15 fast laying on medium length hair

Free loose hair is, of course, beautifully, but sometimes circumstances require a beautiful and stylish hairstyle. Today we have prepared for you a selection of the best options for laying on the hair of medium length so that you can choose the appropriate option for yourself. Let's see together?

15 fast laying on medium length hair

Lightweight, semi-free braids look pretty cute. Today they are more popular - especially in combination with negligent, slightly disheveled beams. In such a hairstyle, the main thing is completely clean and well-groomed hair.


Middle Bob is easy to decorate such an unusual and beautiful French scythe. It begins on the opposite side and goes on the forehead on the other side. Do not tighten a strong braid, let the strands are semi-free and air.


Another option of a flat-wing braid around the head. It looks great on her hair with contrasting staining, where the roots are natural, dark, and the length is much lighter.


This hairstyle seems difficult, but in fact it is easy and quick to do: it is necessary to twist the harnesses from strands in one direction alternately, fixing them with a light lacquer for hair. Then the ends twisted into one harness and collect a low beam. Secure it in invisible and your magnificent image is ready.


Laying "Beach waves" is well combined with French braids. You can make one braid, as in the photo or a few small. At any age, it looks cute!


Such a short bob is difficult to put into the hairstyle. But the pigtails come to the rescue. Try such a careless semi-free braid into a French manner.


If you have thick hair, then you can give them the volume and texture, you can prepare them from the evening to the morning laying. Apply on the roots of mousse for volume and dry your hair with a hairdryer. Then take large soft curlers and turn them around half the length of the hair. In the morning, disappear strands and tail in a massage brush. A pair of serum droplets for shine - and excellent stack ready.


So that in such laying the hair lay obediently and did not fall on the face, use first texturing powder for styling hair, stacked them, whipping the roots, and then apply a fixing hairpool.


If on the second day after laying by the waves your hair still look clean, then refill the hairstyle of such an interesting scythewing in the shape of a rim.


You can quickly collect strands in such an interesting hairstyle. Two harness twist and make bunches that will fasten next to each other. Great choice for medium and long hair!


Low free beam can be laid very elegant to create a feminine evening image. The main advantage - this hairstyle is done quite quickly, so you can easily repeat the image of the Hollywood movie star.


The hairstyle "half" is quite relevant. The secret of her is to collect her hair on the top, and the rest of the hair should remain free. Looks cute, isn't it?


Retro style dita background TIZ - charming, feminine and chic. This laying is not easy to make it alone, even here there is nothing hard. The main features of the laying in retro-style is a side sample, a soft "Hollywood wave" and shiny smooth hair.


Wavy hair looks beautifully by themselves, but add the hairpin, hooking the hair from one side and make a deep side sample - the image immediately becomes more interesting.


The simplest and easy stylish laying is "beach waves." To create it, you need a iron and a salt spray hair.


Soft shiny waves - sometimes it is what is needed to create everyday relaxed style. Do not forget about bright accents in makeup and then your image will shine with new paints.


Have you already tried new options for stacking on yourself? Share feedback!

Similarly, simple stacking on medium hair at home will help. Not everyone has the opportunity to visit the beauty salon and not all this can do every day. But every girl looks good. In such cases, you can lay curls yourself. Many women choose the middle length. This is a suitable length for the incarnation of the most original hairstyles.

Most girls are limited to one or two types of styling, not suspecting possible variants of various hairstyles for strands of medium length
Many of the models are performed on their own using various devices and stamping.
Traditional beam from the category of home image moved to Street Style

Laying on middle hair at home

Most girls are limited to one or two types of styling, unaware of possible variants of various hairstyles for strands of medium length.

Many of the models are performed on their own using various devices and styling.

For drying, you will need a hairdryer, which is also used to twist the tips and additional volume.
When creating large Kudrey and to give puffs, Brashing applies
Ukladki-Na-Srednie-Volosy-V-Domashnih-USlovijah_ (39)
For curling curls, the curl is recommended

The following tools will be used to perform hairstyles:

  • For drying you will need a hairdryer, which is also used to twist the tips and additional volume.
  • When creating large Kudrey and to give puff, Brasing is applied.
  • For curling curls, the curl is recommended.
  • An interesting option is considered a multistylecer equipped with various nozzles: corrugation, wide, narrow or spirals.
  • For non-standard curling and hair straightening, iron is used.
  • Classic methods for creating Kudrey include curlers.
  • Clamps and special combusts are used as additional devices.
Ukladki-Na-Srednie-Volosy-V-Domashnih-USlovijah_ (49)
An interesting option is considered a multistylecer equipped with various nozzles: corrugation, wide, narrow or spiral
Ukladki-Na-Srednie-Volosy-V-Domashnih-USlovijah_ (42)
For non-standard curling and hair straightening applied iron

Tip! After laying, it is necessary to comb on creating a more natural look. At the same time, the hairstyle is fixed with varnish. So that it keeps longer, you should not use too thick curls.

Ukladki-Na-Srednie-Volosy-V-Domashnih-USlovijah_ (43)
Pointers and mousses allow you to create the required volume. They are distributed to the wet herdrest before using a hairdryer
For too dry curls, you can apply a lotion that will give tensile tensile

To create a durable and appropriate hairstyle, the following means will be required:

  • Pointers and mousses allow you to create the required volume. They are distributed to the wet head before using a hairdryer.
  • For too dry curls, it is possible to use a lotion that will give tensile tensile.
  • Gel is recommended for short haircuts. It allows you to give the original form. To create the effect of wet hair, it is applied to a slightly wet strand.
  • With the help of wax, strands are given a dazzling shine. Particularly suitable for curly and dry curls.
  • For final fixation is applied varnish.
Ukladki-Na-Srednie-Volosy-V-Domashnih-USlovijah_ (37)
With the help of wax, strands are given a dazzling shine. Particularly suitable for curly and dry curls
For final fixation applied varnish

Tip! It is not necessary after washing the head to bring hair immediately, as they can be very injured. Strands neatly blocked with a towel without rubbing.

Laying with a hair dryer

The easiest way to lay the small hair length is the simulation with a hair dryer.

Elegant styling made with a hair dryer
Strands are stacked from roots and stretched in one specific direction. In addition, round combs are applied
Hair should be treated with a hairdryer below. This will create more magnificent maternity

Strands are stacked from roots and stretched in one specific direction. In addition, round combs are applied.

Hair should be treated with a hairdryer below. This will create a more magnificent mace.

Non-flat laying for medium strands is performed as follows:

  1. Head should be washed.
  2. Before the procedure, the strands are blocked by a towel to get rid of excess moisture.
  3. The strands are raised in the roots and combat the comb under the influence of a jet of warm air.
  4. Curlons are wrapped under the bottom or twisted upstairs.
  5. Fixation is performed.
Ukladki-Na-Srednie-Volosy-V-Domashnih-USlovijah_ (9)
Volume and ease - laying with a hair dryer
Such styling will take 5-10 minutes
Model bangs can last

Tip! In order for the hairstyle longer to lose its form, it is recommended to mix several means for laying: mousse, gel and foam.

Application Iron or Crying

Thanks to the cloth or iron, you can create an original hairstyle. Hair should be washed and dry well.

