Astragal What is this fur, photo beast and trendy fur coats, sheepskins

Find out, Astragan - What is this fur, its use for fashionable fur coats, coat and coatFind out, Astragan - What is this fur, its use for fashionable fur coats, coat and coat

Find out, Astragan - What is this fur, its use for fashionable fur coats, coat and coat

The fur coat is perhaps one of the most feminine things. Fur game on the light, smooth lines, softness, all this does not allow to sleep to women who dream of becoming her owner.

Photo Modnaya Shuba Iz Astragana

But how to choose a fur coat that will look beautiful, warm and cost is not too expensive?

The variety of fur species is introduced into a stupor. In order not to get to you, choosing an inappropriate material, model, you need to study everything thoroughly. The choice is complicated by the fact that innovative materials constantly appear.

Photo Modnaya Shuba Iz Astragana

Just a few years ago, a mild, but confident step, in the fashion world entered the fur coats from the Astragan. Different colors, forms, models accounted for many fashionmented. But, like any newbie, some cause distrust and mass of issues.

"Astragan", which is sewing out of it and how to choose the clothes from the Astragan.

Astragan - what animal fur and what it is?

Foto-Astragana-2Strictly speaking, this is not a beast, but a sheep fur. As soon as it is not called: Astragal, Ostrogan, but the correct name is Astragan. Translated into Russian "Astragan" means "Karakul". Initially, the Europeans called the Astragan, derived from Astrakhan, is the main supplier at the time. However, this fact does not mean at all that two types of fur are the same.

Photo Modnaya Shuba Iz Astragana

Astragan is the best dear option of sheepskin. Its production is time consuming and complex.

The opinion that for production I need some specially derived breed of sheep, erroneously. Sheep Pravda pass the most careful selection and only the best of them give wool on the production of high quality material. However, for the Astragan, the same sheep are grown as for mutona. Usually, this is a popular, divorced in Australia, New Zealand, the thinner of the sheep - Australian Merino. The wool of these animals is mild, thin, but at the same time thick and has good heating storage.

Photo Modnaya Shuba Iz Astragana

But as already noted, only the ideal sheep is suitable for production:

  • - very curly (similar to the sheepskin Kerly);
  • - thick undercoat;
  • - Shkura without defects, homogeneous smooth cover.

Photo Modnaya Shuba Iz Astragana

After the selection of the skins, the material is thoroughly cleaned. Next, put in the drum, in which the skin is twisted for a long time to become softer. Then, the skin is stretching to impart subtleness, elasticity, is treated with a solution of formalin, with which wool acquires moisture and thermal stability. In completion, several phases of purification occur to get rid of chemicals that fitted with the material during the processing process.

After all, the skin is cut, leaving the pile of 2 - 4 mm. Due to this, it becomes soft, velvety.

Photo Modnaya Shuba Iz Astragana

The production of such fur is only in Russia. Therefore, you can only buy the best products.

Muton, Karakul, Astragan: Difference, photo

Differences in these types of materials are enough.

Let's start with the fact that all types of fur are made of sheep wool.

Photo Modnaya Shuba Iz Astragana

However, manufacturing technologies are different:

  • - the doodle is made of wool of young lambs of the Karakul breed having elastic silky curls;
  • - Muton passes the same processing stages, but the choice of animals for it is not so strict.

Photo Modnaya Shuba Iz Astragana

Vault length:

  • - Karakul - the pile is different long, usually the pile is lying, forming curls of different shapes, directions, sizes;
  • - Mouton - the length of the pile from 5 mm and above. Pile no more than 6 mm. Call "Stream".

Photo Modnaya Shuba Iz Astragana


  • - Karakul - dense rough;
  • - Muton - soft fluffy pile;
  • - Astragan - velvety.

Photo Modnaya Shuba Iz Astragana


In this category, Astragan wins unequivocally. This material is the easiest, soft, which makes products from it practically weighty.

Photo Modnaya Shuba Iz Astragana

Heat resistance:

How many degrees withstands the sheepskin? Virtually any sheepskin withstands the cold to about 20 degrees. However, the products from the doodle are not so warm, the minimum temperature of their socks is 10 degrees.

Photo Modnaya Shuba Iz Astragana

It is thanks to the thick roce of Muton and Astragan who can be warmed even in the strongest cold.


Here, the Karakul will take the first place as the most budget fur. The most expensive material will be Astragan. However, he looks much more modern, high quality colleagues.

But still, it is not difficult to buy a fur coat: its price begins approximately from 10,000 rubles.

How to choose clothes from Astragan

Who will suit Astragan? - Universal, makes many things for adults and children.

Photo Modnaya Shuba Iz Astragana

Thanks to wear resistance, lightness, outer gloss, high quality, many fur factories this season make an emphasis on this material.

From the Astragan, we usually sew fur coats, coats, jackets, coats.

Photo Modnaya Shuba Iz Astragana

Sometimes it is combined with other types of fur: Kerlya, Tuscany, Muton - type of sheepskin, Bokehrost (what is this: Fox hybrid fur with sand), Origa (what it is: Rabbit View). Curley's fur coat with Astragan is a good option that combines economy, beauty, warmth: Curly meh below for the price, and Astrogen adds chic.

Photo Modnaya Shuba Iz Astragana

Rules for choosing clothes:

- Fur coats and fur products must be certified. So you will be sure that you do not sell a fake under the guise of the original material.

Photo Modnaya Shuba Iz Astragana

- The quality of the material is checked by simple feeling. If the villi does not appear, do not get out, it means good quality. Look at the homogeneity of the fur coating - there should be no propellers, the veins of the same length. In the sun, the fur should be blown away.

- Tailoring should be ideal. Poor-quality fur coats, sheepskinski often sin the fact that the sock fall apart. Therefore, check that the seams are strong, smooth, neat.

Photo Modnaya Shuba Iz Astragana

- The quality of coloring can be determined by looking at the hands: if they are not painted - it means everything is good if the color has changed - the fur coat will be very damped. More paint quality can be removed by a wet cloth - under the influence of water, paint from poorly painted fur will begin to sirst.

- Lack of outsided flavors. Fur clothes should smell the fur and more than there are extraneous smells - the manufacturer uses chemicals in prohibited proportions or simply forbidden by poor-quality chemistry.

Photo Modnaya Shuba Iz Astragana

- Check the lining. Not only fur should be a good quality, but all other materials for making clothes from it.

Photo Modnaya Shuba Iz Astragana

- Accessories should also be high quality and well-sewn. Fur - Material is dense, with cheap fittings you do not pass for a long time.

