How to check the battery capacity by a multimeter at home

Batteries are characterized by a certain voltage and fixed current. These two parameters vary under the influence of external physical factors. Gradually, the level of charge in the device is reduced, and over time, such a battery is discharged completely. Therefore, information on how to learn how to measure the level of charge of batteries and batteries is important. Also, this skill is useful to analyze the degree of charge batteries, which have not been used for a long time.

Check batteries

Power supplies: what are

Portable batteries that are used in household appliances and tools, smartphones, laptops and other digital techniques are divided into:

  • Disposable galvanic elements. The fact that in everyday life is called "Battery" (Duracell, Camelion et al.) Used to complete discharge, and then recycled by certain standards;
  • rechargeable. Such batteries can be charged repeatedly.

Disposable batteries, called galvanic, are saline and alkaline. The process of exhaustion of their charge when used is irreversible. Attempts to charge such a battery the charger will not bring success; Moreover, it can be extremely dangerous.

In rare situations, it is possible to charge a galvanic element by 15%, however, in most cases, the battery is strongly heated, which can lead to severe skin burns. Also restored in this way, the ordinary battery may explode. Therefore, electroplating elements should be disposed of immediately after the exhaustion of their charge.

But even during the connection to the gadget, the batteries must be monitored: caustic alkali can leak and cause corrosion of contacts, even damage to an expensive electronic element base.

Views Batarek

The rechargeable elements are subject to feeding chargers. This type of elements refer not only to lithium Li-Ion batteries gadgets - iPhone, camera and others. Battery can be "finger" batteries.

It is elementary to distinguish them: on the charged elements there is a MAh marking (milliamper-hour). Such batteries are much more expensive than alkaline (alkaline) or salt.

Electroplating batteries and batteries differ also with voltage: in the battery it is 1.2 b, the batteries - 1.5 V. This is a parameter for the standard round form of A-series (batteries known in everyday life as "finger", "Misinchiki", etc. d.).

There are thick elements of the C- and D-series, microbatarics-tablets (for example, for a hearing aid - these designation can be different depending on the company), as well as ninety-shaped in the form of parallelepiped with rounded edges - in the post-Soviet territory they produced with a label " Crown".

How to check the suitability of the battery

Accusing houses of batteries, considered discharged, can be easily verified to make sure that they are subject to recycling. In addition, it is sometimes possible to reanimate them by passing a weak current, but for such procedures requires a special charging device.

But it takes to know exactly the currently issued tank and the remaining container. To do this, use a special device - multimeter. This useful device is available in the house almost every owner and allows many measurements and a detailed analysis of parameters:

  • Identify a portion of the breakthrough of the wiring so that it does not need to break all the boxes for the cable or finish a large piece of the wall;
  • show the current voltage level in the power grid - the voltage stabilizer may be wrong;
  • Check the phase in the outlet / switch - the most effective way to avoid short circuit when fixing the wiring;
  • Measure the degree of wiring resistance in the house and equipment. Critical function when repairing power grids and electrical equipment in old houses;
  • Check light bulbs and other appliances for fitness;
  • Learn the capacity of the battery of phones, smartphones, iPhone, android tablets and even HBOX gamepads. These parameters are checked and monitors, but there is no fairly accurate application that is superior to the multimeter;
  • Measure the charge degree of batteries.

Such a tester undoubtedly should be in every home. To buy a multimeter, it is necessary to start choose a specific brand - their set. The most popular are considered: Elitech, Hama, One, Orient, Sunwa, YX-1000a, BL1, BT-168D, BT1, DT-182, DT-830B, DT-832, DT-838, MEGEON.

Measure the degree of charge battery multimeter at home

The process of measuring the performance of batteries is divided into several stages:

  1. Analysis of residual voltage in the battery (without load). On the Multimeter scale, an indicator of the "Voltage Measurement" is set, after which the red terminal is clamped to plus, black - for minus, and measure. The AAA form factor battery is considered discharged if the indicator is less than 1 volt.
  2. The next stage is testing the degree of charge. This analysis will show whether the operation is possible to operate such a battery. It is measured with a charge measurement (this method cannot be used for batteries). The load is served more than one hundred milliamper, and then the time is measured, for which the charge will drop to 1 volt. The obtained time is multiplied by the value of the current and are thus obtained by the battery capacity.

Measure the degree of charge battery multimeter at home

Determination of the load. The load in this case is called the value that can be supplied to the power source. For load measurement:

  • Pole "+" battery is connected to a red terminal;
  • Pole "-" is connected to the black terminal;
  • For a short time, the load on the element is supplied;
  • The multimeter displayed value is the desired residual voltage.

A specific video master class for measuring ampera and check batteries on suitability, as well as reviews on specific testers can be found with Youtube.

If the device defines the value of 1.2 V, the battery can not be disposed of. It can be applied in remote controls (from household appliances). If a voltage is shown exceeding a value of 1.3 volts - the battery is successfully operating in electronic clock.

The battery that the multimeter determined the number of 1.5 volts, is considered to be fully charged.

Another way to analyze the voltage, both laboratory and "self-made", is a method for measuring ampera batteries. This technique allows you to maximize exactly and correctly measure the battery power.

How it's done:

  • The highest measurement indicator of the multimeter is exhibited;
  • On the multimeter control panel, the DC strength measurement is set;
  • For a short time contact with different battery contacts;
  • The device displays the value of the current for the current.