Iron you can how to align and wind strands
Ukladki-Na-srednie-Volosy-V-Domashnih-USlovijah_ (38)
Crying - Excellent Option for Hair Medium Length to create curls
Random beach curls easy to create with ironing
Elastic curls using a cloth and varnish

The following actions are followed:

  1. The length is applied for thermal protection.
  2. Locks are divided into strands.
  3. Part of the hair is clamped by a catch or iron, and stretched down.
  4. Processing starts with the occipital region and moves forward.
  5. The tips are waiting for the desired side. Also, they can be left smooth.
Ukladki-Na-Srednie-Volosy-V-Domashnih-USlovijah_ (7)
You can not screw off the whole strand, but only the ends
Interesting hairstyles are obtained from curled curls

Tip! It is impossible to process one and the same strand twice. It causes harm to the chapel.

How to use a diffuser?

The diffuser is a certain nozzle that is installed on the hair dryer. It is equipped with finger-type protrusions. Such a device allows to perform volumetric styling with the effect of wavy hair.

The diffuser is a certain nozzle that is installed on the hair dryer. It is equipped with finger-type protrusions. Such a device allows to perform volumetric styling with wavy hair effect
Ukladki-Na-Srednie-Volosy-V-Domashnih-USlovijah_ (22)
Also, the diffuser is used for drying curls
Do not forget to use thermal protection

Laying is performed as follows:

  1. Dried after washing strands are processed by stamping.
  2. Head must be tilted down or side. The device with the diffuser holds perpendicularly.
  3. The device is brought to the head so that the strands get drunk on the "fingers".

Tip! After processing all curls, the finished hairstyle is sprayed with varnish. At the same time combing strands it is impossible.

Curler against bills

For the average hair length, various types of curlers are provided: thermo, velcro, foam and boomerangi.

For the average hair length, various types of curlers are provided: thermo, velcro, foam and boomerangi
It should be borne in mind that thermo hair curlers are used only on dry hair, and boomerangs and velcro are spinning to wet
Ukladki-Na-srednie-Volosy-V-Domashnih-USlovijah_ (35)
After cheating of thin strands, it is necessary to wait the right time. For thermo enough hour, and for others it will take at least 5 hours

It should be borne in mind that thermo curios are used only on dry hair, and boomerangs and velcro spin on wet.

After cheating of thin strands, it is necessary to wait the right time. For thermo enough hour, and for others it will take at least 5 hours.

Tip! If the strands are obedient and well absorb moisture, then the way of curlers is considered the most appropriate.

Stylish options for laying on medium hair

Using a variety of equipment for laying and cosmetics, original installations are performed for various hairstyle options.

Fashionable Bob

To lay the hairstyle of Bob is easy. For this, dry curls are impregnated with a means for laying. Then they should be stranded and give them a careless look. A strong fixation varnish is sprayed on top.

To lay the hairstyle of Bob is easy. For this, dry curls are impregnated with a means for laying. Then the strands should be climbing and give them a careless look
With a hair dryer and round combat, you can pull out and put everything straight
Curly strands can be collected in a high hairstyle

Using the curl and comb, you can create an evening hairstyle. For this, wet strands are processed by a special composition. Then, with the help of a round comb and a hair dryer, a root volume is created. In the roots, hair needs to be allowed to comb with frequent teeth. In completion of the catch or iron, thin curls are screwed.

Tip! Flaming is used for laying with combined and ceramic plates that do not harm hair.

Extended Karea

Hairdryer is used for laying. Strands are evenly processed by foam. Then the head must be tilted down and send a hair dryer on the hair. At the same time, strands are embroidered with your fingers. Then you need to raise your head and straighten the hairstyle on both sides.

For everyday cabling, a hairdryer is used
Ukladki-Na-Srednie-Volosy-V-Domashnih-USlovijah_ (18)
Interestingly, simple laying with a hair dryer can be an option for strict evening hairstyles
Also, the kare can be clisted with forceps

You can also create a festive option. First on wet strands are applied to laying. Hair is divided into thin strands and wind on large curlers. Then you need to dry your head with a hairdryer and wait forty minutes. Curls are removed, and the curls neatly fit.

If you have a curly hair from nature, an unusual option for you will be perfectly smooth curls
Ukladki-Na-srednie-Volosy-V-Domashnih-USlovijah_ (50)
Kare loves the root volume and slightly twisted tips

Modern cascade

A styling agent is distributed on flimsy curls. The required volume is created with a hair dryer and brash. The tips can be stretched using a hair dryer or brash. Then the tips are pulled by a hot iron.

Cascade haircut implies a bulk hairstyle that is important to store properly every day.
A styling agent is distributed on flimsy curls. The required volume is created with a hair dryer and brash. The tips can be stretched using a hair dryer or brash. Then the tips are pulled by a hot iron

Evening option is hairstyle with a hair dryer. When drying the head leans down. Then the sample is formed. Side strands are tested inside with a curl, and the rest of the curls wrap out.

Tip! If, after time, the laying will lose its pomp, then the problem can be corrected. Hair needs to comb well, tilting the head down. Then the roots are sprayed with varnish. Then the chapel should be thrown back. Hairstyle will again become magnificent.

Smooth strands, combat

Laying from smooth strands on medium-length hair will help create as an image of a business woman, and will serve as an excellent addition to the evening toilet. It forms a gentle and at the same time an elegant and feminine image.

Laying from smooth strands on medium-length hair will help create as an image of a business woman, and will serve as an excellent addition to the evening toilet

Similar hairstyle can be created using a curlers of any form:

  • The chapels are separated by side probor.
  • Most of the hair is beneficial for one side, taking into account the probor. In this case, lacquer of strong fixation is used.
  • The tips are screwed into tongs or hair curlers.

Tip! If after washing the head, it is risen to rinse with cool water, then it will close the scales and makes strands more shiny and smooth.

Evening styling

The average hair length not only involves the variety of hairstyles, but also allows the use of a variety of accessories. Finished styling is decorated with alive or artificial colors, as well as different ribbons or rhinestones. If the hair has a good density and length to shoulders, you can create both stylish shells and bundles, and allow loose curls for any solemn moments.

Such a bundle is easy to create yourself from twisted curls
Hair medium length is ideal for similar romantic beams
High hairstyle in retro style

Choosing an evening hairstyle, the following points should be taken into account:

  • Evening hairstyle is selected with the type of face.
  • Funny and low women are suitable hairstyles collected on the back of the head.
  • Bracian strands will emphasize the beauty of shoulders and neck. Do not use them with wide faces and large features. These persons will suit large volumes and oblique probes.
Ukladki-Na-Srednie-Volosy-V-Domashnih-USlovijah_ (17)
Hairstyle of flagella with chic accessory

Tip! Evening laying must be abundantly sprinkled by means of strong fixation.

Original beam on medium hair

On the hair of medium length you can make a bundle. To do this, the pure chapels are going to the tail. Then the free end is twisted into the harness and wakes up around the base of the tail.

Bundle with puff on top
Bunch as hairstyles bride
Ukladki-Na-Srednie-Volosy-V-Domashnih-USlovijah_ (25)
Elegant and romantic wedding hairstyle

It is necessary to ensure that individual strands are not knocked out. The hairstyle is fixed using rubber bands and studs.

For girls with thin hair you can make a bundle with a roller:

  • First, there is a tight tail.
  • The hair is fought in the hole of the roller. Then the individual strands are stacked throughout the roller.
  • The tail tip turns around the perimeter of the roller.
  • Finished styling chains with studs.
Making a bundle, do not forget to leave a couple of front strands leaving

You can create a quick variation of romantic hairstyles. For this, the hair is collected in a low tail. The resulting tail is treated with varnish and is combed with comb. Then the strands are twisted into a negligent beam and challenged with studs.