- minimalism. Fear in itself attracts attention, so the active use of decorative elements is not desirable.

Photo Modnaya Shuba Iz Astragana

Fashionable products from Astragan 2020 -2021

Fashionable designers immediately loved Astragan - a malleable beautiful material for the production of outerwear. Not only many different styles appeared, but also many different colors of fur coats, sheepskin, coat from this material.

Photo Modnaya Shuba Iz Astragana

Fur coats

In the fashion, simple elongated coats from the Astragan direct Crow. Color can be any, except that, not recommended black - in such a beon, it can make an image heavy. You can combine a fur coat with classic business, romantic images, outdoor style.

Photo Modnaya Shuba Iz Astragana

The cap should be simple, better knitted, knitted.

Footwear Pick up under the general image style: Batillions on a heel for a business image, ram boots for romantic, and coarse boots on a flat run for street style.

Photo Modnaya Shuba Iz Astragana


Not so popular like fur coats, but among them there are interesting designs. In the coat of sumetrical cut, in the style of koshuhi, romantic models with a collar rack and belt.

Photo Modnaya Shuba Iz Astragana

The length of the fashionable sheep - above the knee. As a head fit, knitted hat, hat, Ushanka, Chalma. Complete the image of the palatin, sinw, leather, knitted gloves.

Photo Modnaya Shuba Iz Astragana


Coat from Astragan - strict, but more familiar with young girls option. Like a fur coat from this material, there must be a straight cut without decor. In fashion, bright unusual natural colors: pink, yellow, red, blue, green.

Photo Modnaya Shuba Iz Astragana

Women aged can pay attention to the options coat from the Astragan in white, beige, peach color. In the fashion, sandy, beige, bright shades of brown and burgundy shade.

Photo Modnaya Shuba Iz Astragana

Care of products from Astragan

Like any natural material, Astragan requires a careful relationship and careful care.

Several rules that will save the fur product in the original form:

  • 1. The temperature in the room, the fur coat, the coat should not be high. Special repository came up with, where the fee, the holders of the fur coats can pass their progress in the warm season.
  • 2. Humidity. The room where the coat is kept should be dry.
  • 3. Fresh air. Do not store the fur product in closed boxes, covers from distinguished materials. Keep the fur in the dark room, because of the sun, the product can strongly faded.
  • 4. Do not allow cosmetic, chemicals on it.

Photo Modnaya Shuba Iz Astragana


After a walk through the snow-covered streets, you need to hang a fur coat, a coat on a thick hanger, let it dry in the air. It is not necessary to dry it on the battery or, for example, hairdryer! It is impossible combing fur.

Photo Modnaya Shuba Iz Astragana

Once a year it is necessary to hand over the product in a dry cleaning, because it is not an ordinary down jacket, it requires special cleaning.

In order for the mole to do not get a donutamental material, put special agents together with the product, dry orange crust.

Women's reviews indicate that with proper care, the fur coat will serve you about 10 years.

Products from Astragan are the best combination of attractiveness, quality and heat. And considering the diversity of modern models, it will be easy to choose the appropriate.

Author Evgenia Lizarenko specifically for the site 40Plus.ru

Photo Modnaya Shuba Iz Astragana

Photo Modnaya Shuba Iz Astragana

Photo Modnaya Shuba Iz Astragana

Photo Modnaya Shuba Iz Astragana

Photo Modnaya Shuba Iz Astragana

Photo Modnaya Shuba Iz Astragana

Photo Modnaya Shuba Iz Astragana

Photo Modnaya Shuba Iz Astragana

Photo Modnaya Shuba Iz Astragana

Photo Modnaya Shuba Iz Astragana

Photo Modnaya Shuba Iz Astragana

Photo Modnaya Shuba Iz Astragana

Photo Modnaya Shuba Iz Astragana

Photo Modnaya Shuba Iz Astragana

Photo Modnaya Shuba Iz Astragana

Photo Modnaya Shuba Iz Astragana

Photo Modnaya Shuba Iz Astragana

Photo Modnaya Shuba Iz Astragana

Photo Modnaya Shuba Iz Astragana


Astragan - What is this fur?

Category: Useful Tips

Recently, a new term has appeared in the fur fashion, the Astragan fur. What is Astragan? Astragan is not at all a fur of some exotic fur animal. This is a sheepskin, but only a special dressing and from a special breed of sheep. These sheep should have a very curly fur, and also - thick warm undercoat. Only the skins of the highest quality are suitable for the manufacture of Astragan. A very short haircut of such sheepskin is a pile height of just 0.5 to 0.8 centimeters - makes fur very easy. But at the same time, the products from the Astragan do not become colder than the muton, due to the fact that the thick undercoat is very well preserved heat. Thus, Astragan combines the beauty of the doodle and the heat of the muton.

What is Astragan

How to distinguish Astragan from Muton and Karakul?

There are several distinctive features, thanks to which you can accurately determine what kind of fur in front of you: Muton, Karakul or Astragan.

  • The product from the muton is quite heavy. Muton fur has a smooth surface, devoid of curls. Pile of 1.5-2 centimeters long, there is a thick undercoat.
  • Karakulchi products are much easier than Mutona. The pile is beautifully wound, forming a wave. The length of the pile is about 1 centimeter, the undercoat is missing, which is why the doodle fur coat is not warm enough, therefore needs additional insulation: a sublobe with a Vatin, a synthetone or other types of insulation.
  • The price of an Astragan product is higher than that of 20-30% similar to the muton. There is a small minus in it, but for high quality you always have to pay more expensive.

What are the advantages of the Astragan?

Above it has already been said that Astragan is much easier than Muton. This makes it possible to designers to use this fur to implement any flight of fantasy. At the same time, the product from Astragan, unlike the doodle, does not need additional insulation, even strong Russian frost is not terrible in it.

Due to the short pile, Astragan is not subject to rolling, it is durable and practically does not need to care, except for the elementary one.

The beautiful wavy surface of the fur has always a unique drawing, and it overflows into the light, making the product from the Astragan attractive and rich.

What care is required for a fur coat from the Astragan?

The main enemies of the Astragan, like any natural fur, are three factors: dampness, bright sun and mole.

If you fell under the snow or even the rain - you need to come home, shake the product several times, and then dry at room temperature, away from the sun and the heating devices in the massacled form, for example, on the shoulders.

In the summer it is necessary to store a fur coat in a dark ventilated place. In no case cannot be a fur coat in a plastic bag, it can "suffocate." Several times over the summer you can make a fur coat on fresh air, but not in the sun.