The value in the range from 2 to 4 amps shows that the rehabilitory element is still fully suitable for operation. A value of less than 1 amp indicates that the battery has already spent its resource and is subject to immediate disposal.

Regardless of the type of chemical current source, it should be handed over to special receivers. Batteries contain salts of heavy metals, alkali, acid, they cannot be thrown just like that.

In addition to batteries, check the charge can also be in batteries of different types - nickel-cadmium, nickel-metal hydride, lithium, lithium polymer. Checking the batteries is recommended occasionally in the first years of service and almost every month - when the battery is three or four years.

The term is calculated based on the parameters declared by manufacturers: Lithium batteries on average serve for about five years, nickel-metal hydride averages withstand about ten thousand cycles of discharge-charge.

How to check the battery charge from a laptop

Each laptop user should know that the improper use of the battery can cause its rapid wear. Many modern laptops are characterized by a very short-lived source of an autonomous charge, which leads to cases, if you need to update the OS or "roll" an urgent important patch.

Therefore, it is extremely important to monitor the state of the battery and its timely charging.


However, if the battery from the computer stopped charging, it should be checked. This can also be done using a multimeter:

  • First - you need to install the device to direct current mode.
  • Disassemble the battery, spreading the housing cover.
  • Connect the battery to the multimeter. The battery must be completely discharged!
  • If the battery is working, the multimeter display will show a value equal to the number of batteries multiplied by 3.7. If this value is less - the battery is time to change.

To extend the battery life from a laptop, you must follow a few simple rules:

  • The most important thing is to always remove the battery from the laptop when it is possible to connect it to the power grid. Quite often, the laptop works as a stationary PC, while the battery is always connected to it, which significantly shortens the life of such a battery. However, this Council does not work if the laptop initially has a weak low-power battery;
  • It is necessary to carry out a complete discharge and charging of the battery once a week, which is absolutely not difficult if there is a powerful processor and a discrete video card in a laptop.

How to check the battery charge BIOS multimeter

The BIOS battery is designed to continuously power the computer memory. This element connects to the motherboard. If the battery is discharged - the computer does not turn on or starts with the settings that have been configured, USB slots do not work.

In the classic building type "Tower", the accumulation of dust and condensate is often accumulated, which is why the Galvanic element of the BIOS may fail. The usual service life of this "tablet" is decades, but to check its performance is critical.

How-check-BIOS-Multimeter Battery Charge

To assess the degree of charge of such a battery, you need to perform a few simple actions:

  • When the PC is turned on, disconnect the power cord from behind the system unit;
  • remove the side protective cover of the system unit;
  • Gently remove the roundabout BIOS from the socket, it is fixed in the slot with a small spring contact;
  • Connect one probe multimeter to the periphery of the battery, the second to its surface.

If the multimeter showed a number 3 on the display - such a voltage is normal and indicates the full performance of the BIOS battery.

How to measure battery charge multimeter

How to check the battery charge multimeter

Finger batteries are used in many modern devices as batteries. Although externally, these products are indistinguishable from each other, their technical parameters, and the cost can differ significantly. In order not to get to write, acquiring a product with a small resource, and it is not working at all, you should know how to check these elements, and be able to do this in practice. This skill is useful and when checking the batteries accumulated at home - if one place is on the landfill, then others can still serve in devices that do not differ in power. In this article, we will deal with how to check the battery multimeter, and at what size of the residual charge it can be operated in electrical appliances.

Checking charge without load

To identify completely defective items, it is enough to make a simple check:

  • Select multimeter mode corresponding to the measurement of the validity of the constant voltage.
  • Install the measurement limit equal to 20V.
  • Apply the device's probe to the battery checked contacts and measure the voltage.
  • Remove tester readings.

Battery voltage measurement multimeter

If the voltage shown when checking the battery multimeter is more than 1,35V - the battery is working and suitable for working in any electrical appliance. If the charge of the element is less than this level, but not lower than 1.2V - it can be used in undemanding devices. With a lower level of charge, the use of the battery is impossible, and it is subject to disposal.

For completeness, the picture of such an inspection is not enough because it shows the voltage value without load (EMF).

As a loading element, you can use a conventional light bulb designed to work in a pocket flashlight. LEDs for this are not suitable due to too low resistance. The load volume should be from 100 to 200 mA - this is the most common indicator for most modern electrical products of medium power.

However, for the rejection of clearly unsuitable batteries of testing, the tester without load is sufficient. If the device shows less than 1.2V - the test under load is meaningless.

This battery for use is unsuitable

Check the electrical battery multimeter under load

The remaining items are tested again. We will figure out now how to check the capacity of the battery under load. For this you need to act as follows:

  • Connect the probe multimeter with the contacts of the tested battery.
  • In parallel to connect the load element and wait 30-40 seconds.
  • Remove the result.

Depending on the instrument readings, the measured items must be sorted. Batteries with a residue of 1.1V and less can be safely sent to the pit. Products, when checking which the device showed to 1.3V, can be used in the remote control. If the element under load shows 1,35V and more - it is fully working.

Verification of batteries by measuring current measurement

This method is applied to new batteries and allows you to estimate their power immediately upon purchase. The position of the multimeter must match the DC. To measure the charge value on a new battery, you need to act as follows:

  • Tester to check the batteries to set the maximum measurement limit.
  • Take a new item and applied the apparatus to its contacts.
  • After 1-2 seconds, after stopping the growth of the current value on the indicator, the probes must be removed.