Tip! Combs and stupid often helps to create hairstyles on their own. These manipulations are performed using combs. In the process, the curls are very scrambled. When drappling, the combat is made from the inside, and then the strands are not allowed from above. The bots are performed on both sides.

Secrets of successful hairstyles

Simple recommendations will help create interesting hairstyles at home. First of all, any laying is performed on clean hair. After washing, it is necessary to use special rinsing balms.

If the tips of the hair are shake, then the shampoo should be rinsed only the roots of the hair, and the tips should be treated with air conditioning. Such a way will make it possible to create a more magnificent hairstyle.

Any styling is performed on clean hair. After washing it is necessary to use special rinsing balms

When dealing with hair unraveling, it is recommended to use special combusts of rubber or rubber.

When using styling devices, it is recommended to choose special cosmetics for thermal laying. It is also necessary to correctly apply cosmetics for laying. Gels and foams for fixation are applied from roots to the tips. This is done so that the tips of the hair are not glued together.

If styling tools are used too often, it is necessary to use a special spray. It penetrates deeply into the structure of the hair and cleans the hair from the surplus of cosmetics.

Varnish is used in compliance with certain rules, it must be kept at a distance of 15-20 cm from the head.

If you strands sometimes, before making stacking, curls need to be treated with a moisturizing agent.

Varnish is used in compliance with certain rules, it must be kept at a distance of 15-20 cm from the head

Laying in winter and summer time will be different. Since in the hot months, hair is quickly losing moisture, it is not recommended to use a curl and a hairdryer too often. In the summer, a hairdryer with cold air was used. In winter, it is impossible to lay wet hair before leaving the house. This will not only damage their structure, but also can cause colds and dandruff.

Many stylists agree that the average length is most convenient to perform everyday stacking. This creates a variety of hairstyles without much effort.

Casual laying on medium hair is an important part of everyday rituals. The average length is often very uncertain in terms of hairstyles: many are not available, but I really want to do stacking and hairstyle. Casual laying on middle-length is light tender waves, neat beams, cute pigtails and light carelessness. An unusual shape of the haircut and interesting laying always attract attention and cause admiration. How to achieve such an effect by aging hands and ordinary tools - you will learn in this article.

Casual laying on medium hair is an important part of everyday rituals. The average length is often very uncertain in terms of hairstyles: many are not available, but I really want to do stacking and hairstyle. Casual laying on middle-length is light tender waves, neat beams, cute pigtails and light carelessness. An unusual shape of the haircut and interesting laying always attract attention and cause admiration. How to achieve such an effect by aging hands and ordinary tools - you will learn in this article.

Very simple hairstyle, requiring minimal tools: hair band or bow, invisible couple, beautiful hairpin and several of the most ordinary clamps. If you have curls twist, it is better to pre-straighten to be easier to put. We will analyze in order what you need to do:

  • We divide the hair into two equal compartments: upper and lower. It is most convenient to do with a sharp end. Spend a line in the middle of the head of the comb with a sharp handle, thereby dividing the hair into two parts;
  • From the top of the hair, make a low tail and secure the rubber band;
  • Leave the bottom of the bottom. If there is a varnish, sprinkle their hair - it will reduce the volume and remove the fluffiness;
  • Twist the strands to the bulk flag, starting with the front and lower strands so as to close the semi-counter tail;
  • Squeeze the flagella burning, relax a little and give the volume with your hands;
  • And the remaining hair twist flashes in a similar scheme. To simplify the task, apply a little mousse or gel to the styling;
  • The previous shell is even more loosen, and in the very center hairstyles add a gentle accessory in the form of invisible with decoration;
  • Sticking strands to secure invisible so that they do not spoil the picture.

Such a hairstyle will look very romantic and elegant, will emphasize any outfit and make you irresistible!


Greek interpretation of modern laying for every day. It is perfect for those who have a cascade or bio (chemical) haircut. How to:

  • We divide the head into two parts by the horizontal line on the back of the head;
  • IMPORTANT: If you do not have very thick hair, it is recommended to make a magnificent nobody's roots. So hairstyle will look more spectacular and volume;
  • The upper part we collect in a smooth tail. Important: There should be no "roosters" or koltuns. If your hair is prone to conflict, first sprinkle them with a means to facilitate combing and use the comb with rare teeth;
  • Lightly loosen an elastic band holding a tail: just pull it down on a centimeter-two;
  • Take the tip of the tail and gently, without removing the hairstyle, to grind it from the inside into the hole in the crown and pull out;
  • Now repeat everything with the bottom of the hair: tail-to-stretch-pull;
  • The tips of the tails need to be spinning into a "roll" or somehow more at your request. Fasten with studs or invisible, you can use a small snap-boring.

This option will be remarkably suitable for girls with wavy hair or bulk curls. If we are talking about a haircut, then it will be superbly looked extended.


In essence, this is a bundle. The beams are rejuvenated, visually extend the sulfur face and are suitable for absolutely any style of clothing. This type of beam is recognized as an ideal option for medium in length or short tail. Aurora looks very youth and sophisticated. It is done very simply, see for yourself:

  • Collect your hair into a careless tail: small cute "cocks" are allowed. If the hair is tonsured by a cascade or ladder, make a bundle higher and tail - respectively;
  • The tip of the tail wraps inside so that something like a pretane or asymmetric oval is. Try to twist the strands as freely as possible - not tight. The more careful, the better. In the process, try to keep your head smoothly, do not throw back or tilt forward;
  • Secure the invisibility by a couple to "pretzel" did not dismiss;
  • If you have curls or waves from nature - do not straighten them. Waves and curls, framing face, will look very cute and flirtary.

To turn the casual Aurora in the evening - add accessories. Take the rim, a beautiful hairpin or other accessory. This will attract attention to a simple hairstyle and make it brighter and interesting.


This option is a little more complicated, try not to deviate from the instructions in the first few times, until you get used to. This is another variation of Greek style, several adapted under modern fashion. It can be done not only for every day, but also on the "evening." How to perform:

  • How to tailor hair separating them on strands. This is especially true of the owners of curly hair - to comb their whole test. If the hair is crispy or confused, sprinkle them with a spray to alleviate combing and take a comb with rare teeth;
  • You can make a small roasting nobody if you want to add volume. For him, you can also pre-wind your hair on the curlers;
  • From the top to the neck, make about 5-6 identical tails. Try so that they do not differ much in size and volume. Rubber for fastening tails Use small, invisible, monophonic and equal color;
  • To facilitate the laying, you can use a special mousse or foam;
  • From each tail twist the tight flagella. Here, too, you need to try to do everything in the same in volume. For convenience, start better from the lowest tails. In such a sequence, everything will be careful and volume;
  • Twist flagella in "bagels", as in bundles;
  • Fix with clips or invisible.

So that everyday has become in the evening, add accessories: hairpins with beads, rhinestones, flowers and so on. This will make a simple hairstyle more cast and attractive.


An excellent option for daily trips to the office with a strict and not very dress code. Suitable for business meetings, meetings and all other activities. Strictly, elegant, sophisticated. The hairstyle is decorated and enshrined in such a way that no strands get out of laying until the end of the day (if only your job responsibilities do not enable heads like on rock concerts). In general, the business bundle is suitable not only for work, but also for other events that need to look sophisticated and strictly at the same time.