You can save fur from moth by applying modern chemicals of protection, or putting a few orange crusts.

The fur perfectly absorbs odors, including unpleasant, so avoid long contact with highly smelling substances: tobacco, paint, etc.

The spots are better to wear in a dry cleaning, but you can try to use a clean napkin moistened in the ammonia alcohol mixed with salt. The stain should be lost slightly, and then a clean wet cloth remove the remnants of the cleaning composition.

Our online store offers a varied selection of Astragan products:

Fur coats from Astragan

Pink fur coat from Astragan

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Coat from Astragan

Strip from Astragan

Strip from Astragan

Fur coats from the Astragan of large sizes

Large-size coat from Astragan

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Jackets from Astragan

Down jacket from Astragan

So, summing up, you can say with confidence that Astragan -Fashionable and practical fur, so products from it will delight you not one year.

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In the fur salons you can see - "Made from Astragan". In order not to bypass such things with the side, let's figure it out that this is for the fur and from which animal it takes.

What is Astragan, what kind of animal do


What is this - Astragan? This is not a rare beast, but the type of sheepskin, which is obtained from the Australian sheep breed. New Zealand Astragan is considered the most expensive species.

What is Astragan, what kind of animal do

For the extraction of such fur, the best copies of horned cattle are selected, so Astragan costs more mutona and doodle, but has an advantage in a number of other characteristics.

What is Astragan, what kind of animal do


First of all, the sheepskin like "Astragan" is a short fur (only 2-3 mm. Against 5 mm. Mutona) with a very dense undercoat. Due to the low length, such fur is easily painted, without leaving the chances at the same time. The thick undercoat creates a feeling of velvety, and the hard curl provides a molar effect that makes the Astragan Fur Premium class.

What is Astragan, what kind of animal do

Advantages and disadvantages

The advantages of products from Astragan are:

  • Weightlessness. Short fur facilitates the weight of fur coats or coat several times.
  • Heat. Dense undercoat eliminates the need for additional linings.
  • Appearance. Muarovy overflows of dark tones will drive even the most sophisticated persons.
  • The fineness of the release. Due to the peculiarities of the treatment of Astragan is very pile and can take any intended form.
  • Durability. Fur does not arrive and does not require special care.

Minus Astragan has only one - the price. Products from Astragan are on average by 20% more expensive moods, but beauty requires victims.

The difference between the Astragan, Muton and Karakul

Although Astragan and Muton are cut from one animal - sheep - they are similar only outwardly. Due to the features of the release and haircuts, Mouton is distinguished by a long pile, lack of curls and a dense undercoat. He seems to be touch more silky. Muton fur coats are heavier than the astraganov and have a warmed lining. Muton faster fastest and loses its trademark.

What is Astragan, what kind of animal do

Karakul is another type of sheepskin. The material for it is taken from the calves, so his curls are twisted stronger than the Astragan, but there is no undercoat at all. Therefore, the doodle coats are colder than others and always insulate.

Products from Astragan

Fur coats

Astragan is a malleable fur, so designers create many models for different types of shapes. Fur coats usually complement fur collars or hoods. In this case, you can not be afraid that the hood will take a fur coat. Also fashionable details are large buttons. Prices for astragan coats are in the range of 23 000 r. up to 67 000 r.


Leather jackets on the fur - another worthy option, especially for men. Prices for men's oblans fluctuate in the range of 30,000 rubles. And on women can reach 67 000 r.


On the coat of the Astragan, too, high demand, including thanks to a variety of colors. Coat can be completely made of fur or combine fur and skin. If it seems that you will be frozen, in the fur salons you can additionally insulate the coat.

Care of products from Astragan

Despite its features, Astragan is unpretentious in care. Like any fur, it is afraid of moisture, sunlight and moths.

  • If you hit the rain or snow, going from the street, shake off the excess moisture and hang it dry on the shoulders. Do not dry the coat of astrorok next to the heating devices.

What is Astragan, what kind of animal do

  • In Non-Zezon, store products from the Astragan in a dark place (but not in tightly closed plastic packages! Use tissue boxes). Sometimes get the thing to ventilate, but watch it for a long time you do not have fun in the sun. Under the influence of ultraviolet rays, fur will be unmarked and will be tough.

What is Astragan, what kind of animal do

  • Special Sasha will save the moths. It is worth remembering that any fur absorbs sharp odors, such as fresh paint or tobacco. Do not use aggressive chemicals to eliminate stains. If the stain is not removed with a damp cloth, it is better to pass the thing into dry cleaning. Wash fur things in a washing machine.

What is Astragan, what kind of animal do

  • Make sure that the fur is not wiped. Frequent wearing bags on the shoulder, belt or other accessories will reduce your fur coats in proper form.

Any thing with regular care for a long time will not lose its commodity type and will last longer.

Many fashion guards who prefer luxurious coats are interested in what it is - fur Astragan, and how exactly the finished products look like. This material is valued for a smooth surface and an impeccable appearance.

What does this fur present?

What the Fur Astragan, from which animal it is made - these and many other questions are interested in girls who are not indifferent to beautiful fur coats. To sew such a product, use the top grade sheepskin, which is subjected to special processing. It is impossible to get fur manually, as the most modern technologies are used in production.

Astragan fur what it is

Fur Astragan is obtained from sheepskin with a strongly curly pile and thick undercoat. After holding a haircut, it is a skirt with an extraordinary transfusion effect, which is clearly visible in the photo. Astragan is a fur of whom? This is interested in modern girls who want to look fashionable and stylish, in line with fashion trends. Many acquire such products due to the fact that they have a very beautiful view, and the short length of the pile eliminates the possible rolling.

How to distinguish Astragan from another fur?

Knowing that this is an Astragan fur, which animal, it is also necessary to determine its distinctive features. It is important to understand what it differs from the doodle and muton. Muton products are very heavy, they have a smooth surface, without any curls. The pile length reaches about 2 cm, with a thick undercoat. It is worth noting that Muton is the warmest fur, but at the same time it is very quickly wearing, losing its appeal.

Astragan what kind of fur

Products made of doodles are much easier than from the muton. She is very beautiful in her very beautiful, forming elegant waves. The length is approximately 1 cm, and there is no undercoat. As a result, the coat of the doodle is not too warm, so additional insulation is required. The lining can be made of syntheps, batting, or other types of insulation.

The main advantages

To determine the type of product, you need not only to know what the Astragan fur represents and what kind of beast is required for its manufacture, but what features he has and pluses. Among the main advantages can be allocated:

  • ease;
  • durability;
  • heat saving;
  • Available cost.