Multimeter is configured for DC measurement

The normal value of the current values ​​for the new battery must be 4-6 amps. If it is 3-3.9 amps - this means that the battery operational resource is reduced, but the element is suitable for use in portable equipment.

The indications of the multimeter within 1.3-2.9 amps say that in ordinary household devices, the battery is better not to use, but it can be installed in devices that consume a slight amount of current (for example, television or other remote controls).

If the value of the current shown by the tester is 0.7-1.1 amp, then such an element is able to work exclusively in devices with low power consumption, while the quality of the equipment will decrease. It can be used in "remons", but only if there is no better elements at hand.

Vitely the process of checking the battery multimeter on video:

Useful advice

We give several recommendations regarding the use of batteries, as well as their disposal:

  • Do not tighten with checking and sorting the accumulated houses of batteries. In the absence of new batteries or insufficient quantities, you can temporarily use tested if necessary.
  • Sexing in the household appliance items are optional to change completely. Typically, their discharge occurs primarily, and check will identify batteries that can be operated on.
  • Do not store home unsuitable batteries and, especially, do not hold them in the hardware case. Often, electrolyte flows out of them, and this leads to a damage of a number of things.

If the battery flowed, the instrument contacts are oxidized

  • Do not attempt to somehow damage the body of the battery - the liquid in it (acid or alkali) can get into the skin, causing a chemical burn.

In addition, the batteries used should not be thrown into the garbage tanks. The electrolyte is harmful in them for the environment, therefore, nutrition elements are subject to recycling in places that are designed specifically for this purpose.


In this material, we figured out how to correctly check the battery multimeter, as well as, in which devices you can use the tested batteries, based on the measurement results. As you could make sure to measure the balance of the charge in the battery, it is enough to have a home tester at hand and have a few minutes of free time.

How to check the battery multimeterBattery - a universal portable battery that works most of the portable devices. There are many varieties of batteries - from simple salt, to powerful lithium-ion batteries. When working, they have the property to be discharged, and new batteries are not always supplied fully charged. Therefore, you need to know how to check the battery multimeter.

What is a multimeter

Rechargeable elements at home is easy to check the multimeter. This is a measuring device that can perform several tasks:

  • Voltage measurement;
  • Current check;
  • Measurement of resistance;
  • Checking diodes, transistors, capacitors
  • Frequency measurement.

Convenient in this device is that all measurements are carried out by one, without the need to have many different meters. In most cases, it is portable, that is, to measure the parameters of the electrkets can be used both in the field and at home.

Most multimeters (they are also called testers) themselves work from batteries.

Types of batarekes

Portable power elements differ in both the principle of operation and in appearance. Main types of batteries:

  • Types of batarekesFinger (designation of the size AA);
  • Mizinchikovy (AAA size);
  • Large cylindrical (d);
  • Medium cylindrical (designated C);
  • Crohn type (shape - parallelepiped);
  • Flat (shape - bleached parallelepiped).

All cylindrical types of charge drives have a operating voltage from 1.2 to 1.6 volts. The voltage of the kroh type elements is 9 V, and the flat 4.5 V. The health element depends on the load to which it is connected.

In low-power devices, a decrease in the battery life does not affect the performance, and in powerful, type of cameras or electric motors, even a small stress seed will cause equipment failure.

By type of internal filling, the batteries also differ. Eliminate such types:

  • Types of batarekes"Salt", "dry" - coal-zinc. This type of batteries are cheapest, but faster everything is discharged and does not work well in cold conditions and with powerful loads;
  • HeavyDuty - chloride-zinc, similar to the previous type, have a slightly large capacity;
  • "Alkaline", alkaline - better work at low temperatures and keep charge with a large current, but quickly discharged;
  • With mercury - high-intensive, it is difficult to quickly discharge, but because of the danger of mercury they came out of use;
  • Using silver - slowly discharged and work well with a powerful load, but expensive;
  • Lithium - have the highest tank and the smallest mass among the like. Long shelf life. High price.

Also, all batteries are divided into two types: primary, that is, electroplated elements and secondary, that is, recharge or rechargeable ones. The first is usually cheaper, but after use they need to be disposed of. The second often have a smaller capacity, more expensive, but can be recharged by the charger.

Check current

To understand how to check the battery with a tester, you need to know the parameters of the charge drive, which are both batteries, and any portable batteries.

A fully charged power source must be a voltage set by the output contact with an error of ± 5%, and it should produce a certain current, sufficient to power the load of that power for which it is assumed to be applied.

In order to check the battery current, it is important to configure correctly and connect the tester. Need to perform actions:

  1. How to measure the battery capacity by multimeterConnect the black wire with a dipstick to the multimeter COM socket, and the red wire is in the nest, labeled 10 A;
  2. Install DC measurement mode, measurement limit - 10 A;
  3. Briefly touch the lips to the conclusions of the battery, black - to minus, and red - to the plus. It is important to measure for more than 2 seconds, to avoid damage to the element;
  4. The display shows the current value.

If the value of the current is within 4 - 6 amps, the element is "fresh" and can be used for its intended purpose. When testimony from 3 to 3.9 and the battery life is reduced, but for some time it will still work. If the current is 1.3 - 2.9 A, such an element can only feed the low-power equipment. With lower rates, the battery is better replaced, and the battery with such parameters must be charged.