  • First of all, it is necessary to carefully comb hair, dividing on strands. This is very important, since due to the confusion, irregularities may be, which can be strongly accessed;
  • If you want to make an additional volume or you have rare hair - draw your hair from the roots in the area of ​​the crown. For this purpose, a comb-scallop with teeth in one row;
  • If you have a bang - it should be straight. The rest of the hair is possible, too. Try straightening your hair with special care products: balsams with straightening effect, air conditioning or shampoo;
  • Make a low tail at the very base of the neck of all hair, without sharing anything;
  • Slightly slide the gum down to have the opportunity to turn strand;
  • Remove the tail inside out through the resulting hole. It should be something like a bow and tip of the tail in the middle. It will be an excellent transition from the backbone and excellent start for weaving;
  • From the tilt inside the tail, we will braid a pigtail or a fishtail - anything at your discretion. Than cunning and unusual, the better. If you do not want to bother, the most common braid is perfect;
  • Wrap the braid up to "Spit" and fix the end of the invisibility (or several).

You can add a bandage, hoop or clamp as a decoration if your office dress code allows. If not, you can leave as it is. In any case, it will be interesting and sophisticated.


Experienced professionals and masters of their work enjoy a few simple, but important tricks to facilitate their work. Try to take their habits to turn the creation of hairstyles into the magical daily ritual and enjoy the process:

  • If you have hair cuttings under bean - refuse complex multi-step laying. This is especially true of blondes. Easy waves or curls are ideal for such girls as a famous Marilyn Monroe. If you want to add raisins - take a beautiful hairpin or another bright accessory. This will add raisins and dilute the daily routine;
  • If you have a haircut a la session and a red / red shade of hair, try laying in Greek style. If you do not want to bother with a hairstyle noise - straighten the strain with a flat nozzle. Locks of the person themselves effectively shade the cheekbones and extended an oval;
  • If the hair is very branches and the tips strongly shake, cut them. The updated ends will make any everyday hairstyle on medium hair (and not only on them) volume and more careful. Immediately it will be nice to watch. Never be afraid to cut the ends - the hair will grow and the laying will look much better;
  • For women, older is the most optimal option - this is a neat beam, a bagel or "snail". Such styling will make any image brighter, elegant and significantly overtakes. Elegance and business style is very walking to women aged. Despite this - experiment! We are all individual and, sometimes, people are suitable completely unpredictable things. Do not be afraid to try and look for yourself at any age;
  • So that the straight hair remains longer curled, before winding on a curl or other tool, apply a wax gel on your hair or other means for laying. To give an additional volume, make roasting free. So that all these manipulations stay longer - over sprinkle with varnish;
  • If you are going to a party / graduation / wedding / Other Celebration and you have a dress "in the floor", pay attention to the "high" volumetric laying. Boldly add rhinestones, pearl and bead accessories. This will make your image brighter and more attractive;
  • Do not be afraid of the braids. Even the average hair length can be easily and just decorate with any pigtail. It looks very attractive and much more interesting than long hair.

As you can see, options for everyday laying on medium hair with your own hands no less than long hair. Some options on a small length look at times more interesting. In short and medium haircuts a lot of advantages: they are easier to comb, put and rinse, in the end.

Choose a suitable version of the casual laying of medium length hair and try, create, train, Experiment and improve! All in your hand and the result depends only on your desire and fantasy.


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It seems we found the perfect length of the hair that is suitable for practical! Haircut to the shoulders flooded fashionable podiums and glossy magazine pages. We could not get around her face and today we tell about what beautiful styling can be made from the average hair length.

Medium hair length

First, let's decide which length is considered to be average. Hairdressers argue that curls to the middle of the ear are short, and lower shoulders are already long. Therefore, all haircuts that are in this gap belong to the middle length. To be more accurate, it's strands from 12-15 to 25 cm.

More women choose such a haircut, and it is not surprising: she has enough benefits:

  • Healthy appearance. Hair up to 25 cm long just maintain in good condition. As a rule, celebrities and do it: in life, they are middle-long length with natural curls, and on stage are forced to constantly appear with a huge empathous luxury overlaid strands.
  • Ja Lo with medium length and long hair
  • Easy styling: Locks do not cling, do not lose volume due to gravity, they do not interfere with living.
  • Universality. A similar length allows you to create not only simple stacking for every day, but also, if desired, complex hairstyles with weaving and waves.

The average length is suitable for all hair types, even for thin, because it is easy to create and maintain volume and shape. The main thing is not to forget about sufficient care and use the right means for laying.

Middle Length Hair Laying

With the average length you have a lot of laying options. Experiment can be almost infinite. Especially if the curls are decorated in a stylish haircut with clear lines, the type of carure or variations of Bob. But even just a smooth cut to the shoulders gives a good base for creativity.

Staying on medium hair with volume

As a rule, most often girls stop on the daily volumetric hairdryer through hair cutting line. In the process of laying, a good hairdryer is useful, a means for volume and high-quality brashing with a suitable diameter.

Foam, mousse or spray is applied to clean wet hair. Then the strands are separated into parts and dried gradually, moving from the lower to the top. Pay attention to the roots, lifting them in the process, and the ends scroll towards the face. In the end, send a jet of the hair dryer from above through the hair line - so hairstyle will be smoother and shiny. This is a classic volumetric laying, which is often made in the salons immediately after the haircut. In the network there are quite a lot of step-by-step video, how to create it.

Smooth laying on medium hair

Laying "Beach curls" is also great for every day. For her, you need a special spray with a sea salt, which makes strands with more dense, matte and structural - what you need to create the Beach Waves effect.

Apply spray on slightly wet hair and distribute over the entire length. Dry hair with a hairdryer, squeezing strands in the bottom up to the formation of volume and light natural waves.

Beach curls on the hair of medium length

Evening laying on medium hair

Evening hairstyles tend to imply complex bundles, weaving, braids, highly collected curls. Do you think it is impossible to make a similar beauty on medium hair? Nothing is impossible!

To create a feminine careless or perfectly collected beam, you need to purchase special "bagels" that will add the desired volume.

Laying with low beam on medium length
Ollin, Hair Dryer OL-7106, Black and PurpleHit

Professional hair dryer, 2200 W. Includes 2 nozzles.

Estel Hause Couture, Organza Spray Mousse, 250 ml

Means of a strong fixation for the root volume of hair.

Comb for fast and easy hair unraveling. Color: purple.

And the complex hairstyles with braids, flavors and weaves will well complement the image with a long evening dress. Below we collected several step-by-step options for inspiration. And do not forget to sprinkle a hairstyle of a strong degree of fixation or hair gloss, otherwise all the beauty will scatter earlier than you planned.

Evening styling on medium hair Evening styling on medium hair2 Ideas styling on medium hair

Of course, speaking of evening laying, do not forget about classic curls. On medium length, they look even better than long: the waves are elastic, light, playful. They can be created using a curl by selecting the diameter desired for you.

For such a laying on clean dry hair, a styling agent is applied with a light texture. Well if it will have a thermal protection action. Next, we divide on strands: the more subtle, then smaller curls will turn out. Rates a little from the roots, screw the strand on the curl. After 5-10 seconds, let go, give the curl cool. At the end, swipe on your hair, separating curls. Secure label label.

Laying of medium hair on a fluff or iron

Another option: you can wind the natural and negligent curls on the iron (rectifier). After pinching strands, turn the device and swipe over the entire length.

Long-term laying on medium hair

In the salons today are often offered to make carving - light long twigs, which creates decorated curls for 1-2 months. Also does not lose positions and smoothing strands for a while. Both options are ideal for medium length, especially carving gives an excellent result. On a longer strands, the curl does not work so decorated, on short - too twisted.

