive and careful. No one says that you do not need to use TV and gadgets at all. This is an important part of modern life, children should be able to own them. But a small child has no speech skills, movements, motility, proper mental development, criticism, self-criticism, the ability to control himself. Therefore, it is very dangerous to informatically give him what can provoke misuse.

In Russia, this is said about this, and today in most families, gadgets are used over a permissible measure, for each family member, including a breast child, comes from two to three gadgets. At the same time, in the same high-tech Japan, children are allowed to use the phone or computer only from five years when the nervous system has doser. And I agree with their approach. Yes, you can include some kind of developing games or cartoons, but not more than 30-40 minutes a day on a good screen with a good sound. Tablets and smartphones are better to avoid, because the small children are quickly formed a color and tactive dependence.

In the wilderness in the village

Finally, I want to advise all the parents to spend more time with children in the fresh air. This will be especially useful to babies that have problems with psycho-speech development. The best - for a few weeks or even months to leave for the countryside, where there are only living sounds of nature from the running stream, the rustle of the leaves on the trees, buzzing of the bee and other sounds where there is no urban, mechanical sound from the buzz. This will not only help normalize sleep, serve calm, but also will give the opportunity to rest overloaded informations to relax and gain strength to overcome all difficulties in speech development.

Be healthy! Good luck to you and your children!

The child speaks poorly in 3 years. What to do?

As a rule, at a three-year-old age, many children are already taught by heart of the pox and remember their favorite fairy tales. Such talkers are constantly talking about something, because by this age they have already managed to accumulate an extensive vocabulary, can be complex phrases and formulate suggestions.

However, today many parents face that the child speaks poorly in 3 years or is not talking at all. Of course, there are many individual features. For example, boys can start actively communicating much later than their rustic girls. However, at such age, the child should be able to tell a favorite fairy tale or a cartoon, even if only mom can understand him. And if the baby prefers to silence, you should not be guessed, but to refer to the specialists. Nowadays, a huge number of children are experiencing difficulties with speech development, and tighten with a campaign to the speech therapist.

Why is a child in 3 years talking hard or silent?

Experts identify a whole range of factors that can lead to poor development of the speech apparatus in a child at such age. The reasons should be taken into account as:

  • Physiological disorders. If the baby speaks poorly, it may be the result of hearing disorders or a general development delay. You should show a child to a doctor and carry out the necessary surveys that will help identify physiological deviations from the norm.
  • Psychological injuries. The presence of a child's negative moral and psychological and emotional situation in the life of a child, as well as constant stressful state, may contribute to the closets and reluctance to know the world around the world, including through speech function.
  • Hyperopka. Features of the educational process, in which parents deprive the child the ability to self-determined, express their feelings and desires. If the kid constantly gets help without effort or verbal description of needs, he does not have a motivation to use speech, because gestures are quite enough.
  • Lack of attention. Permanent employment of parents and the lack of high-quality communication with the baby lead to the closetness of the child and the insufficient level of its development.
  • Gadgets. Conducting a child of an excessive amount of time with a tablet, a telephone, a TV or laptop adversely affects speech development. The broadcast of information occurs in automatic mode and does not require a verbal reaction of the baby, so it is enough only to silently press the desired buttons.

It should be remembered that it is correct to identify the real cause of silence or their complex can only specialists. And if the kid child speaks poorly at a three-year-old, a maximum of effort should be given to the solution of this issue, because in the future it will be much more complicated.

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What experts should you contact?

If the kid practically does not speak 3 years or does it bad, a comprehensive medical examination should be underway:

  • pediatrician (identifies the presence of violations and sends to inspection to other specialists);
  • otorhinolaryngologist or warden (check the child's hearing);
  • a speech therapist and a defectologist (using testing determine the level of development of speech, deviations detects in its formation);
  • Neuropathologist (studies the kid for the presence of pathologies of the nervous system);
  • psychologist (identifies disorders in the emotional state of the kid);
  • Psychoneurologist (may be required to accurately determine the diagnosis).

