How to pull the bones from the herring, the fastest ways

Two cleaning options

If you have not had to cut fish earlier, and you are just learning how to properly clean the herring, the first attempt may not be very successful. Do not be discouraged, this is only a matter of time. Do not hurry, and after a few attempts you will master it simple art.

Classic way

We start with simple. Prepare everything you need and proceed.

  • Cut your head and tail from the herring, remove them.
  • Raise the fish behind the top fin and cut it with a knife.
  • Cut the belly of herring, moving from the head to the tail. Remove the inside. Icru or milk can be left: many love to eat them with bread.

Put the herring on the cutting board and cut the edges of the abdomen to remove small bones, fins and solid parts.

Carefully consider dark films - they give bitterness. Rinse fish under running water.

Swipe on the back of the herring, making a thin incision. Persay the skin from the head and roll it.

When the skin is removed, take the fish in your hands. Large finger put on the spinal incision, and the other four booster inside the carcass. Start separating fish from the ridge, slowly moving from the head to the tail.

Remove first one half of the fish, then the second. As a result, only the ridge should remain.

Check the bone fillet. Remove them using tweezers. Cut the fish on slices and serve as planned.

Professional way

This method requires a little more dexterity than the traditional method, but it allows you to cope with cleaning faster. Traditionally, we begin with the preparation of the ingredients.

  • Cut the herring head. Pour the tail, it will still come in handy.
  • Cut the top fin.
  • Cut the belly, remove the insides, consider the film, rinse the fish.
  • Make a cut on your back from the head to the tail.
  • Carefully remove the skin. Find out her head and pull.
  • When the skin is removed, the most interesting thing begins. Take fish for the tail, dividing it in half.
  • Holding herring hard for the tail, scroll it back and forth.

Now, continuing to keep herring, pull the halves of the tail in different directions. Do it slowly, not to break the bones of the ridge. At the end of the procedure in one hand you will have a clean half without bones, and in the second - half with the ridge.

Squeeze fillet without bones in a plate, the second half carefully separate from the ridge.

  • Check out the purified fish for the presence of small bones, remove them with tweezers.
  • Cut the fillet and continue cooking.

How to clean the herring a step-by-step photo:

1. We put herring on the cutting board, cut the head, then the tail.

Clean the herring from the insides:

2. Using a cutting board, cut off the upper fin, running the knife in the abdomen of fish to the tail, cut it, trying not to damage the insides, there may be caviar or milk, it can be easily free to release the weakly salted herring from the internships. Inside, there is often either caviar, or milk, from caviar and milk you can cook a separate dish, or served along with the finished fish. We will postpone the milk with caviar in the refrigerator.

Cut the fins of the fish, rinse it:

3. Cut the fins from the abdomen on a cutting board, remove the black film, we rinse the fish under the jet of cold water, put it on a paper towel, let it stroke.

Remove the skin from the fish:

4. With effort, but neatly, we divide the back into two parts, breaking the skin. You can, of course, cut it with a knife, but so we will keep the integrity of the parts of the back - they will be more neat. Pick up the skin, remove it on the one hand, if the skin breaks - not scary, then on the other hand.

We take out the Range at the herring:

5. Holding herring behind the tail, grabbed the edge of the flesh and gently pull up, part of the fish with a ridge with another hand hold on the plate. Do not pull sharply so that the bones have time to pull over the ridge. For the remaining part of the underworld herring, the bone removal process repeat. Step-by-step photo.

Remove small bones:

6. It is necessary to choose the bones that remain. First, stretch all the large bones, then carefully choose small. It is more convenient to make nails or tweezers.

Ready fillet of weakly salted herring:

7. After cutting fish - we have fillet from which you can make many different delicious dishes. Now we know how to divide the herring, and how to cook herring?

For example, we take a cutting board, cut fillets to pieces, spread a beautifully on a plate, watering with vegetable oil if you want, add a bit of vinegar, if possible, decorate onions and greens - we will apply on a table, a dish with a beautifully decorated weak salmon, it looks great on the festive table.

Caviar can also be submitted on the table as a separate dish, beautifully issued:

Methods of separation of fillet from bone

To clean herring, the first thing is necessary to serve the abdomen, without entering the blade deep inside. Following the fish is located vertically, and her thin strip of the abdomen is cut off. It is usually contained very little fillet, but a lot of bones, so it's better to get rid of it. At the next stage, fins are cut out, the head is cleaned, and the insides are cleaned, including black films. Immediately it is necessary to wash the carcass under the jet of cold water.

Then in the hole where the fin used before was, the finger is inserted, and with it, one fragment of fillet is removed from the bones. Further neat movements, the ridge bones are extracted from another fragment. With the help of tweezers, all small bones are removed. To get sledding without skin, it will be necessary to pick up her fingers in the area of ​​the tail and gently pull.

To brush herring, separating fillets from the bones quickly and in one movement, you need to repeat the entire previous technology until the fingertips are called into the hole from the fin. In this case, instead of working with fillets, the skin removal ranging from the head zone. If everything is done correctly, it should be a herring without head, skin and inner parts, but possessing a tail and bones. The fish is divided in half, and the movement is carried out on the side of the tail, parts of which are bred in different directions.

In the case when the fish is designed for a salting, canned or preserves, it all starts with cleaning from ridges, heads and internals, as well as removing the finest peel. Then the processing process is carried out, that is, marination or salting. The herring is cut by pieces and unfolded according to sterilized containers. Everything is poured with a mixture of water, spices, sugar and citric acid. The latter will serve as a solvent for small bones.

The classic method of cleaning herring looks like this. At first, the head and thoracic fins are cut off, then with the help of a knife or special scissors, it is necessary to cut the abdomen and rent a carcass. Caviar and milk are deposited to the side, and black films are thrown out. The herring is immediately washed under running water and inside and outside, after which he sucked with paper napkins. A screw is made from the head to the tail, and at the same time the dorsal fin.