As for the smoothing procedures, they are more suitable for the owners of a dense carure or an elongated bob. However, for thin, devoid of hair, it is better to avoid such manipulations.

It should be remembered that any long-term styling makes hair dry and damaged. Do not forget to use the right departure with additional moisture and nutrition.

Termix, Circulating Evolution Basic, 43 mmSpring defrost

Tool with an antistatic effect for laying normal hair.

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Means for creating a root volume on her hair.

Babyliss, Hair Tongs Pro Ionic 3D, 79W

Professional tongs to create waves and kudrey.

Fashionable styling on medium hair

It is worth saying that the average hair length is the most frequent choice of stars over the past year. Many celebrities cut off their luxury curls in favor of light, fresh and stylish laying.

Stylists say that a classic bean remains in the trend, only with more elongated front strands, just below the chin.

Natural climbing hair is also advised to make a haircut of medium length - so waves will be easier, structured and volumetric.

Bang is better to do more torn and long to highlight the glance and refreshing the face. As for fashionable laying on medium hair, then everything can be described in two words - negligence and naturalness.

In any case, if you are in thought about a new haircut, then choose it without coming from fashion trends, but focusing on the shape of your face and lifestyle.

Styling Trends on Middle Length
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Many hairdressers consider the average hair length optimal: it looks very feminine for such a hair, it looks very feminine, plus it is convenient to create a variety of hairstyles and suitable for different styling. At the last point it is worth stopping in more detail, because so often we lazy to change the image, it's mistaken that it is not possible to quickly and beautifully to put hair, but there is simply no extra time in the cabin. See in the comments to the photo, how to lay the hair of medium length at home.

Secrets of perfect laying

Laying for middle-length hair

Each girl can learn to put the hair beautifully independently, only a little bit of patience and knowledge of some subtleties. First of all, remember that any laying is stress for the hair, so it is necessary to minimize the detriment of the procedure:

  • To hair accepted and kept the desired form , they should be wet and clean . Therefore, before laying, wash the hair with shampoo;
  • If you notice that Hair seques , shampoo to treat only the roots, and the damaged part is required Lubricate the rinse with a balm ;
  • Never Do not comb wet hair This entails strong damage. After washing, wrap the head with a towel for 5 minutes, then remove it and wait for a 10-minute meal, while the strands get sick a bit;
  • Use for combing Rare Comb from wood, rubber, rubber . Start from the tips, gradually climbing the roots;
  • Before creating laying Distribute strands thermal protection . Many varnishes, mousses, gels combine the functions of the styler and thermal protection.

Creating a spectacular styling requires a whole set of tools and cosmetics. For drying, giving volume, tips It will be needed . Large curls more convenient to form Brashring . Smooth curls curly catching which can replace hair curlers. Straighten the hair and create non-standard stacking will help Iron. Well, if you have Multistailer : Then you can significantly diversify the laying methods at home.

Fixing products Different depending on the desired result and hair status are used:

  • Flemies and mousses Apply for Volume ;
  • Gel come in handy for creating "Wet" laying ;
  • Wax give the chapelur radiance ;
  • Long Locking will provide lacquer ;

All means of fixation applied from roots to the tips And also, in the direction from top to bottom, hot air is fixed. Additionally take care of good lighting. In summer heat Do not fond Hot stacking Better turn on the cold mode on the hair dryer. In winter, lay the hair in advance and not immediately before leaving the house. Remember these recommendations, and your stack will always be unmatched, and your hair will keep health.

Simple laying on medium hair

Beautiful medium length hair styling

At home, the easiest way to lay the hair of medium length, using any device for laying. In the extreme case, you can recall about the curlers. Here are some options for simple, but very beautiful stacking.

Fen + Round Comb

On the device should be installed the average speed of blowing, take a special comb, with rare gear (or brash). To get the result as in the photo, follow these steps:

  • Wash your head, wrap it with a towel And wait a few minutes until an extra moisture is absorbed into the fabric;
  • Make Horizontal sample at the level of temples , the upper part of the hair is punished by a hairdresser;
  • First need lay down the bottom strands For which, lift them with the rackens from the roots and swipe to the tips under the jet of warm air. Tips wrap up or down;
  • Laying with a hair dryer and commercial step 1
  • Remove the clamp and repeat all manipulations with top hair ;
  • Secure the stacking varnish .

Laying with a hair dryer and commercial step 2


Laying diffuser

Some model of hair dryers are equipped with a removable nozzle designed to create lush wavy hairstyles - diffuser. Waves are formed by winding a straight to the protrusions. Put the diffuser hair of medium length easier lung

  • Chapel Wash, dry towel;
  • Evenly Turn on strands fixing To do this, you can use scallop;
  • Head to tilt the sideways Fen arrange at right angles ;
  • The included device to bring to the head to on the vibrating fingers scrub hair, gently put all the hair;
  • Finished laying slightly Fix with varnish.

Step-by-step hairstyle using diffuser

Crying or iron

These devices are strongly dried hair, so do not suit for daily use, but to put strands into a beautiful hairstyle for a special occasion, they will be very useful:

  • On clean wet hair Apply heat protection spray along the entire length;
  • Divide Shevurus on small Separate strands ;
  • Stacking begins from the occipital part - Having highlight the strand, clamp it with an iron, slowly stretch the device down;
  • Tips Send or Leave Smooth ;
  • Gradually straighten all strands but remember that twice pull the hair is very harmful, try to put them right from the first time;
  • Last bar - Fixation of varnishes .

Laying on medium hair with an iron or flock


If the time allows, you can put your hair using hair curlers - with medium length, put strands is easy, and the result looks amazing:

  • The first step depends on the view of the curlers. Thermo curlers Apply only on dry hair , everything the rest - to moisturized;
  • The hair is good combing smash ;
  • Screw every strand on the curlers, Moving from the tips to the roots, consolidate. If your hair does not keep the stacking, before winding on the curlers, apply mousse;
  • Wanted time - for thermo it will be one hour, for all other types of at least 5 hours;
  • Carefully Remove billwords , fingers scatter curls, sprinkle them with varnish.

Laying for medium hair hair

Any of the proposed hairstyles looks simply, but stylish and, alternating equipment, can be changed daily.


The most popular haircuts for hair of the middle length are deservedly considered to be Bob, elongated Kare, Cascade - This Troika does not give leadership positions for several decades. So that the hairstyle looked great, you need to be able to put it properly. The secrets of daily laying you probably opened the wizard who spent a haircut, we will look at the festive options.


The hairstyle implies a small drop in length - the front strands is slightly longer than the occipital, which visually makes the hair volume volume, gives the face the form of the correct oval.

Laying Bob Kudri 4

Going to a party, try to lay the bean at the same time with a hairdryer and puffer:

  • Wash hair, dried with a towel;
  • Apply a means for laying. Try not to overdo it with the retainer, so as not to lose strands;
  • Round mass medium diameter and hairdryer Lift the hair from the roots, slightly round them along the entire length;
  • Take a frequent ridge and snap the root area slightly, moving towards the head of the heads to the temples, then down;
  • Select a few thin strands from above, screw them on the curl, forming elastic curls;
  • Secure the result with varnish, compare it with our photo.


This haircut appears quite slightly different from Bob, sometimes only the master can determine the difference.