If the psychological and physiological state of the kid is normal, a speech therapist and parents will help to cope with the difficulties in speech development. To do this, you need not only to refer to the competent doctor, but also to work constantly with the baby at home.

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What to do to help your child?

The competent speech therapist necessarily gives advice and exercises, which will be able to help parents to develop a speech. As a rule, parents recommend:

  • Actively communicate with the child. The baby needs to talk from his very birth. Only permanent communication can cause crumbs interest in speech. Adults should be clearly and clearly talking, singing songs, tell stories. Each action must be accompanied by words. As a result, the constant language will ponder the child to a faster and easy learning of conversational skills.
  • Pay attention to the quality of speech. It is imperative that the speech of adults is clean and competent. The use of words-parasites should be excluded. It is impossible to carry the words or suck when communicating with the baby. It depends on the perception of the child and the clarity of its pronunciation.
  • Use educational toys. Do not use gadgets and the built-in games. You can take cubes, pyramids, puzzles or mosaics. It should be actively involved in the gameplay, describing what is happening with words. This will help to form not only speech, but also thinking, logic and memory.
  • Develop a shallow motor. Experts believe that the formation of shallow motility directly affects the development of speech skills. It is necessary to constantly deal with the child with a laying of plasticine, to ride beads, sort out small toys and so on.
  • Visualize. Bright pictures with fabulous heroes, animals, fruit and other objects motivate kids to their description. Parents should be shown by crumbling images and tell me that they are drawn.

If necessary, the speech therapy can also additionally assign drugs for stimulating brain speech zones, procedures, speech therapy massage or alternative correction methods (hipotherapy, bathing with dolphins). It should be remembered that there are no universal approaches, because each child is individual, and only a specialist will be able to take into account all its features in the development of the speech apparatus.

Publication date: 06/24/2019. Last modified: 13.01.2020.

Dr. Komarovsky on what to do if the child does not speak at 3 years

Some parents dream that the child covered at least five minutes, but the fidget all the time comments. And some moms and dads dream of a child at least something said. But Chado stubbornly silent.

In 1 year, as a rule, they are just beginning to worry about children's silence, in 2 years already ready to run with a child-silent in doctors and psychologists. If the baby does not speak at 3 years, this is a reason for a serious anxiety.

Help parents deal with the deadlines of the formation of children's speech helps the famous pediatrician Evgeny Komarovsky.


If the child does not develop speech, he will not speak. The deadlines for the start of meaningful speaking - the concept is rather individual. Some children go from the syllables to attempts to pronounce words even up to the year, others only try to do this by 2 years.

There are an average dates, with a strong lag from which you can suspect a child's speech development delay:

  • In 3 months, the kids start to go;
  • At 6-8 months, they can lie;
  • Girls for 10 months typically utter their first word. Boys do it closer to 12 months.
  • In 1.5 years, the child is quite capable of pronounce about a dozen words.
  • By 2 years, he usually knows the pronoun, the number of words in the lexicon is growing rapidly.
  • By 3 years, a healthy developed kid can easily pronounce about 350 words, freely operate them, to decline, express their emotions.
  • At 4, the vocabulary of the kid is already more than one and a half thousand words;
  • At five years old, Lexicon increases twice, the child knows and pronounces more than 3000 words.

The ability to talk without the ability to listen to can not exist, but for the development of speech data with a child and with him you need to talk a lot.

Starting specialists are advised from the intrauterine period - Mom's conversation with the future child benefits both. In the late pregnancy, the fruit already perfectly perceives sound hesitations.

After birth, communication with the baby must be continuous. Let him not understand a word from what you say, but he must need a lot and often listen to human speech.

To the kids to six months it is very important to observe the articulation apparatus of mom and dad, he begins to catch the connection between the sound and the movement of the lips. Kroch and himself tries to mimic what he hears. At first it is a bustker, and then tinted.

With proper patience of parents and regular classes based on the repetition of new words, in touch with the images with images, the kids are talking to speech with pleasure, their vocabulary increases almost daily.

Even if the baby is not in a hurry speaks independently, he should have a passive speech in properly to be developed by 2 years. Such a karapus can be asked to make two consecutive steps - take the subject and transfer it to someone from family members.