Very comfortable and convenient to wear an Astragan fur coat. What kind of fur, you need to determine first of all before purchasing the product. Even a long fur coat will not deliver any inconvenience, since Astragan is much smaller by weight than classic options made from muton.

Fur Astragan What a Beast

A fur coat will allow the girl to look not only stylish and fashionable, but also to feel very comfortable even in cold winter conditions. The caps that are impressive with their variety of colors and forms are particularly popular.

Among the advantages you can select the durability of the fur coat from the Astragan, as it will last for a long time. Even in conditions of frequent socks, such a product will delight for at least 3 years.

Such a stylish and luxurious outfit is much less than mink and fox fur coats, and in appearance practically they do not differ from expensive analogues.

Distinctive features of fur

It is necessary to understand what is for the fur Astragan, as well as what he has distinctive features. To know exactly what he attracts many women is just enough to try it to the touch. Designers love this natural material for being very practical and has a good appearance.

Astragan is fur who photos

The main feature is that it is made exclusively from high-quality raw materials characterized by a dense structure and original wool curls. Astragan has a lot of common characteristics with Muton, but significantly surpasses it in quality.

Fur is very short, and as a result, the length of the pile is not more than 7 mm. According to external indicators, it can be compared with the Karakul fur, which has many fans.

Astragan fur products

Not many know what it is - fur Astragan, as well as which products are produced from it. Among the main characteristics can be distinguished as:

  • dense pile structure;
  • fluffy soft surface;
  • Original appearance.

It is especially interesting, he looks in the dark color scheme. An excellent complement to the winter wardrobe will be luxurious emerald, ruby ​​and black tones. Many designers each year replenish their collections with interesting new models.

Of particular interest are fur coats from Astragan, attracting attention to themselves. The choice of models is quite wide, as you can pick up elongated and shortened options, both with a hood, and without it.

Astragan is a fur of which animal

Women preferring a rigorous style and classic, most often choose a coat of this fur. This product is practical in everyday wear and at the same time helps to make a more spectacular and attractive appearance of its owner. Some girls who are the following fashion trends choose practical and stylish shortened fur coats. It can be a jacket or a fur coat from the Astragan, which look very impressive, and at the same time have a low cost. In addition, such a product is combined with almost any style.

How to choose a model for yourself?

It is important to know not only what it is - fur Astragan, but also how to choose the product for yourself. This material is quite thin and lightweight, therefore allows you to implement all the most courageous design solutions into reality. It can be a stylish fur coat, short fur coat, luxurious manto. Headdresses made of this fur look sophisticated.

what kind of astragan fur with what animal

Astragan is a fur that does not increase the volume of the body of a woman and fits well. Elegant woman will fit the elongated models. They will look luxurious in them. For young people, coats, jackets and semi-coath are perfectly suitable. Such clothes are very light, so it can be used for everyday socks, and the hood provides such heat that even the hat does not need.

When choosing things sewn from Astragan, you need to consider certain rules. It is possible to determine the quality of the product only experimentally: you need to try the villi in different directions, and also try to pull out several pieces. If it does not appear, it says about high quality.

In addition, you need to explore all the seams. They must be the same, smooth and smooth. Otherwise, this product will quickly lose its attractive look. Many experts recommend to listen to the script of fur: if it creaks, then it means good quality if Slavet is the skin is pushed.

Product care features

In order for the product for a long time to retain your attractive appearance, it is necessary to ensure the correct care for it. Very bad on it affects dampness and bright sun. If the fur coat is soaked in the rain or snow, then it is necessary to, come home, shake it several times, and then dry thoroughly at room temperature on the shoulders. It is forbidden to hang next to heating devices.

fur coat from Astragan what kind of fur

In the summer, it is necessary to store it in a well-ventilated dark place. It is impossible to pack the fur product into plastic bags, as it acquires an unpleasant smell. Several times you can endure on fresh air, but at the same time avoid the sun.

Keep the fur product from molia by applying chemical protection tools or put several orange crusts. It absorbs various outsiders. The stains are desirable to display in a dry cleaning, as its independent cleaning can lead to the fact that the product will deteriorate.

Cost of products from Astragan

Products made from Astragan are somewhat more expensive than mutona, but still remain quite affordable. On average, the cost of the fur coats is 35-50 thousand rubles, so many women can acquire it. The cost of a coat and jacket ranges from 20 to 40 thousand, it all depends on the features of the selected model.

Reviews about Fur Astragan

To understand what it is - Fur Astragan, and what it is attractive, you need to get acquainted with the reviews of buyers. Basically, they are positive, since the buyers note that this product has a pleasant to the touch smooth fur, light and sparkling. This fur coat is practically not felt in the sock, which is why many prefer the Astragan.

In addition, the buyers note that this fur practical, comfortable and at the same time very elegant. Externally, it resembles Muton, but the quality of the material is much higher. However, the products from the Astragan have not only positive feedback, as many speak of their high cost, as well as the fact that the choice is not wide enough.

Fur coats from Astragan

Fur coats from Astragan

Astragan - what is this "beast" and how this fur gets

What a girl or woman did not dream of a fur coat? After all, it is this outerwear that it is impossible to emphasize the luxuriousness and femininity of the lady, as well as its status. Of course, when choosing a fur coat, the style of this product is not small, but many women when choosing fur coats are first guided by those from whose fur it is made.

If with a mink, rabbit or raccoon everything is clear, then how about the Astragan? Having met on the tag, the name of this unknown animal, many girls come in amazement, trying to understand and imagine, who "wore" a luxurious short-haired fur before them?

Many, thinking about an exotic animal, take a fur coat without thinking, hoping to stand out against the background of their colleagues and acquaintances, and others, the opportunity to imagine such an animal, on the contrary, prefer to acquire a fur coat from a more familiar animal.

In fact, everything is very simple. Astragan is not an animal! This is called sheepskin, which has been processed by special technologies for further tailoring of fur coats and other fur products. As a rule, for sewing the fur coats, the sheep fur is chosen with a strong curl and warm subsylating height of at least five to seven millimeters. The highest quality Astragan is brought from Australia.

Due to its smooth texture, Astragan is very easy to confuse with the doodle, so when buying a fur coat, it is necessary to be attentive.

Features and advantages

Despite some indecision of girls and women before buying a fur coat from Astragan, it will be nice to know that it carries a lot of advantages.