Test for tension

A less dangerous method for checking batteries will be a voltage test. When checking important portable power sources, voltage and current strength must be checked. In order to find out the voltage you need:

  1. Attach the multimeter probe into suitable sockets: red - in the hole, marked ω, u, hz, black - in the nest with the letter COM $
  2. Set the constant voltage measurement mode;
  3. Select the measurement limit - up to 20 V;
  4. Apply the probe to the output of the power supply. Polarity does not matter much, since the values ​​will still be displayed correctly, only with the opposite sign;

Checking batteries multimeter

For example, for a battery type 18650, if everything is done correctly, the meter will give values ​​from 0 to 3.7 V. If the numbers are obtained more than 3.5 B, it means that the battery is fully operational. At values ​​from 3.0 to 3.5 V - the resource of the element is reduced, but it can be discharged in devices of less power. If the voltage is below 2.9 V - the power source must be charged. The minimum permissible for such batteries is 2.4 V voltage, a smaller value will contribute to the degradation of the battery electrolyte.

Determining capacity

The capacity of the battery is the value that determines how much time it can work as an energy source for the chain at a certain current. It is expressed in amps-hours for powerful batteries and milliammelers clock for small. For example: if 1000 mA ⋅ h on his finger battery, then, with a 1000 mA, it is discharged in an hour.

Determine how to measure the battery capacity by a multimeter, you can only with the battery, since it will be necessary to completely discharge it for the measurement. The use of a galvanic element after that will be impossible. To determine the battery capacity, the control discharge method is necessary:

  1. Determination of the capacity of the batteriesSelect the load resistance, providing a battery discharge current 100 - 200 mA;
  2. Connect the battery, load, multimeter in DC measurement mode. The battery must be fully charged;
  3. To the battery conclusions in parallel to connect the second multimeter in the DITER voltage measurement mode;
  4. Immediately after the connection to start counting the time;
  5. Set, for what time the battery voltage is highlighted. This will be considered its full discharge;
  6. Multiply the discharge time during the experiment. If the current changed, you need to determine the average current. The resulting product value and the size of the battery capacity.

Measuring phone battery parameters

It often happens that the phone is quickly discharged. It is necessary to check the parameters of its battery for a decrease in capacity. Knowing how to check the capacity of the phone's battery multimeter, it is necessary not only to specialists from the repair of portable equipment, but also by regular users who conceived about replacing the smartphone battery.

Need to check Determine the voltage issued by the battery and its capacity Defined by the method of control discharge. On the phone's battery or in the instruction manual, these parameters must be specified. If the values ​​obtained at the experiment are characterized by more than 20% at a smaller side - it is possible to replace the battery.

How to check the phone battery capacity multimeter

Knowing how to check the phone battery by a multimeter, you can quickly identify the malfunction of this element, to know its condition, if it is no longer new, and determine an approximate service life.

Knowledge about checking the battery capacity using the tester will be useful in many situations: from the question of replacing the elements of the camera to the tank of the car's battery.

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How to check the performance of the battery multimeter

In everyday life, a large number of a wide variety of portable devices, tools and devices are used for which batteries serve as a power source. Gradually, the houses accumulate in different extent used batteries that need to be checked in a timely manner, sort and dispose of. In determining performance, the tester for the battery will help us.

Attention! It is impossible to store the broken batteries. Sometimes the electrolyte flows out of them, which can spoil the body of the device or nearby things.

Moreover, due to the toxicity of the content, the disposal of portable power sources is made not in the usual way, but in specially reserved places!

Batteries can be called a multimeter, or check them for performance using a special battery tester.

Multimeter functions

Multimeter is a portable multifunctional electrical measuring device. It is also called the tester, it is convenient to use and useful in everyday life. The tester can be found in almost every home. The device is small, light, portable, running from the kroon type battery.

In the minimum set, it includes the functions of the voltmeter, an ammeter and an ohmmeter.

Multimeter will help:

  • check the health of any electrical equipment;
  • Test a diode or transistor;
  • Find a plot of damage to electrical wiring;
  • measure the voltage in the network;
  • ring - measure the amount of resistance;
  • find out the frequency of the voltage;
  • determine the capacity of the battery;
  • Measure the voltage in the battery

And make a lot more.

Batteries classification

Portable power supplies differ in shape, size, filling and principle of action.

Primary and secondary batteries

Primary batteries, or galvanic elements are subject to one-time. Secondary, batteries, can be returned to work repeatedly using the charger. They stand, respectively, more expensive, but this is more than paying for the number of recharging cycles. On the batteries there is an inscription rechargeable.

Types of filling batteries

The batteries differ depending on the composition of the electrolyte and active metal used in the design:

  • Lithium - these are the lightest, capacious and expensive energy, have the longest shelf life;
  • batteries made using silver long work with a large load, cost expensive;
  • The most popular elements are alkaline (alkaline), can operate in a wide range of temperatures and at large loads, but rather quickly discharged;
  • Coal-zinc, "salt" - the most affordable, quickly fail and poorly carry cold;
  • Characteristics of chloride-zinc batteries are similar to the "salt", but have a large container.

Types of elements in appearance

The most common storage devices are cylindrical. They are several species in size: the smallest - misminists, the most popular - finger, as well as medium and large. All cylindrical batteries have a voltage of 1.6 volts.

There are flat batteries with a voltage of 4.5 volts and kroon type elements that have a parallelepiped form and a 9 volt operating voltage.

The performance of power supply directly depends on the power consumed by the device. For example, in electric motors and video cameras, even a slight decrease in the voltage will break the work. While in devices with low energy consumption, clocks and lanterns, a stress reduction can be noticed for a long time.

