How to make inhalation without inhaler

The cold season often presents the colds to us. Nobody cancels medication treatment, but there is a simpler and useful procedure to facilitate the patient's condition. This article will be described how to carry out inhalation at home.

Inhalation at home

What to do inhalation

Inhalation is bigger to traditional medicine. Modern doctors prescribe them as a supplement to medication treatment. For each disease there is a special list of components (medicines, herbs, essential oils), which have a beneficial effect on the patient's condition. Such procedures help to remove the swelling, reduce the runny nose, allow you to freely breathe and get rid of cough.

With a cold

Rubber accompanies any cold illness. However, before inhalation, be sure to make sure that the runny nose is not a consequence of an allergic reaction. In this case, the procedure is carried out otherwise.

Inhalation at home

If the runny nose is still caused by a cold, then you can use:

  1. potato decoction (only on the first day of cold);
  2. Essential oils: fir, eucalyptus, cedar, juniper;
  3. Nasal drops "Pinosol", since they consist of essential oils;
  4. Herbal decoction of daisy flowers, mint, lavender, coniferous cones.

Also, runny nose well removes salt or soda solution. To do this, 1 tbsp is taken on 1 liter of hot water. Spoon of substance.

If there is a compressor nebulizer, then use:
  1. mineral water;
  2. saline;
  3. Fucylin;
  4. the tincture of propolis;
  5. Antibiotics, which will write a doctor.

Tip: "If the discharge from the nose got yellow or green, then inhalation should be stopped."

When coughing

Cough is two types: dry and wet. Each type has its own treatment.

Cough is two types: Dry and wet

If the cough is dry, then you need to remove spasms (coughing call) and sneak the wet. For this suit:

  1. soda;
  2. Essential oil of carnations \ eucalyptus \ fir;
  3. chamomile;
  4. licorice;
  5. sage;
  6. mother and stepmother.

To breathe couples with a sore throat and cough need in the morning and in the evening for 15 minutes.

soda; Essential oil of carnations \ eucalyptus \ fir; chamomile; licorice; sage; mother and stepmother.

Wet cough

It is possible to treat a wet cough with a pan with the same ways that are treated with a dry cough, but it is better to purchase a compressor nebulizer. With it, you can make inhalation with various cough syrups:

  1. Lazolyvan;
  2. Mukaltin;
  3. Ambroben;
  4. Deasan;
  5. Berotek.

During such a procedure, drugs are delivered immediately to the respiratory system, which significantly speeds up recovery.

Inhalation at home

With bronchitis

Making steam inhalations above the pan with bronchitis is not worth several reasons:

  1. The patient should not have an elevated temperature, which often accompanies bronchitis;
  2. Finding from inhalation will be short-term and will not cure the disease;
  3. Hot steam creates a favorable environment for the reproduction of pathogenic bacteria in bronchi, which can lead to pathology.

The nebulizer uses such drugs:

  • Bromoxin;
  • Ambroben;
  • Dr. MOM;
  • Salgim;
  • Berodal;
  • Lazolyvan.

Bronchitis is a dangerous disease that should be treated under the supervision of a doctor.

Broncholitik; Mukolitic; Anti-inflammatory.

With hyimorite

Making inhalations without a nebulizer during sinusitis is quite difficult: it is impossible to overheat the galley sinuses. Also over the pots will have to tilt the head, which is very painful with a hyimorite.

If you use the nebulizer is not possible, then add a salt into a hot water saucepan (it dilutes purulent sediments). Also use the decoction procedure from the yarrow, eucalyptus, chamomile, sage.

With nebulizer you can use:

  1. Fucylin;
  2. saline;
  3. Mineral water "Narzan", "Borjomi", "Essentuki", "Novoter";
  4. sodium chloride;
  5. Interferon.

Tip: "Making inhalations in a hymorite can be used after the use of vasoconducting droplets:" naphtizin "," xylene "," tonche ".

Inhalation at home

At a temperature

If the body temperature exceeds 37.5 °, then hot steam inhalations are prohibited! The temperature means that the body is struggling with infection. When hot inhalation is done, the body is forced to spend extra forces on her assimilation. Maximum - you can ride over warm water to moisturize the respiratory system. Nebulizer does not produce hot steam, but it should not be used at temperatures above 38 °.

At temperatures you can use:

  1. Interferon;
  2. Ambroben;
  3. Salbutomol;
  4. Dexamethasone.

It is best to bring down the procedure in front of the procedure, and only then prepare for the procedure.