It can also be laid in different ways, but we like most of all:

  • Chapel wash, dry, to uniformly process the fixing means;
  • Highlight Wide vertical strands ;
  • EVERY strand Hound on the Creek in one revolution closer to the roots;
  • Twist the curls, promoting the fluff from the roots to the tips and back;
  • So it should be gradually put all the hair;
  • Moisten palm foam Redade the hairstyle in front of the mirror, sprinkle with varnish.

Laying Dyal Karea

6 simple and rapid bags of Kare (video)


The game with a length when laying cascade haircut creates an additional volume and a beautiful framing of the face. Look at the photo - if the hairstyle model you like, try to lay your hair as well:

  • Wet strands Fully dry the hairdryer , dropping his head down;
  • Straightening, beat off your hair back, then with your hands Make a sample ;
  • Armed with a spoiler Excend front strands inside . This action can be performed using a conventional curl or iron;
  • All other tips pull up ;
  • Fasten Hairstyle varnish .

Cascade cutting styling

Such an option laying a cascade is suitable for evening onions:

Cascade evening laying

Magnificent curls for medium length hair (video)

As you can see, no incredible efforts to lay the hair of medium length at home is not required. Take a look at our photos again, select the option you like and boldly start experiments on the laying - you will succeed.

Laying on medium hair: the subtleties of creating volume and curls

  • 5050.
  • Laying for hair medium length photo

    The hair of medium length is the optimal option, as you can create any evening or everyday hairstyle for a short time. Prikan volume and curls, corrugations and curls, perfectly smooth strands - all these are ways to lay for hair of medium length. Consider the nuances for each method and examples with the photo.

    Features of laying on medium hair

    Bang on the side and hair medium photo

    The average hair length is up to 30 cm, therefore all the most relevant haircuts of the season, like a square, ladder, one length, perfect cutting machine, forehead, asymmetrical haircut, etc. Suitable for this definition.

    Beautiful stack on the evening

    • To emphasize the haircut and make an emphasis on it, it is recommended to choose a smooth laying. It is performed by a hot hair dryer or hair iron. If the haircut is not perfect, the ends are fragile and thin, you should not choose such stacking. Give preference to curls, it will give hair volume and look festively.
    • Haircuts with a gradient, as a rule, laid, creating curls and a roasting volume. It looks beautiful and now in the trend.
    • When creating laying on the hair of medium length, it is necessary to use thermal protection. Spray will protect strands from hot styling appliances, save the color and shine.
    • It is also important not to touch the curls before their complete cooling, otherwise the curl will not have time to form and "dissolve".

    Types of laying on medium hair

    The hair of medium length can be laid in various ways - it all depends on the event that expects you and the presence of free time. Today in the trend hairstyles with the scope of the roots and the central probor, if there is no bangs. With the presence of bangs, it is recommended to lift it and fix it with varnish without sticky and glossy effect, for example, "Liquid silk".


    Beautiful volumetric laying

    If the hair is medium length, and there are not so many time on the laying, the stylists are recommended to abandon the curls and make a simple styling with a hairdryer, giving hair the roar volume.

    So that the hair looks luxuriously, it is possible to dry the hair, tilting his head down. Also lift the roots will help the iron-corrugation. The main thing is to remember that the upper strands near the probor do not need to corrugate. They have to overlap the wavy hair and create a beautiful effect.

    Straight hair

    If a woman has a haircut "forehead" or "bob" with an ideal slice laying can be smooth. For this, the hair is dried with a hairdryer by 95%, and then aligned with ironing. It is necessary to use thermal protection and butter to the tips after completing the laying. Roots with such a hairstyle lifted by iron corrugation.


    The most popular styling on medium hair with an elongated bang on the side or straight "curtain" is curls. You can turn strands in various ways.

    On Brasling

    Styling on brash photo

    It is possible to achieve the effect of natural large curls on her hair using styling on Brasing. This is a round comb with special holes, hair overheating is prevented. It can be ceramic or genuine bristles. For home use it is better to choose ceramic, as it easier to contact it.

    Laying on Brashing is an easy and simple hairstyle that is suitable for various haircuts on medium hair. Thus, it turns out to lay an elongated bob, asymmetric square, "ladder", "Sheggy", the hair of one length or with a gradient.


    Curls on hair curlers photo

    Many women do not know how to independently lay the hair with the help of a loaching, so for events choose cheating on curlers. Laying on medium hair on curlers looks amazing. Today, in a trend, spirals, soft in the form of sticks and with velcro.

    So that the hairstyle succeeds, wash your head, dry by 80%, and then screw the entire hair to be curly. After you dry the hair dryer on medium mode, without creating fluffy in the roots. Cross the curls, spread them with rare teeth spread.


    Locks on the middle curl photo

    Curls on the curl - beautiful styling for hair medium length. Curl tool Choose an average diameter of 20-25 mm, as it is ideal for such a hair length. The width of the strands should not exceed the size of the curl, so divide them in proportion to the volume of the tool.

    To make a curl better, after remove it from the curl, do not touch. Give the hair to cool and only then comb them, form a hairstyle.

    Easy carelessness

    Today in the styling trend on medium hair, in which there is a negligence element. To achieve such an effect, a suitable haircut must be performed, for example "SHEGGI", "Pixie", a kare of a shortened painter.

    Read more: haircut Shinga: 25+ photos.

    Laying with a focus on bangs

    Women who have bangs must remember the main laying rule for such a haircut - bangs should be the same as the bulk of hair. Smooth thick bangs and curls are incompatible.

    Volumetric styling with bangs or large curls - a beautiful evening hairstyle. It is suitable for a date, prom and even weddings, if you add it to fashionable accessories. Women with such stacking look luxurious. It gives the image ease and elegance. If you wish, the curls can be collected in a low bundle, tail, braid, changing the image.

    Read more: fashionable bangs 2021.


    There are many ideas for laying on medium hair. In trend, straight and curls are screwed up using a hair dryer or fluff. When choosing styling, consider the features of your own haircut and selected outfit. So that the hairstyle looked luxuriously, make an emphasis on bangs and an unusual sample side. A simpler and more daily option - smooth hair.

    Beautiful laying with hairpins

    Curl kadry

    Eva Longoria bangs photo

    Beautiful oblique bangs with curls

    Lestenka on medium length photo

    Graduated haircut photo

    Sheggy with bangs

    Sheggy with bangs and bright strands

    Shinga for straight hair

    Stock Foto Haircut Shinga on medium length hair

    Remember that beautiful styling is created only on clean hair, so do not try to wind the curls and give a hairdryer to the roasting volume, which was waved a few days ago.

    Watch us in social. Networks!

    Styling on medium hair at home is carried out using a set of auxiliary devices so that they are fixed to the necessary form. Tidy and well-laid curls are the result of the daily labor of every woman.


    If you have a properly selected, stylish hairstyle, consider that the floor is already done. By visiting the beauty salon, you return from there completely different.

    After the beauty salon, you look at yourself and do not recognize this beauty. The reflection in the mirror pleases you for a while, but soon you have to take care of the accuracy of the hairstyle.

    This is done by the task. To look stylishly every day, you need to use various means for laying, special devices.

    Means of laying

    Self laying of hairFor high-quality laying at home you may need tools:

    1. Foams and mousses. These funds are designed to give additional volume. They must be quite a little bit! Otherwise, the hair will become harder, no volume will turn out.
    2. Gel. It is mainly used to lay short hair or emphasize on long separate strands. The effect of wet hair can be achieved with a gel.
    3. Fixing lotion. Often it is in the form of a spray that is applied to wet or dry strands.
    4. Varnish. This is the most common means of fixation. It fixes the resulting result of your styling. Do not apply it to the roots area. Many varnish is justified in the case of a complex hairstyle.
    5. Wax. Also, a fixation means that gives smoothness. The main rule is an application in small quantities so that there is no dirty look.
    6. Tools for protection against the destructive effects of temperatures. They apply when you need to use a hairdryer or iron. Produced in the form of sprays.