Reference! Batteries are discharged unevenly. If the equipment works bad, it is not necessary to throw away all the batteries at once. They need to check the tester, choose workers and use.

How to check batteries multimeter

There are several options for measuring the charge of the drive.

Check without load

The easiest way to determine the level of charge and separate the fully non-working elements for disposal is to measure the energy voltage without load.

Test algorithm Next:

  1. The black wire plug must be inserted into the hole with the margin of som.
  2. Red wire plug insert into a hole with a margin of VΩma.
  3. Select the measurement limit up to 20V in constant voltage mode.
  4. Attach the probe device to the battery terminals. Polarity in this dimension is not important. The battery charge is estimated by the module for the residual voltage value.
  5. Remove the testimony.

If the cylindrical battery obtained is greater than 1.35V, then the battery is fully in charge. If less than 1.2V - the battery needs to be disposed of. The value in the gap of 1.2V to 1.35V means the possibility of using in devices with low power consumption, for example, in remote controls.

Check with load

After the first rejection of the batteries, you can apply a more accurate way to determine the performance. To check the tester voltage you need:

  1. Connect the battery parallel to the load. You can connect a light bulb of a conventional pocket flashlight, it will provide the required volume of 100 -200 MA.
  2. Connect tester probe with element contacts.
  3. The value is measured after 30-40 seconds.

If the obtained value is more than 1.35V is a working battery, you can use it in any devices. With a value less than 1.1B - the item is not suitable for work. The voltage in the interval of 1.1V to 1.35V speaks of the possibility of use in undemanding devices.

Amperage Method

The most accurate method is to check the current measurement.

It is implemented as follows:

  1. The black wire must be attached to the multimeter through a hole with a margin of som.
  2. Red wire insert into a hole with a 10adc mark.
  3. Select the measurement limit to 10a in DC mode.
  4. Briefly connect proves to the terminals: black wire to minus, red - to the plus battery.
  5. Check an amperezh multimeter.

The normal value of the current is from 4 to 6 amps. On the segment from 3 to 3.9 amps, the battery life is slightly reduced, it can be used in portable devices. With the values ​​of the current of the current from 1.3 to 2.9 amps, the element is suitable for remote controls.

Attention! It is impossible to measure for more than 2 seconds. During the measurement process, the resource of the element is reduced, which leads to its spoile!

How to check the battery without the device

To determine the performance of the finger battery at home can be empirically. Check the charge of the battery without instruments is quite simple. It is necessary to raise the battery for twenty centimeters above the level of smooth hard surface in a vertical position and release. You can use the table or windowsill. The charged battery will fall on the side, and the discharged - bounces from the surface.

The fact is that the gel, which is located inside the alkaline battery, extinguishes kinetic energy when falling, and it falls on the side. In the process of discharge, the gel dries out, the battery becomes easier and jumps.

This method is not quite accurate, but it may well help in the absence of a charge check device: tester for checking batteries, voltmeter or multimeter.


To check and use the remaining resource of power sources, you will need a multimeter and several free minutes. The result is saving money and order in the house!

Battery Checking Language

How to find out the multimeter or tester using the battery or not? How to sick in the field when there are no devices at all?

Ikak at the same time to figure it out - is it time to throw it out or is it still an awake time? How much does the power supply element be volt?

Webly, the most universal method of checking was to try the battery. Pilot - it means still charged.

Especially listed in this plan of Crown.

Check the crown on the charge language

Slippers, the language of a normal healthy person is not suitable. The plus and minus are separated from each other too far.

Check batteries for charging language

At one time, the Duracell models with a special signal strip were fairly popular, which shows the charge level.

Battery Striped Discredition

It was enough to press two buttons and the strip was stained in different colors, demonstrating the remaining container.

In fact, it did not measure any container. This strip is made of thermocracy and changes its color depending on the temperature.

Color strip measuring battery case temperature

The soldering iron will not give to the place.

Stripe painted in different color from temperature

The craftsmen often cut out this sensor from the unfit batteries and used it for other purposes. Now such devices are found for some reason quite rare.

Another compass method is a compass method.

Take a compass to the battery and spend it along the housing. If the arrow is built strictly on one axis and does not deviate in different directions, it means there is still a charge.

Check battery compass

The red section of the boom should reach a minus, white to the plus.

The arrow walks the closer, the smaller the charge remained in the bank.

Residual voltage measurement

To allow the battery to the device we need a regular Chinese multimeter. With it, it will be necessary to measure the voltage on the poles (+ and -).

Topping - There are two scales on the multimeter panel:

  • constant voltage - DCV
  • AC voltage - ACV
Measurement of constant and alternating voltage at the multimeter

Nightly "standing". Install the switch to the 20V position.

Dwarp insert into the following connectors:

The position of the probe at the multimeter when measuring constant voltage

The battery is a plus and minus contact and apply the black probe to minus, and the red to the plus.

By and large, the polarity with such measurers does not play a significant role.

If plus and minus are driven, then the screen will simply have the readings with the recesses (before the digit will stand the "minus" icon).

Measuring charge batteries confused plus and minus

Nominal variance of the battery is usually indicated on its housing.

The values ​​that the multimeter will show must match this data, or be somebird.

For example, an alkaline (alkaline) battery of the AA sizes (finger), there is a 10 volt voltage. In the serviceable and charged element Multimeometry Show 1.5 - 1.6V.

how to measure the voltage on the battery and check its charge

If the battery will be slightly discharged, then the values ​​will be slightly less than 1.5V.

