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For 6-8 months, three main motor skills should appear in the 6-8 months: an attempt to get on all fours and from this position to sit down or crawl. Therefore, the purpose of this classes will teach the child first to get on all fours.

how to teach a child to get up on all fours

=== For training, put the baby on the stomach. Place your hand in the chest of the baby's chest, slightly lift it above the surface of the table, bend the other hand and move under the stomach at first one feet of the child, then the second.

It should help the child to keep in this position for a few seconds. Repeat the exercise 5 - 7 times with a gradual increase in the holding time of the posture.

== After the child has learned to keep on all fours, you can start training the ability to sit down from this position. Starting position: The child stands on all fours, hold it in the chest area, with the other hand, shift the pelvis in the side to contact the buttocks with the surface of the table.

At the same time, the kid can rely on one hand, the second hand will free

. You can help the baby, tightening it by the hand to the body take a vertical position. Repeat 3-5 times in each direction.

Now you can take the ability to sit down from the standing position. First, put the baby on your back (you can on the pillow), then putting my thumbs in your palm, pull him by your hands so that he sat down. After that, with a similar help, help him stand on his feet.

These movements are followed without a break for each other. In the original position we return in the reverse order. Mandatory condition: a child when rises to feet and sits down, must bend the legs in the knee joints.

Repeat the exercise 4-5 times.

== If the baby in the previous version does not have enough strength to push himself up, you can try to prepare a lightweight option. Put the child on the pillow face to yourself, hold it in the axillary area, the legs are bent in the knee joints, the feet stand on the table or on the floor.

. When tightening the baby, the shoulders should be achieved so that the child pumped out his feet, i.e. got up. After the child got up, push it back. At the same time, the kid must bend the legs and sit back onto the pillow. Repeat 5 times.

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June 01, 2016.

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Surely every mother with trepidation remembers the first smile of his baby, words, steps. To greater the development of the baby depends on the mother itself, its attention.

If you do with the baby, you can achieve great success, develop it according to age. But what to do if the child does not show any desire to crawl? How to teach a child to get up on all fours?

What is the meaning of this position

The development of children occurs individually. Someone is already at 6 to 7 months trying to stand on their own, and someone does not even try to crawl into this age. As a rule, the interest in this occupation, children begin to show at the achievement of 6 to 7 months of age.

Naturally, crawling techniques in the performance of children are all sorts, therefore, and approach their training is individually.

Education of the child standing on all fours, crawled in order for in the future he learned to stand. It is worth considering that not all the children before, rather than go begin to crawl.

Therefore, not crawling babies begin to walk at an earlier age than those who have mastered the skills of crawling. In the second case, the baby does not see the need to master new skills, because it is perfectly done without them, moving on the necessary trajectory and getting the desired items.

But, in the case of all sorts of trying to crawl, it is necessary to help the child quickly understand and master the new skill for him.

stretches for a toy

In order for the exercises aimed at learning the kid to get up on all fours, gave the maximum result. It is necessary to take care that they are carried out in a comfortable environment for the child:

  • Before proceeding with the exercise, the room must be used.
  • It is necessary to prepare and workplace that should be solid. In the perfect version, the training can occur on the floor, the luxurious blanket.
  • When choosing clothes, the baby needs to give preference to free, non-refining movements. If the temperature regime in the room allows you to undress a child, it is worth using this opportunity.
  • During training, the baby must remain in a good mood, which will allow to get the maximum result. If he is capricious, does not show interest in what is happening, then this moment is worth refrangic from this moment.

Exercises for learning a child get up on all fours

Before learning to stand independently, and further master the first steps most of the children have to crawl. To do this, you need to learn how to keep your body on all fours. In addition, this skill has a beneficial effect on the development of muscles in children, he has a positive effect on their mental and physical development.

Use exercises

Parents use a lot of exercises aimed at training a child and study it to become on all fours. These include the most common and efficient:

  • Parents need to interest Karapuza transfer body weight in hand. For this, there is a very simple and interesting way, with the help of which in the form of the game the child will perform useful exercises.

To do this, it is necessary a little higher than the head of the child to place a colorful toy or any item capable of interest.

In order to consider his kid will have to raise the front of the body on the hands. Having learned to raise the body with the help of hands, soon the child will be able to carry the weight of one hand, and the second to try to get the subject, toy.