  1. The first and most pleasant feature of this fur coat is durability. This fur coat, of course, with respect to it, will serve his owner much longer, if the fur coats from another even more expensive fur mink or chinchilla. The fur of such a fur coat is extremely non-additive and is durable to the surrounding negative factors.
  2. The texture of the fur coat made of fur Astragan is short and quite easy, due to which in this fur coat is not only convenient to move, but also comfortably carry it, without removing for a long time. It is very practical in terms of daily wearing, because it does not require constant attention in the form of cleaning or combing, as well as drying after a long stay under the snow.
  3. Interestingly, on the heat-saving characteristics, this fur coat will not give up Muton, actually, as well as his expensive appearance. Fur fabric from the Astragan really produces a positive impression on many women: a neat short fur is very beautifully cast on the light, licking in different directions and creating a moire effect.
  4. In addition, Astragan is much more willing to be processed, providing manufacturers the opportunity to decorate such a fur with an interesting pattern or make it natural color more saturated. Also very popular fur coats from this fur in unusual, unnatural tones.
  5. Such a practical, warm and comfortable fur coat will probably have to taste many women due to their beautiful appearance and very pleasant to the touch texture.

How to choose

  • When choosing a fur coat from the Astragan, you should first pay attention on the quality of the product . For example, such a fur coat is very easy to confuse with a fur coat from artificial fur due to the features of the mating of the canvas itself. That is why before fitting it is necessary to ask the seller-consultant a special certificate that will be confirmed by the authenticity of the fur coil.
  • Next, you need to pay attention to The quality of the product texture itself. To do this, spend your palm on the fur canvase, lightly poigning it in different places. If the fur coat is high-quality, then there should be no villi on your hand. Otherwise, it is better to give up the purchase of such a fur coat. Also, do not forget to pay attention to how fast Fur Pumps are spread under your hand - the faster, the better.
  • Do not forget that before buying it is also necessary to check and Quality painting coats. In this you can help a wet white handkerchief, which will be necessary to accurately spend on the fur coat. Accordingly, if divorces will remain on the scarf - the painting is made poorly.
  • Carefully check the seams: they must be smooth, soft, with the same indentation throughout the perimeter and without unity.
  • Also when choosing a fur coat, you need to pay attention to For what purposes it is bought.
  1. For example, for auto-ladies will be better to buy a short fur coat from Astragan to protect the product from constant wiping about the car chair.
  2. For daily walks, you should choose a long model of fur coats with a rack collar or a deep hood to protect yourself from cold wind and snow. You can also pay attention to the models of fur coats with the edge and cuffs from another fur.

Fashionists will fall to taste lightweight coats from the Astragan of bright shades and a wide belt.

Popular models

With hood

As a rule, girls and women most often try to buy fur coats, in which there is a warm hood. All due to the fact that it is usually quite difficult to pick up a headdress to such top clothes, which would not only protect from the harsh winter temperature and looked perfectly with a fur coat from the Astragan, but also successfully approached with his owner depending on her head shape.

The hood is an excellent alternative to the header, and the conjugate with the collar is also also perfectly protecting the neck and breasts from the piercing wind.

Straight styles

Straight fur coats are classic and perceived by many girls "with a bang!". Especially those who are in search of a fur coat for one season. Fur coats from Astragan Direct Crowe will be extremely interesting to look in combination with a different texture of fur (for example, fluffy), or bright additional accessories - large buttons, a metal belt chain.

With horizontal stripes

It is extremely curious such a model will be young girls. As Astragan is easy to paint, many manufacturers inspired by modern fashion are decorated with horizontal stripes: they can cover the entire plane of the fur coats or decorate only the bottom, sleeves, or collar. Very nicely look at monophonic fur coats of unnatural blue, pink or yellow shades with horizontal black stripes.

Big size

Naturally, in the collections of many brands producing upper clothes, there are large-size lines. Such fur coats, as a rule, go to the middle length "midi", or to the floor - "Maxi" to hide the shortcomings of a full female figure and emphasize her waist with a fur belt. Large-dimensional models can have a rack or hood collar in stock, but exclude the edge from the other more volumetric fur in order not to reflect the figure.

Trendy colors

This year is a year of contrasts. Many well-known designers presented us with their collections of fur coats, in which naturalness and innovative ideas were successfully combined.

  • Cutes from the Astragan beige, black and gray tones decorated with fur of a long invoice are extremely interesting. They can be monophonic or diluted patterns of opposite colors or with the addition of neutral - white - fur.
  • It is also curious about the models of this product, driven by type of coat. The short pile of the fabric of the Astragan is better complements such an unusual fur coat. Designers represent these models in dark cold shades of green, blue and red.
  • Also relevant coloring furs of this year is a multi-level color using horizontal lines. There can be used all sorts of tones of different colors, which ultimately have to create an interesting, but not screaming gamut.
  • In honor of the designers, this year was also saturated blue, pink, as well as olive-colored coats of short fur.

What to wear

Most often, the fur coats are related to more business and romantic styles, but depending on the style and the setting, you can try to create a semi-extensive street style.

For example, to create a business image, you should pay attention to the narrowed classic trousers of neutral shades. For a short fur coat, such a bottom will easily be combined with high boots, and with the length of "midi" and "maxi" - with half boots or classic shoes

Create a romantic style will help us skirt. The skirts of absolute any style are suitable for a long fur coat of the Astragan. Under the short coat, it is best to wear alternate middle-length skirts, for example, a pencil skirt. From the shoes it is best to pay attention to the short-lived boots with an acute-angular nose and a stable heel.

Bag is better to choose a medium size - it will fit perfectly in any style and will not distract attention from the fur coat.

Stylish female images

The fur coats from the Astragan Girls and Women love to begin to wear even in the end of the autumn, easely throwing on the shoulders to make their image even more feminine.

  1. It is very successful in this regard, a light beige-brown coat will look in combination with very feminine, but at the same time pretty a strict dark dress-case, supplemented tongue tags and suede black shoes on a wide sole.
  2. When creating an interesting image, you can try to play with flowers. For example, you can pick up the scarf and a saturated beautiful blue gloves to make a diversity in your daily image.
  3. It is interesting to look at the fur coats, made in the animal color. The coat of the Astragan is better suitable for painting in this print and, thanks to special processing, the brightness and beauty of such painting will save for a long time.

If you are from those women who appreciate and love natural fur, then you probably heard about such a fur as Astragan. Products from Astragan are incredibly soft and cozy, and so I want to touch them. What is nice, Astragan is a natural product, affordable and incredibly stylish. In our article we will talk in more detail about what Astragan is, and what is the fur.

What is Astragan?

Not everyone has an Astragan fur for hearing. Hearing this name, many are wondering - what is it?