Skin is tightened from the head to the tail, which is then cut off. With the help of fingers, the ridge is neatly separated from one half of the fillet. It is necessary to do it slowly to get rid of the maximum amount of bones at once. Following the purified part of the fillet is separated, and the spine is cleaned with the second. All remaining bones should be pulled out with the help of a tweezers.

For salads, the method is perfect, the use of which allows you to get four equal parts of the fillet zone. At first, the fish are removed from the fish and the dorsal fin, but the tail is left. The abdominal cavity is neatly cut, milk, caviar, black films and other insides are extracted from it. Everything is carefully cleaned, and even washed. Another incision is made on the fish, from the head to the tail, after which the surface is freed from the skin.

Next to the remaining tail is made, the depth of which will be one centimeter. The tail fin is divided into two halves and, while the fish is on weight, it scrolls towards yourself, that is, three hundred sixty degrees. Finally, the herring is time to break with a sharp movement into two parts. If all stages are done correctly, then two abdomen without bones will be discovered, and the back, connected to the ridge. Upon completion of herring, small bones and ridge itself are cleaned with tweezers.

It is impossible not to mention such an interesting method as a jurisdiction, because for the final cleaning of herring in this case, neither knife or scissors are required, only hands. For this, the rig is first separated from the internships, skin and fins, and is washed under a cold crane. The carcass takes in one hand, and the thumb should be on top of the back, and the rest - already inside. The fingers begin to shrink, and with the help of the extritional movement, the meat is separated from the bones. Thus, one part of the fiszy is worked out first, and then the second one. Remains are eliminated using tweezers.

5 ways to quickly clean herring

For cleaning herring from bones, the following culinary instruments are used: a sharp knife, kitchen scissors and a cutting board. Below are step-by-step technologies of different options for cleaning fish from bones, which will help to cope with the task of any hostess.

Classic cleaning method

This is a proven way to get a beautiful and neat herring fillet. It will be enough to use the sharp knife and cutting board for its implementation.

The preparation of the carcass and its cleaning is carried out as follows:

  1. At the base of the head of fishery cut the ridge. Gently and slowly pull the head against yourself. It will be easily separated from the carcass and most of the insides will sweep away.
  2. A sharp knife to break up the belly, get milks or jaws with caviar.
  3. The same knife scraps a black film and insides that could not be pulled out with his head.
  4. Next, remove fins (abdominal, anal and ridge). Cut the tail.
  5. Make a longitudinal incision along the ridge almost to the bones, cutting the skin and meat. Gently, not to damage the fillet, remove the skin.
  6. By turning a carcass to belch to himself, grope the ridge and separate it from one piece of fillet first without sharp movements, and then from the other.
  7. Inspect the two half-films fillets and, if bones remained, remove them.

Easy way from grandmother Emma

  1. Kitchen scissors cut off the head and tail of the fishery. Make a longitudinal incision along the backrest and cut off the abdomen.
  2. Remove all the insides and remove the skin towards the head to the tail.
  3. Moved along the ridge to separate meat from the bones with the help of big fingers. If bones remained, they can be removed using a tweezers. Herring fillet ready.

Simple and fast way using a plastic bag

It often happens that the fillet does not want to separate from the bones. In this case, a method using a conventional polyethylene package will be assisted.

The course of work in this case will be like this:

  1. Make a longitudinal incision along the worring abdomen. Study all the insides, remove dark films from the inner walls of the abdomen.
  2. Put the fishery in the package and beat off the wide face of the kitchen knife. Chob without fanatism, but it should not be simple pats.
  3. Get a herring from the package. Cut off your head and tail, remove all fins and it is easy to separate the ridge with bones from meat.
  4. Lastly, remove the skin, so the fillet will save a more accurate form.

Removing fillet from the tail

In the previous ways, it was not filleled from the bones, and the bones were pulled away from meat, but perhaps someone will be easier to do it on the contrary.

In this case, you need:

  1. Prepare carcass herring. It should stay without insides, fins, heads and skin. Tail is better to leave. Rinse a carcass under running water and dry paper towels.
  2. Prepared herring put on a cutting board. At the base of the tail using a knife to cut and separate a small piece of fillet.
  3. Then one hand press the ridge behind the tail to the board, and the other hand pulling the meat from the bones until the fillet is completely removed.
  4. The income procedure is repeated with another half fillet.

Molding method

For this method of cleaning, no knife, no scissors take place. The whole process of separating bones is carried out by hand. But the journaling has a flaw: a lot of bones will remain in meat. They will then need to be removed by tweezers or hands.

How to clean the herring to jelly:

  1. Rainted herring without induction, fins and leather rinse in running water.
  2. Take a carcass in your hand so that the thumb end in the top of the back, and all the others inside. Next, squeezing your fingers, extrifying the movements to separate the meat from the bones. First one half, and then another. The freshly fish was, the easier it would be to clean it.

How to cook?

In the old days, pies with a view were popular in ancient times. For their preparation, chord is washed, boiled in spices and spices around four hours on small fire. Then scroll into the mince, the onions, laurel, boiled rice and steep eggs, salt, pepper are added. The filling is used in the preparation of pleate, adding a little broth to taste to taste, where chord was boiled.

In addition to pies with a visigue, you can make a lot of original dishes from chord. For example, Fyodor Shalyapin loved a snack from Vizigi under Khrön.

To implement the idea, it will take 300 grams of visits (3 chords), 50 grams of white dry wine, two eggs, 4 salted roots, two tbsp. l. sour cream, 1 tsp. mustard, dill, etaragon.

For her preparation, a remote visiting is soaked in salt water for 4 hours. Then scroll into mince, adding greens to taste. Great dill and estragon are fit. Add some white wine and extinguished under the lid. Then mix with finely chopped salted cucumbers, grated boiled egg, sour cream and horseradish. Snack ready!