    Use all these means to form a chic volume, live gloss, ideal shape hairstyles. Separately, I would like to notice that there should be a measure in everything. Do not overdo it and then you will get a natural laying.

    Devices for laying

    Girl with a hairdryerTo create the form you use tools:

    1. Iron. Just a great tool for girls who dream of straight hair. He straightens even curly from nature.
    2. Crying. The principle of operation is the same as the iron. Just can be the dreams of girls about curls. Curling on the curl, there will be beautiful curls.
    3. Hairdryer. Universal tool that just need to learn how to use correctly. Basically, it is used for drying hair, forgetting that the hairdryer can be beautifully putting them. Find out the nozzles, practice.
    4. Biguchi. There are many kinds to perform curls of different diameters. They are used on short hair to create volume. Mock them strands, dry them with a hairdryer. If there is time, then in vivo it will turn out curls.
    5. Combs, brushes, brashiki. Thanks to these toa of daily use, you can lay, create a volume. The choice of comb depends on the length, hair structures. Large round combs are large curls, and the sample is better to do thin flat comb.
    6. If you apply the entire arsenal of these devices, you can refuse salon stacking and care for hairstyle at home.


      At home

      Aerial carelessness

      Beautiful Laying on Short HairWater hair, dry them a little hairdryer. Take a slight wax and put it off on strands, carelessly embraced them.

      Turn on the hair dryer, put strands so that it is slightly sticking out in different directions.

      It will take quite a little time for this, and the result will delight.

      Smooth laying

      The method is suitable for a haircut bob. Here you will use a protective agent so as not to spoil your hair. Take a small amount of means, straighten them with the iron, gradually moving upwards.

      If you do not have an iron, then with the help of a hair dryer and round, it turns out no worse.

      To do this, screw the wet strands to Brasing, dry them with a hairdryer with a thin nozzle. Larger to keep it will help lacquer, which can be sprinkled at the very end.

      How to lay hair middle length at home

      Volumetric laying

      Classic laying option on medium hairThe laying of them at home does not require time spending and even more finance.

      On the newly dried wetted strands, put a small part of the foam or mousse.

      Part of them, which from above, lift with a hairpin. Bottom strands twisted with brewing, start driving, giving them volume.

      Drying the bottom strands, separate another part of them, do the same. Lotion Secure the result, walk through the cold air flow, tightening strands. Volumetric hairstyle is ready.

      Gentle curls

      Dry hair divide on the upper and lower part with a hairpin. The bottom will divide the bottom on the strands, turn each of them to the curl, withstanding a minute. If you divide small strands, then you will have small curls. It is better to make a strand of medium sizes, about 5 cm in width. Secure the lacquer, slightly combing curls.

      Hairstyle "Gentle curls"

      Simple laying for long hair

      Expressive curls

      PonytailPrepare medium-sized bills. As usual, mine, dry your hair. Then we apply mousse or foam, rubbing it along the entire length.

      They will have to be divided into 3 parts to make it easier to work with them. This is 2 beams on the sides and one on the back of the head.

      In turn, screw the strands from each zone, dry them with a hairdryer. Let the time so that they are cooled. Just bloom them, fix varnish.


      To beautifully perform this hairstyle well. Collect all the strands in the back of the back, tighten them with rubber band. Then select one small strand and wrap her rubber bands in a circle. The gum should not be visible at all. Invisible implicit strand.

      Bangs, if it is, straighten, or sculpt back.

      All these beauty recipes use only clean hair. Then the laying will stay longer. Raw it cannot be laid. They can deteriorate. Better to dry them a bit.

      Beautiful Laying on Long Hair

      The pledge of healthy hair is the correct care for them. Use carpackers, thermal protection sprays. Several times a week indulge their masks.

      Well maintain the health of the hairproof various vegetable chambers. Well, do not forget about vitamins and proper nutrition. If you comply with all this, you will get beautiful, well-groomed hair, with a beautiful healthy glitter.

      Fashionable hairstyles for women in 2019

      Fashionable hairstyles of the current season surprise women with infinity. Easy uncertainty, bright paints, love for experiments - the main trends in 2019. How to successfully play with stylish trends and express individuality through the laying - read further.

      On short hair

      As often happens, any life changes begin with fundamental changes in appearance. Holders of long hair calmly cut off the entire length above the shoulders, looking for cool stylization options. Hairdressers were inspired by Fashion show and brought the top 3 best hairstyles on short hair.

      Classic, like a square, always in fashion

      Modern standard car - smooth dense slice, without graduation and multi-layered. Previously, bang was obligatory, but now Mast B bi is not considered. Good solution for amateur retro style.

      Such an alternative is acceptable to girls with:

    • heart-shaped and diamond form (triangle down);
    • Preference to rigor and symmetry.

    On short hair

    Care in the classic embodiment is undesirable for a young lady with a round and square face. The sections here are pulled out horizontally, and bangs will make everything into the frame.

    To not be downloaded to the standard, you can pay attention to the extended square due to two reasons:

    1. Universality.
    2. Creating a beautiful combination with color gradients (ombre or bar).

    The ladies also note the fact that a longer "version" is more convenient: you can make a tail, braking spikelets. Therefore, he was chosen star figures: Jennifer Lawrence, Taylor Swift, Bella Hadid Dr.


    The absence of symmetry remains fashionable in all cases. On short hair asymmetry looks spectacular and non-standard. The best solution for women with a square or round face - due to the preservation of the diagonal, the haircut visually works for a narrowing.

    There are several types:

    • page;
    • Garson;
    • Session;
    • Pixie.


    The advantages are allocated:

    • interesting design;
    • Raisin in any image.

    There is a significant drawback - the complexity of laying. If, after a specialist, all the hairs are standing in the right place, then on a weekday you have to sweat to lay a naughty long strand. An excellent example is Rihanna at the beginning of a musical career, Chris Jenner.

    Bob Care

    The technique of this haircut is as follows: the elongated strands of the front, shortened - from the back. Such design allows you to make a beautiful form that emphasizes face contours, without losing volume.

    Bob CareVarious options with:

    • graduation;
    • cascade levels;
    • Milling.

    Little vintage in a holistic image will add bangs of the painter. The described hairstyle is universal and practical. Used for any type.

    On middle hair

    Determining in units of measurement is about fifteen to twenty-five centimeters. For hairdressers, the Golden Middle is located in the zone between the chin and shoulders. The average length occurs most often. Therefore, due to such a prevalence, the number of stacking is abuse.

    Eternal Cascade

    Cascade in this case - winnings. First, the volume is supported; Secondly, it is on the hair of the average length texture adversely visible best. It will be suitable for all types, it is advantageous to exhibit beautiful sides of the face, the appropriate disadvantages.

    There are several popular species:

    1. Graduated (multi-layered). The shortest cut is located on the painter. Technique is used for thin hair, creating the effect of dense.
    2. With a bang.
    3. Equal. Here is a razor to create the finest and sharp cut. Despite sharpness, all layers smoothly go into each other.
    4. At tips.

    On middle hair"Old-timers" remember the double cascade. However, due to several reasons, the specified option is not considered stylish.