Here is the following rule:

  • When the multimeter shows the voltage of 1.35V and higher - the battery is considered even more or less workers.
How to Check Battery Table Voltage Measurement Multimeter

If there is less - from 1.2 to 1.35V, it is not necessary to throw it away immediately. Batteries will quite fit for low-power devices:

Check battery voltage multimeter
  • Calculator or electronic clock
  • remote control

You can insert them into the remote and check the performance by sending the eyes to the smartphone. An infrared signal should be seen on the phone screen.

Check the remote control on a smartphone camera

Praeling smartphones are completely equipped with an infrared filter, plusifying TV are already managed by Wi-Fi without any IF signal, so this focus does not always work.


Only not to insert two batteries (one well charged, the other badly) into one device.

Unich will be different recoil currents and in the future there will be oxidation of contacts.

because of what contacts on the battery are oxidized

An adjustment of less than 1.2V battery is considered decently seed. At 0.9V fully discharged.

How to check the battery multimeter charge and voltage
how to check the battery multimeter voltage table

It should be thrown out or disposed of (that in our realities the same thing).

Emission the battery and nothing will

Topping, if you have battery devices and, with a similar test, allowed dutiolonal values, it definitely suggests that the acb trash and the subject parameters.

how to reanimate and charge the unfit battery


Do not think that putting on the recharge you reanimate this battery and make it again workable.

How much charge remains in the battery?

There is a containment method of counting a percentage of a battery discharge depending on the eenaturation.

Battery discharge

Election of 1.5V cells must be taken away from the actual response voltage in 1.1V and multiply the result by 200. In the final, get an exemplary digit as a percentage of residual charge.

For example, measurements showed the result of 1,45V. Take 1,45-1.1 = 0.35 * 200 = 70%.

The battery remains 70% of the charge from the initial value.

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At the values ​​of 1.35V, the following results will be:

1,35V-1.1V = 0.25 * 200 = 50%, etc.

At 9V forcarins you need to take 6.6V and multiply the result by 33.33. Example of calculation:

Measurement multimeter = 8.79V. Total: 8,79-6.6 = 2.13 * 33.33 = 71%.

Something like this. Once again we remind you that this is a very rude calculation and to navigate the nonone.

Round batteries Tablets

The stake in the same principle is checked voltage in flat tablets of type CR 2032. They are used by pellets, motherboards, electronic toys.

CR 2032 battery

Shooting here in this way and look at the result.

Check batteries Tablets

3B - good, less than 2.5V - in the trash.

discharge flat battery

With flat tablets for 1.5V (LR44, G13, A76, LR357, etc.) the same.

discharge flat battery

1.5V - good, less than 1.25V - bad.

how to check the battery tablet round flat multimeter


Attention, all batteries regardless of their size, which, when checking the residual voltage, showed good values, can be faulty when measured under load!

In fact, you measured the amount of stress without load (EMF). Therefore, be sure to check in two methods.

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To further check the Multimeter switch, you need to set the DC (10A).

The position of probe is also tactable. Black remains in the COM connector, and the red rearrange the GND for the current measurements - 10a max.

how to measure the current multimeter

For measuring the current, black dipsticks apply to minus batteries, red - to the plus.

In fact, with this measurement, you cut the battery and connect it to a short circuit.

Counting is not recommended. For normal measurement, it is desirable to have an optional abstraction although in 10 ohms or more. Wires of probe have much less transaction.


Therefore, with this method, large currents cannot be measured through the CHUR for a long time.

Even on a cheap Chinese model there is a warning inscription (no more than 10 seconds with a break of 15 minutes).

What currents can be measured by a multimeter

Galvanic elements of this appeal do not like. If the battery is already slightly discharged, the toposle of several such "short circuits" will have to be thrown.

It's like a joke with a hedgehog and matches 😊

There is a hedgehog in the forest with a box of matches. She chirped one, she stuck and not caught fire - not suitable (throws). I chirknuned another, that also stuck-slept and did not flare up. Also not suitable (throws). Chicarkes the third, she lights up. He immediately carries it and says: - Oh, and this work! (and shoves back to boxes).

Yes, and the multimeter may fail when the current is exceeded into particularly capacious banks. The built-in fuse is most often combined.

Built-in fuse in multimeter

Current former just a couple of seconds. After that, remove the probe and commerose testimony on the scoreboard.

A nano-good battery (1.5V) current must be from 4 to 6a.

How to check the battery multimeter by current on performance

Indication 0 to 3a It is suggested that the battery of the village.

Check battery multimeter for performance and charge

Advancements from 3 to 4A can be put into low-power devices.

Check battery multimeter for performance and charge


Do not think this method to check powerful acb.

Battery Check Table Multimeter for current strength

For example, assemblies for the battery tool, battery emokates, bicycles and more automotive batteries.


By gentleman, the parameters under load are measured. The so-called valve test.

Load test batteries

Previously, digital multimeters were not yet common, and the more arrogant part were used (such as E4304), they all had a special mode for 1.5V batteries.

Load test for checking the batteries on the tester of the shooter

It was oriented on the top scale. If, when closing the probe arrow, the appliance clone as much as possible - the battery was considered a good (kept loading without a special voltage drop).

Upgrade devices are rare, but you can still find a similar mode. Motor example, model from Proskit.

Proskit Multimeter with Load Dough

Nani can be checked both the batteries of 1.5V and the crown on 9V.

