What is a "pirate assembly" of Windows and what it can be better than official

Windows is two types:

- downloaded from the official site and activated (or not activated);

- Pirate. That you mean crafts take the usual Windows distribution and add different functions there, as well as remove unnecessary components.

Publication is written for familiarization. The author of the channel does not recommend using pirate or counterfeit software.

There are full of such assemblies on the Internet, you can only describe general changes. Some components of cunning are disconnected, and some slyly are permitted irretrievably.

The ability to update on such a system is naturally absent.

What do you clean?

- Support for Xbox, Edge (browser), Cloud service One Drive, Windows Defender, various superstructures for people with disabilities, system restoration.

- telemetry and tracking of user actions;

- various unnecessary graphics, themes and unnecessary files in most cases;

- various logging of actions, as well as a Windows search;

- unnecessary localization of languages, fonts, symbols;

- support for mobile devices;

Sometimes add different components and settings, but mostly make the most lightweight version of both in terms of productivity and in terms of saving space.

The assemblies are very much and the purpose of everyone can be different.

How can such Windows be better and worse than official?

In speed, it can be faster, and also easier in the settings (minimum assemblies), but there is a large substantial minus - we do not know what could turn the author of such an assembly.

Perhaps this system will be susceptible to viruses and various attacks so that the meaning of the plus from the speed will quickly disappear. Also on such systems there may be problems with new devices, problems with drivers, libraries and components that use various programs.

And some programs may not even be installed on such a system.

Also, many authors of such assemblies create them with benefits for themselves - ingestion special programs that they can use for their own purposes:

- Mining cryptocurrency;

- tracking for the user;

- Using PCs as a proxy server for jurisdly. In this case, the computer with a pirated assembly installed will be a gateway, which can lead to problems with the law from a regular user who simply put this assembly.

Output: It can only be in speed, and there are much more cons.


Personally, I do not recommend installing pirate assemblies. Inside can be anything. In addition, the network is full of instructions how to remove unnecessary components and speed up Windows any version. Including - and on my channel. Subscribe not to miss interesting publications.

What is your assembly? Write in the comments.

0Pirate What does it mean?Pirate What does it mean?

In connection with the permanent crisis, which occurs in our country, prices are only growing, and salaries, sometimes even "


"So, many computer games lovers, if they want to support the manufacturer, then they are simply not able to do this because of their low platforms. After all, to give the blood two - four thousand rubles for the digital key, it is too wasteful. Especially for those who have There are children and a wife who constantly pulls the blanket for themselves, and makes it buy her any useless nonsense. Therefore, the only, and natural way out of the situation, it is found


What you mean you can read a little lower. Our site is engaged in deciphering a variety of concepts, offensive words,


And the lyrics from street argo. Therefore, be sure to add this resource of fashion-words.rf to your bookmarks to have an idea of ​​new jargonis and other, no less important things.

However, before I continue, I would like to show you a couple more popular publications for




. For example, what does it mean


, what


, who it


What does the word mean



So, will continue

Pirate, value

? This term has occurred from the word "


", under which a person who is engaged in the robberies of other people's ships and ships.

Pirate - This is not called a licensed version of the game, which was purchased from non-states or downloaded completely free from informal sources.



  I use exclusively pirated software versions, I do not understand why I have to overpay Slatoroga. Toyan, that you are soaring, just download the pirates from the torrent, and you will be happy. Only a pirate is only one minus, it cannot be used to play online. Pirate

- so called any digital


Used illegally, it can be both movies, books and software and of course computer games.

Most people, acquire a new console, first try to buy only a license, but after several purchases, a person comes to horror from his waste. Therefore, any player starts searching over time. "


"Because circumstances force him to go to this extreme doubtful step. In general, today, single-user games are almost all downloaded from the Internet, and online, acquired on official resources. By


An ordinary person does not care about whose pocket his money is sent, he wants to get a product and a point!

The pirate is the same program that differs from "


", Only one, the copy protection is removed here. The developers are desperately struggling with the spread of illegal copies, and their purchase and sale in many countries are considered to be illegal, and may entail trials.

Using a licensed copy, any user in theory can contact "


"To express your claims or ask for help. In addition, patches and


will be installed exclusively on the license. Sometimes in pirates you can find a Troyan, which is introduced there by enterprising encoders. Although in most cases the antivirus does not swear on malicious software, but on the so-called "cracks" (hacked files or program to replace multiple bytes in the code).

Pirates are usually shipped in unsightly boxes with poor-quality printing, which have no manual. On the contrary, all licenses have colorful boxes, and sometimes equipped with detailed brochures with explanations on the game. More expensive license options, can be equipped with some bonuses, such as promotional codes, posters, stickers and even figures of heroes.

After reading all the above, we can conclude that the pirate is an order of magnitude cheaper, and is the result of criminal activity, and the license is more expensive, but it has several advantages. Therefore, only you decide, download yourself a pirate, and get a cat in a bag, or not


And play license, possessing all rights.