So, we looked at what Vizigi is, what is its value and how to use it in food.

Purified sturgeon with sterlets, like the sterling, is not familiar to freshwater fish scales.

Requires removal and sticky mucus, sharp growths (bugs), located on the back and side parts. The skin on the touch looks like sandpaper, knowing some subtleties, the entire process of preparing the carcass will not take much time.

Purification stages: 1. depending on the size of the fish, the corresponding container will be required. Large representatives can be seen even in the bathroom, for sterling to use deep dishes.

2. Then you need to warm water, water the fish, starting from the tail and to the head. Such a procedure will help to get rid of not only from the characteristic mucus, but will make softer sharp growths. If they are not amenable to a simple removal, carefully pushing the knife.

3. Clear or no skirt depends on the conceived dishes. For stuffing, a holistic peel is needed, on the principle of stocking. It is necessary to join the head, gently pull towards the tail. If the carcass was poured before that, the separation process will significantly accelerate.

4. The abdominal part is cut, milk or caviar gets. The first can be frying, stew, caviar is the most valuable delicacy.

How to clean the sterlet at home

5. The bubble time must be carefully removed, if it burst, its content will give me a unpleasant, bitter taste. Removing all the inner mucous films, you need to wash the carcass again under running water

6.After you can move to the point of removal of visits. On the top of the fish there are 2 outbreaks in the area of ​​the tail and near the head. If the carcass is big, it is better to make a few notches. They should be sufficient depth to see a white lace, it is chord.

7. Dentally carefully pick up, pull out a visure. You can do this with a special food needle, fork, tweezers, or even passatives

It is important not to rush, otherwise the chord can break

8.Aligid visiting, you can use it for cooking pies.

On Russia, the sturgeon is used for pies and pleate

• Solelids cut the abdomen, get inside, and after white chord, carefully uplooking the fork, pull out, also needed moving from the tail to the head;

• Treatment of large sturgeon fish has its differences, it is necessary to delay the thoracic fin, make deep cuts on the skin and pulp, to the cartilage itself;

• After overpowing the exact movement of cartilage, remove the head;

• Large sharp knife remove spinal bugs with skin, also need to cut fins, leave only tail;

• at the base of the tail in the upper part to cut the pulp to the chord itself, carefully stretch with a fork or a long knife;

• It is possible to get a chord from the abdominal part, for this purpose there is an incision, it is necessary to pull out the insides, thoroughly rinse under running water carcass from the mucous films, and then pull the squeaver tweezers;

• The preservation method is used to the large sturgeon, it is necessary to cut on the back for 2 halves, the chord is easily removed with a holistic cord, this method can be applied for fresh fish.

It is important to remember that the frostbed sterlet or sturgeon cannot be frozen again, the fish will lose the consistency and taste

Do not hurry to throw away the remote chord. For the preparation of the filling, the dried visiting should be prepared on a slow fire quite a long time. Then you can chop, mix with fish or meat, start cakes. Simple advice will allow you to quickly clear sturgeon for cooking culinary masterpieces.

Several tips from experienced cooks

When cutting fish, it is worth using some tricks of experienced cooks.

  • In order for the knife to be less impregnated with a specific "aroma", it should wipe it with lemon juice or vinegar.
  • When cutting herring, it is better to choose a cutting board of plastic material or glass, they are less susceptible to be soaked with fish smell.
  • In order for the scented of herring less in hand, they should initially wipe with table vinegar or put on rubber gloves.

Following these simple prompts, the cleansing of herring will become a more pleasant process in the preparation of some kind of dish.


Various ways to clean the searer

Consider several methods for cleansing fish, their advantages and procedures.


A classic way to clean the herring from bones consists of several stages.

  1. Fish is put on the board and separated by a knife head, and then the tail.
  2. Holding the selence for the fin from above, carefully cut it off.
  3. The knife in the hole, which remains, cut the belly and get the deception of the herring. If you like milk or caviar, do not shove the knife deep inside, so as not to damage them. Gently push the abdomen and free it from the insides.
  4. Icra and milk can be used to prepare sandwiches or snacks.
  5. Turn the fish on the side and cut off on one side, and then from the second strip width in half astimeter. This allows removing fins on belly and solid parts.
  6. Remove the black film with a paper napkin or hands, it gives a bitter taste with dishes. Rinse the fish both outside and inside under water from under the tap.
  7. Put the herring with a back to the board and make a thumb of the pocket in the part where the fin is on top. Move up, separating the selence for 2 halves, and then do the same, moving down.
  8. Put the selence on the board and picker the skin with a knife, take it for its edge and quickly remove it. Make the same with the second half.

Herring cleaned! It remains to remove the bones using tweezers, cut it on the portion and serve on the table.

For "fur coats"

Here here is one of the recipes of the fish cutting, designed for the famous Suba salad.

First, lay out herring on the board, cut the tail and the head of the searer. Then post the abdomen from the tail fin at the bottom forward and to the end. Remove the inside fish.

Milk and caviar rinse under the jet of water from the crane, put in a bowl or in the container and put in the refrigerator. The rest of the inside, send to the garbage.

Move the knife from the ridge to the edges, clean the inner side of the abdomen, scrape from the film of black color: at the beginning one side, and then another. Rinse the searer under the water from the tap. Cut with fast movements all fins at the bottom - tail, dorsal and abdominal.

Make a knife incision on the back of the fish, separating the selence into 2 parts, slightly not reaching the end. Put the carcass on the side and fingers. Patty the eye from the tail. Then carefully pull it out with your hand forward and up. So you will remove the whole skin on both sides.

After that, it should be separated from the fillet from the fish ridge: start from the tail, thoroughly separating the fish for 2 halves and, pressing your finger to the bone, move to the head and separate the meat. Do the same with the 2nd haunt of herring.

It remains gentically removed with fingers small bones remaining on the serel, without disturbing the integrity of the carcass.