Available feature and on some electronic devices (type DT830E).

Check battery multimeter under load

Also sell special testers loaders. As for finger elements, the same for flat tablets.

Tester Load for Valid Battery
Tester Load for Valid Battery

The well-made element of 1.5V on a multimeter with a function load will give a current in 4mA, and a new crown by 9V - 25mA.

How many amps will be at the battery when checking under load
Check the battery under the load tester

Ottester works only with alkaline elements, it will not be possible to use it on lithium-ion battery.

A self-made method of checking any type of batteries - insert them in the knowingly good job. Most often flashlight.

He has a good consumption current and in the event of a malfunction of the battery, everything will immediately become clear.

Check battery lantern

According to the reduction of the light bulb or the LED, the approximate degree of charge or discharge is determined. For accurate measurements without a multimeter can not do.

Secrets of kerosene lamp

Flat-playing tablets CR2032 (3V) It is convenient to check with a small single dieselode.

Types of DIP indicator LEDs

You can get it from almost any Chinese toy that blinks, glows and overflows with different colors. For example, from a typewriter or doll.

Doll LED

The LED is a plus and minus leg and touch the battery pack, a rattack manner.

Checking the PRC Battery LED

How to make a similar LED plus and minus? That leg, where there is a big beggar - it is minus. Where small - plus.

LED where plus and minus


Please note the red LEDs can be the opposite!

If you confuse polarity, nothing, of course, will not burn, just the LED will not shine. Those batteries where the glow will be barely barely, you can safely throw away, even if when measurements of the voltage, they showed good results.

Prehet the red LED is very critical to the current. And where green, blue Idruf will light up, red may not work!

How to check flat battery tablet LED
How to check flat battery tablet LED

Therefore, when the red is burning, the battery is definitely working.

Akak distinguish a good battery from discharged, if neither the lantern, nor tester at hand?

Elementary. Just focus on how high the battery will leaving the battery after the shortness on the smooth solid surface.

batteries test for jumping

New charged banks after you throw them on a solid base, almost not bounce up. But the "Sorts", bounce as tennis balls (boom boom boom).

Rich boking can be used to determine how much it is discharged - on the command or completely.

How to check the battery for jumping and rebound

Check out what happens?


Someone believes that when the battery is discharged, the weight is changed or the center of gravity changes.

Etodaloga is not. Yes, by weight, you can learn about the quality of the new bank.

The taste is the same parameters better than weighing a little more.

How much is a good battery 18650
How much is a good battery 18650

Notak can be focused only when buying and selecting new batteries.

Through bounces, the scientific explanation here is the following.

Alkichiker has a positive anode (zinc) and a negative cathode (dioxidemagant).

The composition of the battery

Initially, a new charged element is a gel mass. Possession of the battery from the height, it shocks the entire blow and takes it into order.

The height of the bouncing of the old and new battery

The rapid zinc discharge turns into zinc oxide (solid). Surrounding the battery, the greater the zinc oxide in it, which is fill in the internal space of cans.

The difference of the new and old battery from the inside

Zinc oxide bears arise bridges, resembling many springs.

What happens inside the battery after discharge

Social element (zinc oxide) is even specifically added to golf balls.

Thelest although the easiest, but is not worth it for 100% on it. Beability Be sure to recheck the results obtained by the tester.

The fact is that it is often suited to jump on the bottom of the bottom of the batteries. If it is flat and perfectly smooth, then jumping such an element will be problematic.

Difference in Pruggers depending on the form of the battery

Watch out the convex basis, rises and jump.

Pool, such a focus apply not to all the battery. It all depends on their filling.

What inside the battery

If it is initially a set of several "tablets", and not gel-like mass, then vorsides they will be quite different.

It is bad that it is impossible to check the battery from the car 😊 although the car enthusiasts have their own original methods.

Checking AKB

Periodically arises the need to check the batteries. Most often, this is due to the fact that an electrical device does not work from the battery. Sometimes it may be like this: buy a new battery, come home, insert into hours, phone, the same multimeter or other device, and nothing happens. There are two thoughts: 1) Does the device work? 2) Is the battery element not discharged?

Checking batteries multimeter

After that, I want to check the battery. Multimeter is most often used as a measuring instrument. It can be any type at least DT 182, DT 830B, DT 832, MAS838 I.T.D. The main thing that would show the tension.

As part of this article, it will be shown and told how to check the energy source voltage and its performance.

Checking finger batteries multimeter

To check the finger batteries we use the digital multimeter. This is a convenient device with which the voltage is checked, the current, the resistance, the integrity of the wire, container and much more.


To correctly check the battery multimeter, the device must be installed in a similar way.


Transfer the switch to the left side to 20.

The red wire is responsible for "+", the black wire is responsible for "-".

We take the red dipstick and attach it to the positive pole of the power source. Then take the black dipstick and lean it to the negative pole or just minus.


After the connection is completed, the instrument will show the exact voltage of the AA type battery. Standard voltage for a finger battery is 1.5 volts. Nothing terrible if the device shows 1.54 or 1.45 volts. In general, if you judge the voltage, the battery is suitable for use. But if it does not work although it shows a good voltage, it means that it has a very low current current or there is some damage. In this case, it is better to purchase a new one.

Thus, checking finger batteries by a multimeter is performed, as shown in the figure.