After reading this useful article, you learned

What is a pirate

And now you will not find yourself in a difficult position, if you stop at this ambiguous word.

Good day!

All of us, absolutely all of us, ever downloaded pirate content from the Internet.

But at least once someone wondered: "And where does he come from?"

What is computer piracy!?

Computer piracy as a phenomenon has become possible in 1980, when the US Congress adopted the definition of a computer program as an object of intellectual property. From this point on, piracy officially became theft. Prior to that, the few holders of computers could copy and distribute the programs absolutely free and unpunished.

The main cause of piracy is the expensive availability of content (films, books, music, educational materials, etc.). Piracy is carried out through the vulnerability and weakness of the program code, which are inherently "open windows in a locked house", through which the thief is pulling everything you need.

Computer piracy is most common in developing regions: Asia, Africa, Central and Eastern Europe, CIS countries.

According to the BUSINESS Software Alliance organization, the level of piracy in the world at the moment is 42%, i.e. 42% of all programs are pirated versions. This indicator varies significantly depending on the country, varying from 19% in the USA to 91% in Georgia.

Why is piracy bad?

The answer is banal. Content manufacturers and developers due to pirated activities lose huge amounts of income, and sometimes the amount spent on the production of anything turn out to be more acquired tools. Thus, many companies operate in minus, which leads to bankruptcy, reduced content quality. Ultimately, the consumer itself suffers.

Also in the cons piracy include the following:

  • The likelihood that pirated software will work incorrectly or do not work at all.
  • No manufacturer's warranties, the program will not be able to update. Every new version of the program you will have to pirate again.
  • The risk of infection of your computer with malicious programs, viruses or advertising banners increases.
  • Legal consequences of copyright impairment (administrative / criminal liability). For example, pirated programs are strictly prohibited in our state organizations (for all that is used, there must be licenses). Control bodies carry out regular checks on this issue.

Will the piracy die?

In current realities, no. Legislation in this regard, though it is trying to develop, but weak on this battlefield. Manufacturers who are trying to track as quickly as possible and block the pre-school content are becoming the most important fighter.

Perhaps the day will come when computer piracy will wage. When legal versions of programs are available to everyone, and hacking costs will exceed the result as a result. Pirate programs are in demand, because it is often possible to get a hacked version of the program even easier and faster than the licensing version. Because people like the opportunity to get "Soft" for free, which they would never bought in fact. Because the real punishment for unauthorized use of software at home is very distant.

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How do hackers work?

We are all economical people, within reasonable limits. We all do not want to overpay for dubious advantages or in general the absence of such when comparing goods. When choosing a disk with a game for a PC or console, we do not become wasteful, therefore our looks often falls on illegal copies: they are at times cheaper than licensed products. The so-called pirated versions of games in Russia make up most of the market of the gaming industry. Naturally, the question arises, as in that advertising: if there is no difference, why pay more? However, the difference between the licensed game and the pirate is, and noticeable.

Licensed version of the game Provided by developers and is equipped with a unique code and often software for protection against unauthorized disk use. Revenues from sales of license games are in the pockets of developers, which theoretically justifies the continuation of work on the series or the creation of new products.

Pirate It is a unlicensed copy of the disks with the game, illegally devoid of protection, installed by the developers, or the version with a slightly modified parameters. The creation and commercial distribution of such copies is considered a violation of copyright and entails legal proceedings.

In principle, at least our people are traditionally and do not worry the problems of publishers and developers, the most important difference between pirates from the license version consists precisely in violating the law to those who acquire and use a copy of the game. On the other hand, some licenses allow you to create technical copies (backup) for your own use, as well as transfer software products to other devices. Free dissemination of demo versions of licensed games in most licenses is not yet reborn.

As for the comparison of the quality of licensed games and pirate versions, then the license has saved to pay most often loses. In order to reduce the cost of the cost of the illegal copy, as well as the reduction of files, pirates are ruthlessly prank. Instead of two or three licensed disks, one with a copy is offered. Most often, the original voice acting and music topics disappear, the graphics are disbanded, the multimedia rollers are cut. It is accompanied by this often bugs, sometimes critical with whom it is impossible to continue the game. Even if you are not off the repack, but a 100% copy of the license, the errors in the game due to hacked protection will not be avoided. Accordingly, get pleasure from the game less.

The licensed version of the game does not bear any threat to the user. In accordance with the configuration of the system, the development requirements in case of any problems can be applied to technical support. Also, official addons and patches are installed only on a license. When installing the absolute majority of pirate copies, the regular antivirus will detect a virus or a trojan in folders with protection programs. Many creators of such versions immediately warn the user about the need to disconnect the antivirus at the installation time and during the game. For the fact that Trojan does not collect confidential information, no one will instruct, especially if the disk image was downloaded on the Internet.