Rinse the fillet, cut it with cubes, and voila - everything is ready! You can start cooking "fur coat".


This method from cooks will demonstrate how to quickly clean the herring, without removing all the bones at the same time.

It is necessary first to turn the carcass, cut off the fins and remove the skin. Then the searer needs to be washed and make an incision on the back. Keep it so that 4 fingers are inside, and big - on the cut on the back of the fish. Then you should compress your fingers, squeezing meat and separating it from the ridge.

First, separate 1 half fillets, and then the 2nd, and then remove the bones using the tweezers.

One move

There is another option for cleaning fish from bones. Initially, the hill are removed from the carcass, remove inside, fins from it. Holding herring behind the tail 2 hands, so that you were addressed to her side, slightly discharge with his hands, pulling my fingers from each other, holding the seler very hard, so as not to slip out. Holding a carcass for the tail of 2 hands, "Dressing" fish on yourself, the searer will describe the circle around the tail.

Then separate herring with a sharp movement, spreading to the hand side. In one hand you will have a back and the ridge, and in the 2nd two strips of the abdomen. It remains to carefully separate the back from the bones using tweezers or fingers. Put the fillet on the plate and cut to portions and use for cooking.

How to get excellent fillet

If the "silver seas" were used only as one of the ingredients for salad, there would be no questions "How to get entire pieces?". But the searer is cut into slices, sandwiches are prepared from it, and the fish is simply obliged to have a decent appearance.

And what to do with bones: as a rule, at the time of the salting the smallest dissolve themselves. Big are removed during cleaning, but the average has to be removed by either tweezers or hands. After all, flawless fillet should not contain bones.

Sometimes it happens that the hostess without having calculated the number of guests, cleans more fish than it can actually come in handy. Remember that the seler cannot be left just like that. It refers to the number of quickly spoiled products. And it is better to make extra fillet, for example, with sunflower oil or lemon juice. In the usual glass container, covering the lid. Then fish can be treated in a couple of days.

Video on how to decorate herring under a fur coat

As you can see, the options of darkness, dirting, the main thing to start work and during stop, do not eat before the rest)))

And here is the promised video, see, here are other types of this simple and delicious dishes:


It became even popular to make a herring under a fur coat with a pita, how do you think this idea? In general, watch and learn if you hear about this option for the first time:

I won't everyone, I wanted to help all those who are now in search of the one, how to organize this salad originally on the table, I hope you like my selection and you have been satisfied. Please subscribe you to my group in contact and more often leave comments and your feedback. Everyone until soon, while so far!

P.S Also, if you enable fantasy and your smelter, and even observation, then you can come up with an option for all lovers:

The main thing will want and everything will be able to!

Methods of beautiful cutting fish fillet

From thin plates, you can roll the rolls, put in the center of greens, a drop of mayonnaise, a bright carrot or a spoon of beet salad with garlic and mayonnaise. Lay out the rolls on a flat plate, decorate the perimeter with bright vegetables, potatoes, onions.

Fry toasts, offer Canape from Herring. Place them on a plate with mini snacks. Instead of canape, you can lay slices with racking potatoes, canned peas, do not forget to pour a bit of aromatic sunflower oil from above.

Filize into the fish plate, on which, along with the herring, guests will be offered other types of fish, olives, caviar, lemon slices, salty cherry tomatoes. Dishes design - creative process. Fantasize, guests will feel your hospitality, care.

2 How to cut the seler - work

From how much you are partitioned by the fish, the end result will depend on. With this method, you will have two neat fillets that can be cut into portion pieces or used in dish.

Prepare a large cutting board, knife, paper towels and waste package. The board must be only for fish, since its material quickly absorbs the smell.

Council. Use a sharp knife for cutting carcasses. So you make neat cuts and do not damage meat.

All insides are getting out of the fish. Milks are left for dishes, like caviar, the rest of the parts are ejected. Rinse the fish inside or wipe off with paper towels. Then the tip of the knife is squaring the film and the remains of the insides.

Remove the fins. Start with the tail: Patty his finger from the tail to the incision of the belly and a jerk remove from the carcass.

Next, remove the abdominal fins. Also shoot them with a sharp movement from the tail toward the head.

In the same way, remove the fins on the back. Or carefully cut it out.

Knife cut the back of the carcass into two parts, but not to the end.

Also taking the skin at the bottom of the fish (near the tail).

It's time to remove the skin. Put the fish on the side. Slightly pushes it near the cut on the tail and gently separate from meat. Pull the skin towards the head, but up. So you do not pick meat. Do the same on the other hand.

When you completely removed the skin, rinse the carcass again under the running and cold water. Let it dry or blot with paper towels.

The most complex process has come - separation of fillets from bones. Take the fish in your hand and shove the thumb between the tail part of the carcass and the ridge as shown in the photo.

Now pull the fillet with one hand, and the other hold the rest of the skeleton.

As a result - the whole spine will remain on the bottom fillet, while the upper piece is fully ready.

At this stage, it is important not to rush and carefully separate the spine, otherwise the meat will be broken into pieces

Although most bones come out with the ridge, short and small still remain. Spend your finger along the inside of the fillet and pull the bones.

Herring is fully ready for use in your favorite dish or cutting to the table.

If you properly approach the process of cutting the searer, you can quickly and easily cope with such, difficult at first glance, the task. After all, the fish, cut with its own hands, is much delicious factory fillet, and cheaper. Bon Appetit!

Two more ways to clean herring from bones, see the video:

New 24.10.2020

5 Lifehas for fish lovers

Rightly chosen herring will make a dish of delicious dish, and quickly studied- will save your time. Tips will help the cook to choose high-quality fish, quickly divide it, do not swap the kitchen.

  1. Fresh carcasses - with transparent, convex eyes and red gills.
  2. For cutting, use a glass or plastic board.
  3. In order not to stain a worktop, and hands use parchment and gloves.
  4. Lemon juice will remove the smell from the blade of the knife.
  5. If you do not use gloves, wipe your hands with vinegar before work.