To three years, usually even bad talking children should be able to expose a chain of three consecutive actions based on the understanding of passive speech.

However, this is the theory. In practice, everything is not so rosy, and sometimes parents begin to worry and ask the doctors about the causes of the delay of speech development.

Speech delay

If the child does not say 1-2 years old, to worry early, says Evgeny Komarovsky.

The age in which it takes seriously the absence of speech is 3 years. At the same time, parents should clearly formulate themselves for themselves and for their doctor, exactly what the baby is silent: he does not understand adults or does not speak, but everything understands.

Often, Kroch says, but adults do not understand him, because he mights something incomprehensible, does not memorize the names of objects, calling them in its own way, inaccessible to adults, language.

About what to do if a child does not say you can find an answer in the next video from Dr. Komarovsky.

Sometimes three-year children say, but are limited to separate words that can not be linked to the proposals or even phrase.

After mom and dad, as fully comprise the essence of the problem as fully as possible, you can begin to seek the causes of crumbling silence.

The delay in speech development of doctors is considered to be such a state at which there is no connected speech at a three-year-old age. In this case, the presence of phrase speech at this age is also considered to be a deviation from the norm, but not so significant.

According to medical statistics, the speech lag is fixed in 7-10% of the kids at the age of 3, and the boys are much more often silent than girls - one-tailed girl accounts for 4 molts.

Causes of silence

The most basic and most common reason that prevents the three-year-old child to talk - hearing problems . They can be both congenital and acquired.

The hearing can be reduced slightly or significantly, up to deafness. The kid should show the otolaryngologist. He will conduct a visual study of hearing organs, check the ability of the baby to perceive sounds.

If necessary, a tone audiometry procedure will be appointed, which shows how good the hearing.

If there are no problems with hearing, parents will have to give a visit to the children's neurologist. With some neurological disorders, the speech center suffers, so the doctor will have to find out if the baby does not have such pathologies. Probably have to do an MRI to eliminate the possibility of neoplasms or defects of the brain structure.

Komarovsky claims that the anomalies and diseases of the brain are very rarely the cause of the speech lag, but it is impossible to exclude such a probability.

Congenital low - the phenomenon is extremely rare at normal hearing, it is based on the defeat of the speech apparatus.

If the kid is examined by experts, and all of them as one claim that the child is completely healthy, silence can have pedagogical and psychological reasons.

Sometimes the crumb may refuse to speak after a strong experience of stress, fear, strong fright. Much more often, the cause of silence lies in the wrong educational approach of mom and dad: if the parents in the evenings communicate more with virtual friends on the Internet than with their child who revolves nearby, then the baby is simply nowhere to get sufficient skills of speech communication. In these issues, you can contact a children's psychologist, psychiatrist.

Often problems with speaking at a three-year-old have in bilingual children In the families of which they speak at once in two languages.

Sometimes the cause of the lack of speech can be mental diseases Usually congenital character (autism, etc.). In 10% of cases of speech development delay in 3 years, the true reason cannot be established.

If the child speaks individual syllables in 3 years, but does not know how to put words out of them, or says individual words, but will not collect them in phrases and suggestions, Evgeny Komarovsky advises to visit Neurologist and speech therapist.

And if the baby understands everything, but meets completely incomprehensible sets of sounds while preserving intonations, characteristic of normal speech, it requires a mandatory Consultation speech therapist.

Dangerous age

There are several age periods when the formation of speech is most intensively, and any negative factors can affect the speed of these processes (how to speed up and slow down):

  • 6 months. If a child has little communication at this age, then he does not have the need to say, imitate sounds, poverty.
  • 1-2 years. At this age, the active development of cortical speech zones is underway. Strong stress, frequent diseases, no communication, injuries can lead to a slowdown in cortical metamorphosis.
  • 3 years. At this age, a coherent speech is formed. Exogenous factors can slow down this process.
  • 6-7 years old. When exposed to a negative factor at this age, the child is already silent at all, but completely possible violations of speech functions (stuttering).