Immediately let's say that Astragan is Muton, and a slightly modified. Make it using special highlight technologies. Astragan is obtained from sheep fur, and only high quality material is used.

To get from the fur sheep first-class Astragan, the following conditions must be observed:

  1. For the production of Astragan, only the skin with a strong curl;
  2. Sheepskin use the highest quality;
  3. The skin is littered in such a way that 2 mm of fur height remains.

After all manipulations, there is a chic and soft fur, called the Astragan. Sometimes Astragan is confused with Muton or Karakulch, but you should know that these are two different types of fur.

Beautiful products from the Astragan produces a Pyatigorskaya factory. The most fashionable models of fur coats from this and other manufacturers are presented in the photo below.

Astragan - What is this fur, photo stylish fur coats, coat and sheep

Three-color fur coat

Astragan - What is this fur, photo stylish fur coats, coat and sheep

fur coat with belt

What is the difference between Muton and Astragan?

Visually, not knowing the differences, you can confuse an Astragan fur coat with a muton product. Some are inclined to believe that products from Mouton are much warmer than from the Astragan, but it is not at all.

In addition to external differences, there are other parameters that distinguish the Astragan from Muton:

  1. Astragan's fur coat is light and weightless, in contrast to the products from Muton;
  2. Things from Astragan are more wear-resistant, since the short fur does not roll and does not lose its presentable appearance;
  3. Products made from Fur Astragan look very feminine and elegant thanks to a short pile, models most often go with a hood, which allows you to hide in frosty weather;
  4. Astragran is more expensive than Muton, because for its manufacture, a higher quality is used.

As we see, the undoubted differences between the Mutona from Astragan are still there. Now you know about them. But besides this, Pyatigorsk Astragan has other advantages about which we will say below.

Astragan - What is this fur, photo stylish fur coats, coat and sheep

Black Shuba

Astragan - What is this fur, photo stylish fur coats, coat and sheep

Shub on buttons

What are the advantages of Fur Astragan?

If you still think whether it is worth investing in the purchase of a fur product from Astragan, the following advantages will certainly be able to dispel all doubts:

  1. Astragan weighs less than Muton, which makes it very comfortable in the sock;
  2. Fur Astragan has excellent thermal properties, it is not cold in winter;
  3. Astragan is very wear-resistant;
  4. Among the fur products from Astragan, many interesting models and design solutions;
  5. Astragan is called a universal fur, it sew not only adult, but also children's outerwear;
  6. The cost of the coat from the Astragan is quite accessible, it is not much more expensive than the muton coat.

Products from Astragan love also because it looks flawless. It sew a coat and fur coats of a wide variety, but the noble thing is black fur.

Astragan in its properties is not inferior and mink fur. It is much cheaper, however, in appearance does not retreat from her.

Astragan - What is this fur, photo stylish fur coats, coat and sheep

fur coat with collar

Astragan - What is this fur, photo stylish fur coats, coat and sheep

fur coat with hood

How to choose the Fur Astragan?

Choosing a product from Astragan, you should know several nuances.

Determine the quality of fur

The quality of the fur is not difficult to determine. To do this, patch should be stroked in different directions, pinch the villi. If the fur did not start sprinkling, the quality of the product at the proper level.

In order not to confuse Astragan with another fur, it follows to make a purchase to require the seller a certificate for the product.

We study the color of the product

To learn how well the product is painted, take a wet napkin and spend it on the fur. Good fur does not leave the tracks on the napkin.

Pay attention to the seams

About the quality of the fur coat says and tailoring. Be sure to pay attention to how the seams look. Ideal seams - smooth, smooth, without protruding threads. Otherwise, there is a risk that they will disperse, and your fur coat will serve you a very small amount of time.

What is the purpose of the fur coat?

The purpose of the purchase is also an important point, since the length of the fur coats, the style is important. So, for autoled, a fur coat is suitable for the thigh or a fur coat. For outdoor walks, it is better to choose a model of authentic and warming up, with a hood. If the purpose of the purchase is a decoration, then it is worth considering the models of a shortened type that resemble a fur vest, bolero, cape to the dress. As we see, mass options.

His "sound" says about the quality of fur. So, a good fur is the one that, according to experts, creaks. If, when contacting the fur, it is slightly silly, then Astragan is reheated.

Astragan - What is this fur, photo stylish fur coats, coat and sheep


Useful recommendations for caring for products from Astragan

Of course, fur - the material is rather whimsical. It takes the right care, then the product will serve you faithfully for more than one year. So, how to care for the Astragan:

  1. Avoid finding fur next to heating devices.
  2. It is best to remove the fur coat after the end of the winter season, after having wrapped it into a special linen case.
  3. The chemical components contained in the objects of female care for themselves (varnishes, hair mousses, cosmetics) should not fall on the Astragan fur coat.
  4. You can not dry the fur on the battery, you should give it time to dry by naturally.
  5. If the fur has lost the former gloss and gloss, then wipe it with alcohol or acetic solution.
  6. Be sure to ventilate the product from the Astragan in the summer outdoors.
  7. Combing fur can be using a ridge.
  8. Mole will not spoil Astragan if add a dry orange peel into the cover for a fur coat.
  9. Spots with astragan are easily removed using a mixture of ammonia alcohol and salt.

As we can see, the Astragan is easy to care if you know a few simple secrets.

Astragan - What is this fur, photo stylish fur coats, coat and sheep

Midi Length Shub

Popular models of fur products from Astragan

As we wrote above, fur products from the Astragan are pleased with their variety of models and styles. This fur love designers because of it is obtained simply gorgeous products.

Models with hood

Manufacturers of fur coats from Astragan offer to consider models with a hood due to their versatility. In such a fur product will be warm in any rainy weather. In addition, girls who do not want to wear a headdress will definitely choose a hooded model. It will also be protected throat and neck, the wind is not terrible.

Astragan - What is this fur, photo stylish fur coats, coat and sheep

Light coat with hood

Straight models Schub

A straight style is a modern classic, it will never come out of fashion. Any length is good in the literal bee. Some designers decorate its accessories - a strap, fur collar, bright and unusual buttons. Another indisputable advantage of direct cut fur coats from Astragan is uniqueness. Such a model is suitable for any type of figure.

Astragan - What is this fur, photo stylish fur coats, coat and sheep

Straight Shuba

Horizontal stripes fur coats

As we said earlier, Astragan is very easy to stain. Based on this, many experts in the fashion world decided to use this advantage of the Astragan in their design ideas. Very popular models of cohes of the brightest colors - blue, yellow, orange, decorated with black sleeves or collar.