One of the most delicious useful and affordable fish is a herd. It can be purchased in a frozen form or perform a home ambassador, you can buy a non-shaped carcass and clean it yourself, but you can pay and get a product without bones, ready for use in salads, with a garnish. What preferred the case is individual, but do not forget to familiarize yourself with the composition of the saline, and then the product will deliver not only taste, but will also become a source of a set of beneficial substances.

Preparation of workplace

The herring is covered with resolves and fat, which have a very specific smell. In order not to then quit the kitchen, before starting cleaning, you need to prepare a workplace. Next accessories:

Cutting board

For fish it is better to have a separate board. You can protect any other from the herds, wrapping it several times with a film or stuck with tight clean paper. Newspapers for this cannot be used, due to the content of harmful typographic paint in them. After giving off the fish, the film can be simply removed by collecting waste into it, and throw away.

Knife and tweezers

The kitchen knife must be sharp. A stupid blade is difficult to cut the skin smoothly, it will be badly removed. A beautiful pulp cutout can be obtained only with the help of a flawlessly sharpened blade. Pinzeta is convenient to extract small bones that are deep inside.

Protection of hands and clothes

The skin of the hands is especially difficult to wash away from the smell of salted fish. To avoid this problem, you can wear thin shopping gloves. If the hands still have a little blocked when working with herring, remove unwanted fragrance help the juice of fresh lemon. Tight kitchen apron protects clothes.

Several tips from experienced cooks

When cutting fish, it is worth using some tricks of experienced cooks.

  • In order for the knife to be less impregnated with a specific "aroma", it should wipe it with lemon juice or vinegar.
  • When cutting herring, it is better to choose a cutting board of plastic material or glass, they are less susceptible to be soaked with fish smell.
  • In order for the scented of herring less in hand, they should initially wipe with table vinegar or put on rubber gloves.

Following these simple prompts, the cleansing of herring will become a more pleasant process in the preparation of some kind of dish.


Separate the herring can now quickly and at the same time do not need any special skills. It is only worth familiar with the article, choose the appropriate way and "fill" the hand in the process.

Select Product

Selecting the herring, it is important to carefully explore the gills. According to their appearance, by the way, it turns out not only fresh fiszy, but also salty

Check is carried out by pressing. If the blood is manifested, then there are certain problems with a carcass. For example, this means that salted fish was incorrectly gone. In addition, the gills must be painted in bright red. When oxidizing fish oil, a rusty laid should also appear.

Carcasses should be elastic, neat shape, evenly painted, and without damage. Eyes ideally are transparent and only slightly convex. Experts recommend to give preference to fish with thick back. By the way, if Herring has a fat belly, it suggests that there is enough caviar and milk

Of course, when buying it is important to evaluate and smell - it should be natural and "sea", without sharpness and bright notes

Fish preparation and stuffing

Before tasty to shrink the herring in the oven, it must be processed correctly. For this, the heads are cut off, all fins are cleaned, and then insert the tip of the knife into the resulting hole and cut the product along the brute. It takes out all the insides, including the black film that adjacent to the fillet. By the way, it is better to scrape with a knife. If this component is left, then after smoking the fish can be patched.

Thoroughly cleaned herring, it is rinsed in cold water and rub the shallow salt from all sides (outside and inside). Leaving the fish aside, proceed to processing vegetables. Garlic cloves and the heads of the onions are freed from husks and crushed: the first component is cut by thin plates, and the second is bold by half rings. In completion, they are neatly placed in the belly treated fish and leave at room temperature on the ¼ hour until the oven boils.

If your guests are already on the threshold, and snacks with fish are not yet ready, then it's time to learn how to quickly clean herring for sandwiches. The most interesting and rapid ways to cut fish to your attention.

How to clean the herring three rapid ways

Preparatory stage

Prepare a container for waste, a sharp knife and a board, can be processed to the cutting. Latex or polyethylene gloves are worn for convenience. Fish is pre-rinsed under running water.

1 Method "Classic"

After putting a knife at an angle of 45 degrees under the first fin, carry out a cut under the habies and remove the head.

How to clean the herring three rapid ways

With the help of scissors cut the edge of the abdomen. In order to make a cut on the abdominal cavity, it is better to use the scissors, and not a knife. Then the edge of the cut will be smooth.

How to clean the herring three rapid ways

Using the knife, from the fish is removed. Optionally, they leave milk and caviar. With the help of scissors, the tail fins are cut.

How to clean the herring three rapid ways

The herring turn their backs, make a longitudinal cut. He must be shallow, so that the skin is covered. Also cut the dorsal fin.

How to clean the herring three rapid ways

Having placed a carcass head towards himself, the edge of the skin appeared with a knife. Begin to raise the top to get a finger between meat and skin.

How to clean the herring three rapid ways

With the help of fingers, the skin is separated from the torso, removing the whole web in the direction to the tail. Exactly this is done with the second part.

How to clean the herring three rapid ways

To remove the ridge, your fingers are cutting into a cut on the back. Spending several times along to separate the bone from meat.

How to clean the herring three rapid ways

Starting to pull fillets from the side of the head, remove one part from the ridge.

How to clean the herring three rapid ways

To remove the bone from the second fillet, the tail of the bone is pushed. After pulling it towards the head.

How to clean the herring three rapid ways

If minor bones remained after the bone, they are taken with tweezers.

How to clean the herring three rapid ways

2 Method "Fish Massage"

The carcass is eliminated from the head, cut along the abdomen and take out inside.

How to clean the herring three rapid ways

Fish wrapped in a paper towel or a large napkin, so that during the next process, the splashes did not fly onto the walls. After it, they beat off the board three times on each side. Such a massage is necessary that the bones move away from the pulp.

How to clean the herring three rapid ways

After removing the towel, the carcass put on the back board up. They spend along the back, pressing and pressing the fish to the board.