Short algorithm of actions:

  1. Connect the black probe to the measuring device to the lowest well.
  2. We attach a red probe into the middle hole.
  3. Install the lever on the number 20 on the left side.
  4. We take the red wire and connect it to the battery plus.
  5. We take a black wire and freamed it to a minus battery.
  6. We look at the displayed value on the device display.

How to check the battery multimeter under load?

To perform such a procedure, you must connect the battery to the electrical device. For example, to micro motor, light bulb or LED. And in parallel to attach the contacts of the measuring device. The figure below shows how this can be implemented, the circuit of the electrical circuit can also be shown.

Battery connection diagram


For the experiment, an ordinary motor was taken for 3V. Such put almost all electric toys. Wires to batteries are attached using a conventional insulating tape.

First of all, connect the battery and motor, and then the junction of the plug of the multimeter probe. As you can see from the picture on the display, a value of 1.49 volts was displayed. This is lower by 0.06 volts from the initial values. Such a fall occurred in 2 minutes of the motor. Thus, the performance of the battery is at a normal level.

How to check the mismatch battery multimeter?

Verification of AAA batteries, a multimeter is carried out in the same way as shown above. Due to small dimensions, measure the galvanic element will be slightly complicated. For the convenience of performing the measurements of the probe to the mother's element, you can attach using a tape or insulating tape.

Mizinchiki battery

As you can see the voltage is almost zero, it is equal to 0.04 volts. This battery will not be able to run even the usual clock.

How to check the phone battery multimeter

Usually at the phone battery, contact conclusions are labeled plus and minus. But if in your case there is no such marking, do not worry, it can be determined by experimentally.

You can check the battery to the multimeter on the phone you can attach to the contacts of the probe and turning on the device to level 20.

We attach to the contacts probe

How to check the phone battery multimeter

Typically, the phone's battery voltage is 3.7 volts, but the figure shows 4.09 volts. This is due to the fact that during testing used old slightly swollen battery.

Thus, using a multimeter you can check the phone battery.

How to check the tablet battery multimeter?

Measure the tablet battery multimeter is difficult. Some tablets do not have access to the battery. What to get to it have to unscrew the bolts.

Checking the tablet

Screws in the tablet

Even unscrewing all the bolts are not so easy to remove the lid. She is still holding a latch. Under the lid there is something similar to us:

Plata tablet

A large array of white color is the battery of a tablet. We are interested in her contacts. From the battery there are two wires red and black, they are needed.


Battery tablet

To remove the tension from the battery, thereby checking it, we will make a black dipstick to the place of solder of the black wire, and the red to the place of the red wire solder.

Let's lean to contacts

We measure the battery multimeter

The multimeter shows that the battery voltage is 0.11 volts. It is bad and you need to recharge the battery.

How to check the battery of the screwdriver by a multimeter?

The shelf life of the screwdriver is valid almost the same as all other batteries. The main thing to find the contacts "+" and "-".

Checking screwdriver batteries:

Attach the Multimeter Stamps to the battery contacts and look at the display. In front of this, inspect the battery and find out how much volts it contains.

Screwdriver battery

If the value is below the permissible, then recharge it. Well, if it is quickly discharged, it is time to change the battery.

How to check the crooh battery multimeter?

The serviceability of the crown batteries is fairly checked by a tester. To do this, simply connect the measuring instrument wires to the battery contacts and look at the instrument screen.

Battery Krona

satellite crown

Checking the battery crown

As you can notice on the case, its voltage should be 9 volts. But the instrument shows 8.82 V. This means that the battery is slightly discharged. But despite this battery is quite functional!

How to check the battery for the watch multimeter?

Watch batteries can be different. For example, in Chinese alarms there is a finger, and sometimes a mesinchik. In the manual clock put a tablet battery.

You can check this battery using a multimeter, leaning one end of the probe to the plus, and the other to minus. The positive pole is wide and covers a significant part of the battery.

We measure the battery for the watch multimeter

Measure computer battery

Thus, the voltage of this battery is 1.56 V.

How to check the CR2032 battery multimeter on the motherboard?

Check the bios battery with a multimeter by removing it from the board. But if the pluses and minus contacts are visible, you can touch them with the probe of the measuring device and decorate the readings.

Take out the battery from the bios and check the charge

As you can see this CR2032 battery with voltage 3 V. Accordingly, if the voltage test is less when the battery is better changed. But usually a similar pill battery does not change 3-5 years. It requires a replacement if the date of the computer itself is started on the computer or any computer glitches appear.

Computer battery checking

The battery indicated in the picture needs to be replaced. Just this type follows here: https://batareykaa.ru/batarejka-doma-materinskoj-platy-i-ee-zamena/

How to check the battery with an arrow multimeter?

For checking, we take the right battery and just like with digital plugging the stamps to the positive and negative pole.

Check the battery in the arrow multimeter

Do not forget to transfer the device in the battery measurement position!

In principle, check the battery can be without a tester. To do this, you will need to put it vertically lift 2 cm and let go. If it bounces offext. Charged strong rebound will not give.

Checking the battery for performance without the device is also carried out and using usually lamps. But this test will show only the fact that there is a voltage, voltage, and it is not discharged. In general, it can be used. This experiment can be carried out at home.

Whether the battery works, then you can find out when you insert it into the desired electronic device. Either with the help of the tester, that is, a multimeter. Or in a simple way specified above. In this way, you can check the round finching battery and many others.

There is a special battery capacity test program for Android 3C Battery Monitor Widget! But it will help determine the amount of energy only on the phone.

Now you know how the battery multimeter is checked and the voltage is detected!

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