Also spectacularly look no fur coats in the color of the stripes.

Astragan - What is this fur, photo stylish fur coats, coat and sheep

Striped Shuba

Coat from Astragan

Astragan coat is considered one of the most popular styles. The coat looks very stylish, elegant, while it is warm and cozy in it. The coat of the Astragan has no age, it looks equally well both on young girls and older women.

Very fashionable to decorate a coat of Astragan to another fur - mink, doodle, Chernoburka. The price of the product from this grows, but it is definitely worth it.

Astragan - What is this fur, photo stylish fur coats, coat and sheep


Astragan jacket

New Trend of the Winter Season - Jacket of Astragan. It is comfortable, light, short, which makes it comfortable for autoled, does not shine movements. The Astragan jacket is great for everyday wearing.

Astragan - What is this fur, photo stylish fur coats, coat and sheep

fur jacket

Fur coats from the Astragan of large sizes

Astragan - a soft fur, very neat, not volumetric, which makes it very attractive for ladies with lush forms. Summary such a fur coat is not to the image, but on the contrary, give it the necessary ease. Very nice and concisely look at models with a collar-rack.

Astragan - What is this fur, photo stylish fur coats, coat and sheep

large fur coat for full

What color cohes from Astragan is the most fashionable?

This season, designers offer us a few color solutions for products from Astragan:

  1. At the peak of fashion in 2018, black, white and beige fur coats were decorated with multi-colored fur.
  2. For coats, designers offer shades of cold colors - green, blue, red colors.
  3. Multi-level color is relevant in direct cut models with horizontal stripes.
  4. The new trend of the upcoming season is bright blue and pink coats and coats from Astragan.

Astragan - What is this fur, photo stylish fur coats, coat and sheep

Gentle-pink fur coat

What and how to combine an Astragan fur coat?

There are several fashionable options for combining coats from Astragan with other things from your wardrobe. Let us dwell on the most trend.

Business image

Business style - the most feminine, does not imply an abundance of extra details, it is quite strict and democratic. To emphasize your business attitude to you will help the fur coat from the Astragan direct Leson with the aligned classic trousers.

A short fur coat will be concisely looked with the skirt to the knees and half-boots, or shields to the knees.

Romantic image

Add a share of romance to the image will help the skirt. Long fur coats are perfectly combined skirts of different lengths, with short - your taste. Shoes Choose a beautiful, comfortable, on a heel from natural materials.

Street style

A short fur coat from Astragan looks good with high boots-boots and a bulk scarf. Add hooliganism into the image of the bag over the shoulder, or the bag of "cowboy type". Select the models of the shuffs of the fit or straight cut without a belt.

How to choose shoes?

The choice of shoes directly depends on what length is your fur coat:

  1. Short coats should be supplemented with high-heeled boots, preferably on the studs, for everyday style, choose shoes on a flat sole or with a small stable heel.
  2. Boots boots will also perfectly complement the short fur coat, uggs are suitable for sport style.
  3. Long fur coat wear with ugs categorically impossible, choose shoes under the color of fur.

The headdress is played considerably in the image, especially if you prefer the model without a hood.

How to choose a headdress?

The headdress is needed if you are not a lover to go without it. In our harsh winters, we least think about beauty, practicality comes to the fore.

Best of all, fur caps look at the astragana, but also knit headwear look no less feminine.

You can give a form of romance using a headband, choose fabric warmer. Coloring is best to choose a contrast bright to make an emphasis in the image and attract attention.

Astragan - What is this fur, photo stylish fur coats, coat and sheep

fur coat without collar

Cost of fur coats from Astragan

The price of the fur product is made up of several parameters: Length, use of additional fur, color, manufacturer. So, for example, a long fur coat from Astragan with a mink will cost you 45-50 thousand rubles.

Astragan fur coat with Chernoburki fur - 40-60 thousand rubles.

Schuba, decorated with sand - from 43 thousand rubles, depending on the length.

The average price range for fur coats from Astragan is from 25 to 60 thousand rubles. As can be seen from this, the price is not as low as the Mutona, but the quality should cost its money. By purchasing a product from Astragan, you can be sure that you will be warm and comfortable.

Astragan - What is this fur, photo stylish fur coats, coat and sheep

Blue coat with decor

Customer Reviews about products from Astragan

Below are the real reviews of the owners of fur products from Astragan.

Maria, Krasnoyarsk

"Choosing a fur coat, everything wondered which beast is better. Recently, a girlfriend acquired a coat of Astragan for 32,000 rubles and very satisfied. Externally resembles Muton, but upon closer look, the quality is significantly higher. Now I have no doubt what kind of fur it is. "

Elena, Magnitogorsk

"I wear a fur coat from Astragan for 4 years. I could not worry, fur was not smashed, it is good. Heat even in minus 15-20 degrees. Very pleased, another 5 years proved. "

Olga, Moscow

"Astragan fur coat is a bit heavy for me. Perhaps this is its only minus. Of the advantages - acceptable price and bright colors. I bought my fur coat in that year at the Fair fur coat at a super price - 24,000 rubles. "

Kristina, St. Petersburg

"I know that the most good are the fur coats from the Astragan made in Kirov and Kazan. Specially, from there, ordered a model for himself, looked at it for a long time in the online store. The quality was very pleased, and delivered quickly and straight home. Fur soft, pleasant to the touch, I want to wear and not shoot. "

In conclusion, we want to say that Fur Astragan is very practical and comfortable in the sock. If you follow the care recommendations and choose a quality manufacturer, then your product will delight you not one season.

Astragan - what is this fur, of which animal

Author of the author Maria Zakharova

Maria Zakharova

A woman deprived of a good taste, even in a stylish dress will be tasteless.

Choosing a fur product, a woman behaves particularly capriciously. Since such a purchase is very expensive, it is required to consider all the versions of fur. Having delighted in a given topic, many Modnitz have a question that is Astragan. In modern catalogs of fashionable outerwear, this type of natural fur is often mentioned.

Fur Astragan - what it is

Natural fur appeared relatively recently, and for some fashionistas is considered the most real wonder. To sew a fur product from Astragan, designers use the sheepskin of the highest grade, the special processing passed. The material is manufactured at the factory with innovative technologies, it is not possible to obtain it manually. Fur Astragan is pleasant to the touch, has an impeccable appearance. The structure is dense, there are curls like Muton. These fur differ in characteristics, and the comparison in favor of sheepskin.