How to clean the herring three rapid ways

Turn the carcass belly up. Find out the separated ridge in the area of ​​the tailflower, and take out

How to clean the herring three rapid ways

In this way, after removing the bones, the flesh is not divided into 2 fillets, as it keeps on the skin. Therefore, it is easy to remove with one movement immediately from two half. This is done with the help of fingers, as in the classic version.

How to clean the herring three rapid ways

The skin with a knife is separated in the top area. Wrinking to her fingers, pull to the tail. Ready fillets are checked for bones.

How to clean the herring three rapid ways

3 method "4 fillet"

To start cutting herring to the third way, it is pre-delivered from the head, indoor and skin. At the same time, it is important that the tail fins remain in place. It is cut in the middle of a sharp knife.

How to clean the herring three rapid ways

Taking by the edges of the tail, the fish shut down through it in a circle. Not releasing the edges of the hands, pull the tail in opposite sides.

How to clean the herring three rapid ways

Fish is divided into two parts: abdominal and dorsal.

How to clean the herring three rapid ways

Continuing slowly pulling, three pieces are obtained: 2 compound abdomen and ridge with flesh. The lower part of the fish can be removed, it is ready. And the upper part is removed from the ridge, getting 2 more fillets.

How to clean the herring three rapid ways

From the branched herring you can quickly make delicious fish cutting, decorating greens, lemon and sprinkling with oil. Or prepare sandwiches for the arrival of guests.

How to clean the herring three rapid ways

Watch the video

Method 1.

This is a classic approach to chipping. So do in restaurants, because the result is a beautiful fillet, which is not ashamed to squeeze on the table.

  1. Cut your head together with breast fins.
  2. Cut the abdomen with knife or kitchen scissors. Stop fish. Be sure to consider the black film from the inner walls of the abdomen. Postpone the caviar or milk if you eat them.
  3. Make an incision along the back: from the head to the tail. Remove the dorsal fin.
  4. Gently remove the skin starting from the head. Cut the tail.
  5. Hold your fingers along the ridge, trying to separate it. Then, carefully disconnect the first part of the fillet and remove the ridge from the second.
  6. Remove the remaining small bones with tweezers.

Method 2.

  1. Cut the head and tail. Remove all fins.
  2. Study herring. If necessary, rinse the abdomen with cold water and wipe with a paper towel.
  3. Wrap the fish with a food film or a paper towel and slightly knock on the table. So the bones will be easier to separate from meat.
  4. Open the seler as a book, and put the belly down on the board. Press tight, and then turn over and remove the ridge.
  5. If small bones remained, pull them out by tweezers.
  6. Turn over the fillet again and carefully remove the skin.

Method 3.

This is the most elegant way to cut the searer. The output is fillet, divided into four parts. For cutting on the festive table, it is unlikely to suit, but when all its own or for salads is quite.

  1. Cut your head and remove the dorsal fin. Tail do not touch.
  2. Cut the abdomen, remove the caviar or milk, remove other insides and clean everything carefully.
  3. Cuting a back from "Podleka" to the tail, remove the skin.
  4. Do near the tail of a small incision with a depth of about 1 cm. Divide the tail fins into two parts and, holding a fish on weight, scroll it to yourself.
  5. Gently tear the seler into two parts. You will have two abdomen (almost without bones) and back on the ridge.
  6. Remove the ridge and the remaining small bones.

5 Lifehas for fish lovers

  1. Before cutting, you need to buy fish. On the subtleties of choice - in our infographics.
  2. For the cut, it is better to use a plastic or glass board: a wooden can be soaked in a fish smell.
  3. To quickly clean up the kitchen, make a table or a cutting board with parchment paper. You can use the newspaper in the old way.
  4. So that the knife does not groan the fish, wipe the blade lemon.
  5. So that the smell does not in the hands, turn them out to the cutting, wipe them with a cutlery vinegar or put on gloves. Then after working with fish, it will be enough to simply wash your hands.

How beautiful to file a sekoo on the table

As you can see, getting fillet is easy. It is much more difficult to come up with how to apply the seler. Here are some ideas for inspiration.



How to clean the herring from bones - for fur coats, on fillet, in one movement
How to clean the herring from bones - for fur coats, on fillet, in one movement

How to clean the seler from the bones? Cutting salted herring for the preparation of salad and feed on the table.


Despite the fact that in stores sell ready-made fillets and preserves, many mistresses prefer to clean her deer. This is explained by the fact that it is much easier to appreciate the freshness of the fish. Herring sells on a rave from barrels and tin cans and pieces in vacuum packaging. Fresh fish should be elastic dark red gills and pure skin without damage. It should not be plated. The presence of "rust" on herring shows its low quality or unsuitable for storage conditions. The product is perishable, therefore, as soon as it falls to your kitchen, it must be stolen by removing all the insides.

How to clean the herring from bones on fillet

How to clean the herring from bones - for fur coats, on fillet, in one movement
How to clean the herring from bones - for fur coats, on fillet, in one movement

High-quality fillet can be obtained at home. To do this, you will need a comfortable cutting board, a well-ended knife with a thin blade and a tutu of napkins or paper towels. Each experienced economy knows how to properly clean the herring from the bones.

For this you need:

  • Wrap the cutting board in the food film. This will help protect the surface from smell and dirt. Instead of film, you can use paper towels or newspaper
  • Spread paper towels on the table top, which will be needed in order to remove films from the abdomen and blood.
  • Make two smooth cuts: longitudinal along the back and transverse head
  • Gently pull the skin of the skin from the head to the tail. Do not make sharp movements, otherwise the skin will rush.
  • Remove fillet from the spine and rib bone. Thin and minor bones can be removed by tweezers

Herring fillet can be kept no more than two days. Since the fish has a pronounced smell that quickly absorb other products in the refrigerator, it is recommended to store it in a hermetic container. Metal containers are not suitable for herring, it is better to use plastic, glass or enameled dishes

Sent a herring under a fur coat? We separate the selayer for salad

How to clean the herring from bones - for fur coats, on fillet, in one movement
How to clean the herring from bones - for fur coats, on fillet, in one movement

If the searer was purchased for salad, it can be cleaned with another way. In this case, the ridge is first removed, and then the skin. After you prepare the work surface and scold the knife, rinse the fish in cold running water. Then carefully dry it using paper towels. How to cut the searer for a fur coat? First, cut the tail, fins and head. Make a neat incision on the trouser and get inside. If after that there are many tets and films left, rinse herring again.