How to teach talk

If the reason for the delay of speech development is organic (hearing disease, neurological deviations, the pathology of the speech apparatus or the speech center of the brain), then Komarovsky advises to begin with the elimination of this reason.

The child must be appointed adequate treatment depending on the diagnosis. In parallel with this, the doctor will necessarily give recommendations for conducting classes for the development of speech.

If the cause of the child's silence lies in social, pedagogical or psychological problems, the factors that prevent their thoughts from speech should also be eliminated.

About how to help the child learn to talk to tell Dr. Komarovsky in the next video.

Evgeny Komarovsky claims that sometimes it is quite enough to give three years with an acute deficit of communication in the family to kindergarten. In the children's team, many boys and girls learn to speak much faster than in the company of adults.

Parents who decided to develop a three-year speech in the absence of diseases that caused silence, independently prepare for an unpretending and time consuming process. To help them in this can a children's psychologist or children's psychotherapist, if such a specialist is in your city. The key to success by 70% lies in the efforts and efforts of parents.

Tips for psychologist

Perceive your child as a separate personality, the same meaningful and important as every adult in your family. Speak with him, discuss important issues and daily, domestic (what to cook for dinner, where to go on a weekend for a walk and so on.). Even if the child will not answer anything at first, it will begin to form a useful habit - to communicate. In parallel, the development of internal speech will begin, the best understanding of passive speech.

Hyperopka parents can cause the lack of motivation to speak. If my mother asks what an apple wants a baby - green or red, and herself answers it for him (red, because it is tastier), then the child just does not have the opportunity to choose words and answer.

If such situations are repeated regularly, then the crumbs are in habit of silent. If this situation repeats yours, change your attitude towards the child and free it from excessive guardianship.

It is not necessary to encourage Sysyukannye and pushing. If the mother, after the kid, will call the items around it with the same language, to use quite a lot of diminitious suffixes (machine, bash, daddy, son, etc.), then the child will not form the right speech function.

Words with such suffixes are much more complicated. Speak with the baby as an adult man. It will be pleasant and useful for him.

Include a child music. Songs, sound-resistant gyrovets, classical music - all this favorably affects the ability to perceive the world, sounds, speech.

Classes can be any free minute. Use every hour spent with the child. On the way to the store or pharmacy, describe and discuss everything that happens on the street: Driving a car - she is red, she is big, there is a dog - she is small, kind, beautiful.

During cooking, mom can show a child kitchen utensils and call it out loud (spoon, pan), as well as products (apple, carrots, cabbage, nut).

If there are several children in the family, then, as a rule, problems with speech development are observed for the younger. Psychologists believe that in this way frequent communication with other children affects, since optimal for the development of speech is still considered communication with adults.

Younger kids from large families are often simply talked to speak as it should also in the desired volume.

More often ask the child questions. Even if he cannot answer them, do not stop asking. Sooner or later, the son or daughter will definitely respond.

Councils of Doctor

  • Dr. Komarovsky focuses on the fact that if the child does not speak more or less connected in 3 years, this is a unambiguous reason to appeal to the doctor.
  • Evaluating the speech abilities of his child, parents must take into account not only how much and that he speaks at the moment, but also follow the dynamics of speech: if the baby says a certain amount of words and 2, and in 3 years, and his vocabulary Practically does not increase, Komarovsky calls it a dangerous trend.
  • If in three years the child lags behind the standards and knows only a dozen-other words, after a couple of months, the lexicon increases for a dozen new words, this is normal. Although the baby on the standards is lagging behind, but in his personal development he has a positive dynamics.
  • A child with a delay of speech should not be given for a long time gadgets.
  • Instead of computer games and long watching cartoons, arrange a joint walk, play with the child, read him a book.
  • No need to compare a child with other children. Your - a unique person, there is no other, so any comparisons are inappropriate.


If parents threw all the strength to start developing the speech functions of a three-year-old child, attracted to this specialists, a child, if necessary, received treatment, then predictions are quite favorable. 85-90% of children are completely "catching up" of their peers by 6-7 years.

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