What is the difference between Mouton from Astragan

Fur products - no cheap pleasure, but such a purchase when choosing quality material is distinguished by its durability. Among the additional advantages of the sheepskin, it is possible to highlight the ease of the product, heat resistant, affordable price. In order not to confuse fur, it is important to find out than Muton from Astragan is different. The external similarity is obvious, but according to the characteristics it is two completely different textures of models. So:

  1. The model from the Astragan is much easier, while Muton "Wear on yourself" is sometimes hard.
  2. Because the fur of the sheepskin is thinner, in Muton, the buyer will be much warmer.
  3. The pile of sheepskin is short, high quality, so the fur coat has a long service life.
  4. Muton faster loses its external attractiveness, wears.
  5. Astragan is more expensive, but not much - by 30%.
Stock Foto Girls in muton fur coats

Fur coats from Astragan

Such beautiful fur products attract all the attention, cause increased interest among buyers. The range of models is huge - elongated and shortened, with a hood or without. If seriously interested in a fur coat from the Astragan and her purchase, it's time to carefully read with all the model nearby, to determine the favorite yourself. Here are worthy of attention Position:

  • The name of the model is a fur coat with a collar with a mink finish;
  • price - 37 000 rubles;
  • Characteristics - Curra made of solid skins vertically, classic style, standard sleeves Ralan, winter model, hook clasp;
  • The main advantages are a classic model, slimming a figure, high quality fur, fluffy pile, sock practicality;
  • Cons - high cost.

Another beautiful model for true fashionista:

  • Model name - fur coat with sand collar;
  • the price is 48,000 rubles;
  • Characteristics - Moire color, elongated classic Croes model, English collar, elongated style.
  • The main advantages are practicality, durability, fluffy fur, rich color, brilliant shade;
  • Cons - not all available cost.
Photo of girls in fur coats above the knee from Astragan


These are representatives of the strict style of the outerwear, which are choosing women - Tychi supporters of the classics. Astragan's coat resembles muton coats or doodle products. They are practical in the daily sock, while makeing the appearance of their own owner. The new clothes can be ordered and buy in the online store, it will work out a little cheaper and more profitable. Here is the most chassis:

  • model name - coat Astragan Khaki;
  • price - 46 000 rubles;
  • Characteristics - fitted cut, bulk hood, soft leather belt, edge of sands, Astragan velvety;
  • Pros - optimal length for heat resistant, comfortable and spacious pockets, saturated range of colors.
  • Cons - high price.

The second model is no less popular, here is the description from the manufacturer:

  • The name of the model is a semi-coath from the Astragan;
  • Price - 20 000 rubles;
  • Characteristics - a combination of sheepskin and nano-fluff, high collar rack, several shade options, classic cut;
  • Pros - a practical female model, warm and comfortable, affordable price.
  • Cons - missing.

The third option coat from the Astragan is presented below:

  • The name of the model - coat of the elongated model of free cut;
  • Price - 45 000 rubles;
  • Characteristics - There are several color performances in the catalog, standard sleeve, short fur hair, length - 120 cm, finish with doodle;
  • The main advantages are a short model haircut, practicality in the sock, fashionable fur coat, efficient heat resistant;
  • Cons - high price.
Models of fashion cohes from Astragan


Some girls, adhering to the standards of classics, choose practical fur coats of shortened models. It may be a coast or a jacket from the Astragan, which looks spectacular, and is inexpensive. The photo of such an upper model is inspired by the purchase, since the lady in the new clothes looks elegant, catchy, attractive. In addition, under such a top you can wear a classic skirt with boots on a heel or jeans with shoes on a wedge. These are jackets of dark and light shades that will pleasantly delight all the buyers without exception. Here are good options:

  • model name - Jacket Astragan Khaki;
  • price - 46 000 rubles;
  • Characteristics - a few colors in the catalog, a volumetric collar, a belt made of fur, a damned model of short-circuit;
  • Pros - a smooth shiny surface of fur, positive feedback on heat resistant, laser processing of fur;
  • Cons - expensive standing on an amateur.

The second option is excellent for the exit or every day:

  • Model Name - Shuba Sheepskin Astragan with Mink
  • Price - 20 000 rubles;
  • Characteristics - Tson Avtolay, Sleeve Bat, Collar and Mink Finish, Cropped Outerwear;
  • Pros - free cut, practicality in the daily sock, affordable price;
  • Minus - if the fur cut briefly, it will soon wear out.

The third version of the jacket from the specified material is:

  • The name of the model is a fur coat with a fox collar;
  • Price - 26 000 rubles;
  • Characteristics - finishing fox fur, several colors, leather belt, fitted model;
  • Pros - a comfortable women's jacket for every day, which looks spectacular on occasion and without;
  • Cons - cost.
Stock Foto Girls in prisoners from Astragan

How to choose Fur Astragan

Photos of fur products are always pleased to please the eyes, but choose the ideal clothes for ourselves is difficult. It is important to understand that for such a new job requires everyday care and neat sock, although for the most part there are no problems with dense curls. If the choice fell on this material, it is necessary to take a closer to potential favorites. To choose the right Fur Astragan, you need to know the following rules:

  1. Determine the quality of the fur can be experimentally. Stroking VILROW in different directions, try to pull a few pieces. If the fur did not feel, it is definitely high quality.
  2. Visually examine the state of the seams: they must be smooth, smooth, the same. Otherwise, the exquisite product will soon come into disrepair, and money is wasted.
  3. Listen to the sound of fur: if it creaks, then high quality. When Slastit is, it means that the megrin is stupid.


TitleDemocratic types of fur - Muton, Astragan.


Katerina, 27 years old I dream soon to buy a stripped Muton Astragan. A photo of such a spectacular fur coat has become an incentive last year, so I am to this day a save savings. I have already tried on myself new clothes - fur smooth, pleasant to the touch, brilliant and easy. The fur coat as a fluffy, as if her and no on you. It is a pity for the animal, but the fur is my weakness for many years.
Elena, 31 years old When I read the reviews of the ladies about the fur products, I can not understand how you can spend such amounts of money on things. It is better to buy something practical and affordable - for every day. Fur Astragan touched and did not experience much inspiration. Pyatigorsk fur products although they are famous throughout the country, but too much "hit the pocket."
Alla, 40 years Only this season I learned about the existence of the Astragan's matter - what kind of fur, it was not even done before. And then I got myself a fur coat so that it was convenient to ride in the car. Easy, comfortable, practical, beautiful and at the same time very elegant. Externally resembles Muton, but according to the quality of the material is an order of magnitude higher. The price is available, only the range is meager.
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