Important! Do not forget to dry the selence after it is promoting it in cold water.

Strong fish must be wrapped in the food film and cut off slightly. Do not beat fish about the work surface, use a wooden hammer or rope. It will help separate all the bones from fish, including the smallest. Next, putting the fish with the belly down, push it so that it revealed as a book. Turn over and pull the ridge. Now divide the carcass into two separate fillets, and remove the skin with them with them. Small bones remove with tweezers.

For those who need faster! We separate the herring with one movement

If you save time, you need to separate the seler in one movement. First prepare the workpiece. Cut fins and remove the insides. Do not forget to dry the abdomen and get rid of intestinal films. If you separate the fish in this way for the first time, do it above the table. In case of failure, the fish will not fall on the floor.

  • So that the trick turned out, on the tail it is necessary to make a section of about one centimeter
  • Then take herring and make a circular movement on yourself so that the carcass describe the circle around its tail. Movements should be confident
  • Sharp movement tear the herring into two halves
  • You will have two abdomen and a ridge with a fillet part.
  • Separate fillets from bones

So that everything happens, hold the tail of the fish as hard as possible

What to do with herring milk: can there be them

How to clean the herring from bones - for fur coats, on fillet, in one movement
How to clean the herring from bones - for fur coats, on fillet, in one movement

During cleaning the fish can be left milk. Unlike caviar, many housewives throw them out, because they do not know what to do with them. Others, learning that this sperm of males, refuse to use them into food. However, this product deserves attention, because it has a lot of advantages. Seryline milk can be fused in a grain and add to the salad or use as a filling for Fishburger. Often they are put in a fur coat, in addition to fillets. In Finland, they do not wonder if the milk eating the seryls. Here, together with caviar add to the ear. Taking advantage of a blender you can make a pate from the remaining milk. Enough to add boiled egg, raw carrots and butter.

Methods Beautifully apply a cleaned herring on the table

How to clean the herring from bones - for fur coats, on fillet, in one movement
How to clean the herring from bones - for fur coats, on fillet, in one movement

Subtle sliced ​​salted herring fillet can be a good snack. It is served with salty cucumbers marinated mushrooms, olives and olives. Fillet is also used for canape. A slit is riveted with small pieces of herring and boiled potatoes with onion rings between them. A set of products for this snack can be any, you can add olive or pickled champignons for piquancy. If you doubt and do not know how to file a deck on the table, make sandwiches with black bread, butter and greens. An acquaintance since childhood taste can please guests and remind about family feasts in the parent house. Alternative can serve rolls that are made with filling or without it.

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Clean the herring in a few minutes - quite real

Clean the herring in a few minutes - quite real

The herring with boiled potatoes or mashed potatoes is a favorite dish of many people, and "fur coat" is a frequent guest on the festive tables. And not in vain, because salty fish is very useful for the body, rich in amino acids and Omega-3. The only minus - the herring must be cleaned, remove the skin and remove the bones. Novate.ru will share hectares how to quickly separate the fish on the fillet.

General Recommendations for Cleaning Herring

Much more pleasant to eat a beautifully broken herring than purified as hit / photo: i.ytimg.com

Much more pleasant to eat a beautifully broken herring than purified as hit / photo: i.ytimg.com

1. If the fish is frozen, put it on 12 in the refrigerator or plunge into cool water. Remember: If the herring remains slightly frozen inside, it will not work well.

2. After paying the carcass, be sure to rinse it with water. Cutting on a flat and clean surface to get neat pieces.

So that the hands do not disappear fish, wear latex gloves / photo: vdp.mycdn.me

So that the hands do not disappear fish, wear latex gloves / photo: vdp.mycdn.me

3. For the separation, it is better to use a large sharp knife and kitchen scissors. Small bones can be removed by metal tweezers, to approach with a knife or needle. So that the fish aroma does not take into hand in hand, in short, wear latex gloves.

4. If before splitting up to wrap the herring with paper or food foil and knock it on a table top, then the bones are separated from the carcass much easier.

Ways to clean herring

1. Classic method
First, cut your head, fins and make a longitudinal cut on the belly / Photo: OBALDELA.RU

First, cut your head, fins and make a longitudinal cut on the belly / Photo: OBALDELA.RU

Take the herring, make an incision near the head with a sharp knife and deploy the ridge. Next, pull the fish head to yourself to separate it from the carcass and grab inside. Open the abdomen, remove the black film from the walls with a knife and insides, if any remained. Cut fins and tail. Follow the ridge along the ridge, think the skin and remove it from meat. Throw the ridge across the belly and first separate one half, and then the second. Now inspect the parts of the carcass, there is no small bones left in them. They can be removed by hand or remove with a special tweezers. If you cook the "fur coat", we recommend to enter the herring in this way.

2. Lifehak from Northerners
Make sure that the belly of herring was carefully cleaned / photo: soveetclub.ru

Make sure that the belly of herring was carefully cleaned / photo: soveetclub.ru

First do trust the herring and tail at the herring. Swipe on the ridge to get an incision and cut the bottom of the belly. Remove the inside and remove the skin, starting on the head side and moving to the tail. Take two hands for half a carcass and large fingers separated meat from the ridge, slowly moving around the skeleton. Check if there is no bones left, and the herd is ready.