  • After the muscles of the baby's hands have risen, you can move to the next stage of learning, in which the baby will learn to become on all fours.

To do this, it is necessary to put a baby on a flat surface. Source position - lying on the stomach. A small pillow is placed between breasts and belly, which lifts the body, leaving free hands and legs.

In order to get a support, he will try to rely on the arms and bent legs, and then stand on all fours. If the karapuz himself can not occupy this position, he needs to help, showing, in what position his arms and legs should be.

  • It is possible to do in the training session without submitted means in the form of a pillow, toys. At the same time, the baby initially must be put on a flat surface.

Then the right palm placed under the chest of crumbs, it is necessary to lift it in this way, so that the focus accounted for. Foot should be dripped into the left palm.

Move the body weight in the arms and bent legs, the pose must be fixed for a few seconds, after which it is worth returning to its original position.

put on the podkolenniki

Having decided to teach your baby to get up on all fours, many parents allow a common mistake, which can reconcile interest in the exercises performed and to form a negative association.

We are talking about a large load on the children's body. Do not overdo it and try to teach it such a skill in the day how to stand on all fours. Overwork can cause a child with a mass of negative emotions, which will not allow the expected result from this venture.

Therefore, everything you need to know the measure and to start performing exercises for a few minutes, gradually increasing the load and only if the child is of interest.

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Usually crawling on all fours, children begin at the age of six months. This method of movement prepares and gradually teaches a child stand. Therefore, if Kroch shows an interest in mastering a new skill, he needs to help in this. So how to teach a child to get up on all fours? Of course, each baby begins to crawl in its own way, and the learning technique will be individual, but there are general recommendations and exercises to facilitate this process.

Preparation of conditions for exercises

In order for a set of exercises to crawl into the exercise, gave the best result, parents should carefully prepare the necessary conditions for classes.


  1. Before performing the exercise, the room where children will be, it is necessary to ventilate well. To create more comfortable conditions, the air indoors can be moistened.
  2. The space for exercises should be solid. To prepare the place, you can unwell a warm blanket with a soft pile, so that the skin of the baby is not injured.
  3. A loose clothing will be suitable as a sports suit for crumbs, which will not shoot movies when they are crawling. At normal temperature in the room, you need to wear in light clothes so that it does not sweat.
  4. During the exercise, the kids should have a good mood, they should be interested in learning new movements. If the kids are capricious, it is better to give up from classes at that time.


Before learning to stand, kids learn to crawl on all fours.

Crawn has a beneficial effect on muscle, psychological and physical development, so it is very important in the process of child growth.


To help crumbs to master this skill, parents must carry out several effective exercises with the child.

Exercises with additional subjects

  1. First of all, parents need to try to create such conditions under which the baby wants to independently translate body weight in hand. To do this, you can use the game at which a bright interesting toy or his favorite item is hung. To consider the toy, the child will need to slightly raise the front of the body, leaning on the hands. Having worked out the skill lifting the body with the help of hands, after a few exercises, the crumb will be able to rely on one hand, and the second to reach the subject.
  2. After efficiently learning the child, the first exercise of the muscles of his hands will be strengthened, which will allow you to proceed to perform the following movements. At this stage, children learn to get up on all fours. To go to the lesson, the child needs to put on a solid smooth surface. You need to put the crumb on the stomach, tracing, so that his handles are stretched forward or slightly sideways. Next to the area between the breast and the belly is put a small pillow so that the body of the baby raised, and the hands and legs were released. The child to feel the support or move, will try to rely on the straight top and bent lower limbs. Soon the baby will get on all fours. If the crumb does not understand how he translate his body into this position, he should show the right arrangement of hands and legs. After the development of these two exercises, the kids are usually crawling, as they know how to keep their weight on one hand and take the position "standing on all fours."

Exercise without additional items

If the parents do not have the ability to use additional materials, you can do without them. First, children are stacked on a solid smooth surface. Parents place their right palm under a nursery chest, and then slightly lift it up to ensure that the crumbs are stopped on the forefront.


At this time, the left palm must rest in the feet. After the child moves the body weight to the upper limbs and bent legs, the baby needs to help secure this position for a couple of seconds, and then return it to the position lying on the surface.

When solving, helping the baby to get up on all fours, parents do not need to give an increased load, as this can bring him an unpleasant feeling and repeat interest in classes.

The load should increase gradually, and the duration of the first exercises should not exceed the pair of minutes.

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