As a rule, in order to reduce the cost of the pirate are packaged in plastic boxes with leaflets with poor-quality printing, most often one-sided. No additional bonuses such options do not contain. Licensed versions are always supplied with high-quality covers, sometimes scoreboards with manual. Directly on the disks necessarily caused an image called the game, the name of the developer and the publisher. Gift license options can be complemented by posters, stickers, other accessories, promotional codes and demo versions of other games.

Pirates of multiplayer games cannot connect to official recommended servers, which means a significant decline in interest in the game.

  1. The licensed version of the game is more expensive.
  2. The pirated version is always the result of criminal activities.
  3. The quality of graphics, translation, voice acting and musical accompaniment in pirates is low.
  4. Pirate almost always abounds with bugs.
  5. Pirate in the absolute majority of cases comprises a threat to a system, at least Trojan.
  6. The licensed version involves an appeal to technical support.
  7. Design and complete set of pirate copies Poor, if not absent at all.
  8. Official servers for multiplayer games The owners of pirates are often unavailable.

A source

Buying modern computer games is not cheap. Many users prefer to first familiarize themselves with the project, but only then invest money in it. This also applies to ordinary games per person with a plot, and multiplayer projects that require monthly payment to access the server. We'll figure it out what a "pirate" is and how to get it in various cases.

Pirate nfs.

A warning

It is worth saying right away that the use of pirate copies of games, music, e-books and other things is illegal. However, modern torrents still die with distribution to different topics - in the category with games you can find a number of sections in genres and years of exit.

If you want to first familiarize yourself with the game, then try to play "pirate." The game may not please, with the result that you will save money. If you decide to continue to pass the game, it is better to get a license.

A little different situation is with multiplayer projects. In most cases, they include MMORPG, which require regular payment. Also, such games are often updated, which prevents you from playing old versions. In such cases, "pirates" come to the rescue.

Pirate versions of single games

Now we know what a "pirate" is. It remains to deal with where you can get a game for free.

The first thing that comes to mind to any gamer is torrent trackers. You can find any game, the protection of which was able to hack craftsmen. In most cases, all new products appear on torrents for several days or weeks. If the developers take care of a protective program, then hacking can take a longer period. Only those projects that undergo authorization over the Internet are not amenable to hacking. However, in such games, some users manage to circulate protection with pirate servers and so on.

One example of such a project can serve Need for Speed ​​2015. The fact is that the plot campaign game is completely connected with online. Therefore, when NFS starts automatically connects to servers. Protection called Denuvo does not allow to bypass the connection to the server, so such projects you are unlikely to find in the form of "pirates".

Wow pirate

Pirate versions of multiplayer games

What is a "pirate" for MMORPG? This concept is invested in a slightly different meaning. First, it is necessary to allocate three categories of such projects.

The first is a paid game with subscriber contributions every month. For example, World of Warcraft to purchase as a separate game, and then pay for every month of gameplay.

The second category is free-to-play projects. You do not need payment, but for some in-game purchases will have to lay out real currency.

And the third category is MMORPG with a unified purchase. For example, The Elder Scrolls Online.

Pirate servers are greater popularity for games with a subscription fee. You can find dozens of free server projects for World of Warcraft. Their advantage is not only that the player should not pay, but also in the variety of versions. For example, you can choose an option with older versions of the game, which have long been not supported by the official developer. Also popular PVP servers, on which the main emphasis is being made towards battles between people, so less attention is paid to pumping and quests.

To play a "pirate" in MMORPG, you need to find a separate site of the creators of this server and link to download the client. Also, the installation and launch instructions will also be optional, since some "pirates" require file replacement. After that, register your personal account on the same resource and log in with it in the game client.

Wow pirate

Pirate versions of Soft

If everything is clear with the games "pirates", then with the software there is a somewhat different situation. Most modern programs can be downloaded and operated completely free during the trial period. Upon its completion, the program will be blocked until you buy a license key or do not hack by using a special "crack". Again, it is illegal.

Pros and Cons Licenses

Finally, consider the main advantages and disadvantages of licensed and pirated versions of the game / software. Let's start with a license.


  • full access to the online game or all the possibilities of the program;
  • support from developers;
  • Exit updates with new content and functions.


  • Possible high cost of an application or game;
  • Some mods on the "pirate" may not start or not to decide the game.
Rating of pirate servers

Pros and cons "pirates"

Now highlight the main advantages and cons of pirate versions of games or applications.


  • completely free;
  • the ability to put third-party modifications or additions;
  • Smaller size if a special archive is used.


  • The system or antivirus can determine the executive file as a malicious program;
  • Pirate versions can work unstable and brake.


Now you know what is a "pirate", and are familiar with all the main advantages and disadvantages. Choose such versions of games with the mind and download from proven sources! If we talk about the differences in the gameplay, the plot or graphics, then they are simply no - the whole difference is in the technical component.

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