3. Cunning Package
Pre-tighten the herring to bones easier separated from carcass / photo: bucatarul.eu

Pre-tighten the herring to bones easier separated from carcass / photo: bucatarul.eu

If the time "presses", the usual polyethylene package will help to accelerate the selegum cleaner. To start, scroll the carcass, pre-trotting belly. Be sure to remove the black film and clean the abdominal cavity. Next, put a herring in the package and take away the fish with a knife. It is important to be important to observe the measure to move the movements not with light patters, but not with powerful blows. Thanks to such life, the skeleton and bones are separated from the carcass much easier. Remove the herring from the package, cut the fins, tail and cut off your head. Shkurka remove at the very end, after removing bones from fillet. So the meat will preserve the form better.

4. Two-minute way
Firmly grasp the ridge and gradually move to the tail / photo: YouTube.com

Firmly grasp the ridge and gradually move to the tail / photo: YouTube.com

Take the fish, cut your head. Make a longitudinal incision on the trouser and get the inside. Rinse herring, and then proceed. Take the ridge from the belly side with big and index fingers and moving along it, get the skeleton, cut the tail and remove the remaining bones. Next, also finger separating fillet from the skins. Dinner is served!

5. Method on the contrary
If you correctly separate the meat from the ridge, it almost will not remain bones / photo: soveetclub.ru

If you correctly separate the meat from the ridge, it almost will not remain bones / photo: soveetclub.ru

The feature of this method is the separation of fillet from the bone, and not the usual option - the ridge from meat. Study the herring, clean the belly, cut your head and fins. Tail While leave. Put fish on a flat surface and reserve at the base of the tail. Next, press the skeleton with a tail to the hill and delay the fillet, slowly separating it from the skeleton. As soon as we cope with one half, turn the fish and repeat the process.

6. Job
Justing is another convenient method that will quickly divide fish on halves / photo: domotmoem.ru

Justing is another convenient method that will quickly divide fish on halves / photo: domotmoem.ru

Study herring, get inside, cut the fins, remove the skin and rinse the fish. Take a carcass and keep the thumb of one of the hands over the ridge, and the remaining four are inside the abdomen. Squeeze your hand and start to buy a thumb back to split herring into two halves. At the end, separate both parts from the bones and cut the tail. This method is also well suited for fresh fish.

Herring with potatoes and onions - Finger Losing / Photo: Itd0.Mycdn.me

Herring with potatoes and onions - Finger Losing / Photo: Itd0.Mycdn.me

Any way to help the herring quickly and efficiently. Be sure to check whether it remains in the bone carcass, so as not to remove them during the meal. I wonder why herring was under the "fur coat"? Then read

As Salads are popular in the USSR.

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The dishes from the Atlantic herring can be called truly one of the delicious, but to prepare a salad from this fish or simply to file with pieces it is desirable to know: how to quickly clean it from bones and skin. There are several valuable and at the same time simple secrets how to quickly clean the seler from the bones in one movement.

How to quickly clean the selence from the bones - for "fur coats" on fillet in one movement

Why clean alone

Before choosing to buy a whole carcass carcass or already ready-made fillet, many mistresses will prefer the second option. For example, if for the fur coats, meat without seeds, then with this option you do not have to mess. The option is not bad, but if you want to prepare high-quality dishes from the Atlantic herring, then it is worth learn the reasons why it is better to buy a fish whole:

  • A whole carcass can be checked for freshness if you look at her eyes;
  • unfair manufacturers can make fillets from poor-quality or spoiled fish;
  • In some cases, small bones are removed from the fish with the help of chemical compositions and they dissolve from such a treatment;
  • Buying whole fish cheaper will cost.

Features of the herring and the method of cleaning bone

Having bought a salty herring in order to finely cut it into a sludge "fur coat" or to make a fillet on a plate. Many hostess face a problem - a lot of small stones. In addition, it is often difficult to remove the skin due to the fact that it is slippery. In fact, the process of separating the carcass can be significantly alleviated.

There is a lightweight reception, with which you can deftly clean the carcass from the bones. There is an easy recommendation, how to divide the selence from bones on fillet with a step-by-step photo:

⦁ Wash fish and put it on a cutting board, which is worth beding the food film in advance. Make an incision on a belly.

⦁ Next, cut the fish head. Move the fish and get inside from it. If the herring was a female, then the caviar from it can be left and eat.

⦁ It is important not to forget to clear the herring from the black film with the help of a knife.

⦁ Now it turns out to clean the meat for 1 minute the method proven over the years. To do this, take a carcass for the tail. Divide it into two parts and hold them hard.

⦁ Quickly drop fillet across the tail. Stretch the skeleton with the spine in different directions. After that, all bones will be on the skeleton, and in the hands there will be a soft fillet.

⦁ Near the upper dorsal fins, remove a small piece of meat, where there are many bones. From the bottom of both pieces of fillets you need to cut down a centimeter, as small bones are present, which are quite problematic to remove.

It will be easier to clean the skin, if you do it from top to bottom - from the head to the tail.


Regarding the question How to quickly clean the seler from the bones in one movement everything is simple, but the carcass must be brought to the perfect condition and remove the remnants of the black film and leather from it. Clean the herring correctly:

  • To make small bones easier to stretch out of the carcass, it follows, before you start gutting the herring about the table;
  • Clean the herring from the bones will be easier if you remove the spine cut the gills before removing the spine;
  • To surely remove traces of black film you need to wash fish under running water;
  • Make an incision at the top, where the head was cut - it will be easier to get rid of the skin;
  • Clear herring in fillet can be careful, if you eliminate its "slippery" with a paper towel;
  • It is important to use a sharp knife, and just in case have tweezers with you.


So that fish fillets are as high as possible in the dish, it is important to know how to properly clean the selence from bones and skins. It is enough to follow ordinary tips and carefully act during the process.

Also below watch the video: how to clean the selence from bones in 1 minute

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