    With elegant transitions, appropriate staining techniques look good: previously mentioned Ballwear, Ombre. We must not forget about the slaughter, armor and melivation. Bright examples will serve the stars Jennifer Aniston, Nina Dobrev, Mila Kunis.

    Monroe "Cambek"

    Large curls give the mysteriousness of the lady, and Merlin Moro is that proof. Though just take a walk with such a hairstyle - not the most cool idea, for romantic evenings, important dates or meetings.

    To do this, you will need:

    1. Extended Bob.
    2. Lush twisted curls.


    It looks better like this curling on blondes (due to a direct association with a star). However, brunettes can take armament the idea for hairstyles "on the output." Kristina Agiller, Katy Perry and Eva Longoria were applied.

    Graduated Kare - for all occasions

    The combination of all the advantages of the cascade (obtaining density, light negligence) and kara (mystery, rigor of the image, simple laying). Plus - mast hav girls with thin hair. With such a succulent, you can forget about dry shampoos, constant fixations of volume etc.

    Graduated Karea

    Maintain the idea itself at home easily. It is enough to have only an iron and half an hour of free time. Then the haircut will turn out like Rosie Huntington, Kira Knightley, Rita Ore.

    On long hair

    Long hair - from 25 cm. Inspired by fabulous hairstyles, you can even watch Disney cartoons about the princesses: elegant curls, brilliantly straightened strands.

    The same Cascade

    The classical understanding and its species is indicated above. On long hair, it looks best of ribbon and with bangs (straight or oblique).

    1. Kruglolitz will suit the straight torn jug.
    2. Girls with an oval form of face would be nice to look at a thick bang with a slightly rounded edge.

    On long hair

    Differs in practicality. Standard laying is suitable for workers and sports days. A little festive Cascade will give curls:

    • large curls through curlers;
    • Light curls made by catching.

    The main thing is to remember that the cordlessness can not so understand in the office or gym.


    Sheggy (in English denotes "shaggy") - a new hairdresser trend. The battered effect is created through the preservation of the volume on the top of the top and torn strands, which is randomly stacked on the head.


    Ceboribritis more and more choose this option:

    • The negligence of the haircut adds the image of naturalness;
    • Proper laying refreshes the face;
    • Suitable for everyday style and for a red carpet.

    Stylists at once pay attention to the SHE even on the set of covers of fashion magazines.

    Romantic options

    An important advantage of long hair is the ability to experiment. While Kare and Bob do not succumb to sharp changes (except for only twigs), the hair from 25 cm allow you to create incredible masterpieces, as in the photo examples below.

    Romantic options

    Hairstyle - one of the ways to express yourself, show the mood and inner world. Proper laying will decorate the female appearance, giving her mystery, or on the contrary - rigor.

    Styling with hair curlers

    Biguchi boomerangi

    Thanks to this method, you can make beautiful curls or light waves. First you need to decide on the view of the curlers. In particular, the masters recommend using curve-boomerangi. Such curlers are flexible, usually covered with soft foam rubber.

    With such curiors, it is easy to fix strands in the right position and even leave them for the night. They have different lengths, as well as the diameter, which in the future affects the size of the Cute or Locks. Large - for bulk curls, thinner - for small curls.

    Method for creating laying

    • To make the stacking quality, first need to wash the hair and sloped the hair dryer.
    • Then on wet spars apply gel for laying and alternate every strand to turn on the curlers.
    • If you want a more careless hairstyle, you can turn the curiosity in chaotic order.
    • For a more symmetrical location - to arrange the curlers in the mirror version.
    • To create a volume in the area of ​​the bangs and the nape, you can turn two strands on the curlers as in the photo.

    • In order for the effect to be higher, the strand should be twisted at a thin flavor and then turn it on the curle. The ends themselves are secured by free ends around the screwdrived strands at the roots of the hair.

    But for vertical turns You need to arrange the curlers as indicated in the photo. Move from the top to the back of the head, alternately winding the strands to the vertically worthwhile curlers. After dry your hair with a hairdryer and spinning strands. Drop your hair and sprinkle with varnish.

    In any case, the effect is tremendous.

    Large bills

    • On large curlers, if they are thermo-bills, it can be screwed quickly. You need every strand thick, depending on future curls, shook on the curlers and leave for 1-2 hours.
    • If the fights are usual, then 5-6 hours. When all the strands are screwed on the curlers, sprinkle with varnish, and after the desired time, remove the hair curlers and disperse the hair.

    Laying with a hair dryer

    With a hair dryer, you can give the hair of a beautiful volume.

    • To create a root volume, you need to wash your hair and comb hair with rare teeth.
    • After your head, you need to tilt down and dry your hair from the roots with a hair dryer.
    • Spray them with varnish, and then return to the opposite position.
    • Dry the remaining hair and volume is ready.

    • But in order to give all the hair hair, you need to comb your hair comb, and after with the help of a brash, lift each strand of the hair and dry them with a hairdryer.
    • First, dry the roots, and after all the main length.
    • After her hair, you need to divide into zones where free strands are twisted and fixed with a hairpin. Everyone is well dried by a brash and a hair dryer, and after removing the hairpins.
    • Spray with varnish.

    Styling with ironing

    To make the laying as successful as possible, it is always to push out from your hair type. If you have thick and curly curls, then you need to choose wider plates ironing.

    • To start, wash your hair, after you come out.
    • Then make them well with the help of a massage brush, and highlight a thin strand in the forehead area and turn it on the iron.
    • To get lightweight waves, hold the iron vertically.
    • Walk through this method along the entire length of the hair, and after a little extinguish them the ridge.

    In another option, you can turn off the ends of your hair.

    Any technique will create you beautiful, wavy laying.

    Laying on different haircuts hair of medium length

    Bob haircut

    An extended or asymmetric square for medium hair must be stacked every day, but with our instructions it will be done very easily and quickly.

    • For starters, the hair should be washed and dried by a towel.
    • After putting on the strand of the foam to give hair the volume and dry hair with a hairdryer. To make the volume more, you can lower down, if not, then stay in the usual position.
    • Then form a hairstyle with your finger and some combing strands as needed.

    To create a more flat laying Instead of the foam we applied wax, which will give the hair of a smooth and smooth look. Combing the hair with a scallop with small teeth.

    But for the holiday You can wet hair, divided into two parts, turn on large curlers and warm them with a hairdryer, until complete drying. Then remove the hair curlers and straighten with your hands. Fix the resulting hairstyle varnish.

    Haircut bob

    • To lay a bob haircut, you need to apply a mousse on your hair and slide strands a little.
    • For fixation, use hair lacquer, preferably strong fixation.
    • Also do not forget about giving the hair of the roar volume. Take a round brush and raise your hair from the roots and listen to them with a hairdryer.
    • To straight look more wavy, you can use the iron.

    But for asymmetric bob, it is worth using wax for laying. It must be applied to the hair, and after combing them with the help of the ridge.

    Haircut cascade

    Cascade haircut - an excellent choice on the average hair length, and that such hair looks beautiful and well-kept, it is worth doing the right laying.

    • Wash your hair and apply mousse on them. After with the help of a round brush and a hair dryer, as in the above version, we create a root volume, and the tips themselves pass a little through the iron. Fix hairstyle.

    Haircut Lestenka

    The ladder on the middle hair is the most relevant and demanded haircut.

    • Hair must be washed and dry well. After straightening the main length of the iron, but spinning near the face to put in one or another.
    • If you have a small face, then it's better to do a twist from him to open a face.
    • If the face is larger, then it is better to twice to him to hide excessively massive features.

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