Ingalian for children

With asthma

It should be immediately noted that bronchial asthma is a dangerous disease in which timely, high-quality treatment is required. There are several types of drugs appointed with bronchial asthma:

  • For the expansion of bronchi: Berretk, magnesium sulfate, Berodal;
  • To wet sputum: saline, lazolvan;
  • To stop the suffocation: cromoglycytee acid;

At home, steam inhalation can not be done right during an attack. When you suffer, you can apply the following inhalations:

  1. One big bulb and garbby clean the husks from the husk, cut and grind in a blender. Cashitz pour 300 ml of boiling water and insist 10-15 minutes. Inhalation should be conducted in the morning and in the evening for two weeks.
  2. The eucalyptus tablespoon is boiled in a saucepan for 15 minutes. Let it stand and make inhalation 3 times a day for 15-20 days.
  3. The tincture of propolis is mixed with peach oil (1: 2) and pour hot water (1: 3). The procedure lasts 5-10 minutes.

All inhalations properly spend the courses in 15-20 days. After a few months, repeat the course.

Inhalation at home

Inhalation with essential oils

Essential oils are good because they can be used in various ways.

Tip: "Do not use essential oils for inhalation with a nebulizer - the device can be broken."

Oil burner

5-10 drops of oil are added to the aroma, the candle is lit. The fragrance quickly spreads around the room. Such inhalations are convenient because it is not necessary to spend time sitting with a pan or holding nebulizer hands.

  • Air cleaner and airwater

Air cleaner and airwater

A large plus of such a procedure is that the device not only flavors the apartment, but also moisturizes the air, which contributes to the discharge of mucus in the bronchi and the incomplete sinuses. The wet will be easier to move, the crust is not formed in the nose.


Essential oils can be rubbed the skin on the temples, chest, under his nose.

If during sleep tormented cough or allergies, it is useful to apply a few drops of oil on a piece of fabric and put it in a meter from bed.

O useful to apply a few drops of oil on a piece of fabric and put it in a meter from bed.

Tip: "For night inhalations, lavender oil, roses, ylang-ylang, chamomile, cedar, juniper is suitable for night inhalation.

Coniferous inhalations

In the coniferous forest, the air is clean, easily breathes. Essential oils of coniferous trees help to remove swelling, make breathing more calm, smooth. There are several recipes for coniferous inhalation at home:

  1. Collect 200 grams. Pine or fir needles. Rinse with water and fill 300 ml. boiling water. The patient should hide the towel and inhale the pairs of 15-20 minutes.
  2. Several fir bumps are poured with boiling water and breathe above the ferry.
  3. The easiest way is to use coniferous essential oils added to aromalamp or boiling water bowl.

Tip: "The best way to get beneficial from coniferous trees is to sit in a bathroom with supper coniferous needles and cones."

Coniferous trees - sit in the bathroom with supraged coniferous needles and bumps. "

Inhaler do it yourself

Purchased inhalers have a lot of advantages, but they need to spend money. If the disease began suddenly, it is possible to carry out inhalation without an inhaler, using a handicraft, which is 100% each in the house.

Plastic bottle inhaler

With the help of a conventional plastic bottle, you can make a good homemade inhaler. There is a minimum two options, how to make an inhaler.

To do this, you will need to cook:

  1. Plastic bottle 1-2 liter;
  2. glass jar;
  3. plastic cover for cans;
  4. tube;
  5. Heat or Scotch.

Plastic bottle inhaler

First option

Plastic bottle cut in half. From the top cut the oval so that something similar to the oxygen mask is obtained from the neck. This form will allow you to keep the mask as close as possible to the face, so there will be too many steam past the face. For security purposes, it is worthwhile to wrap the cropped end of the bottle with a tape so as not to scratch the face.

In the lid from the bank it is necessary to make two holes. First - for the neck of the bottle; Second - in order to insert there with a tube.

Tip: "Instead of a rubber tube, you can use a conventional straw for lemonade."

Cover put on the jar. The neck of the bottle to turn into a large hole, you can additionally secure it with a tape or scotch. Solominka to go to a smaller hole.

Homemade inhaler from undergraduated subjects is ready!

Second option

The second method is not significantly different from the first. Many this option like more than the previous one, since steam does not dissipate.

Plastic bottle inhaler

This requires the same objects except the lid. It is required to cut a plastic bottle in half. The neck of the cans should be perfectly approaching the diameter of the cropped part of the bottle, or be slightly smaller. We combine the jar with a cut piece of the bottle and fasten everything with a tape or scotch. The straw through which air will be included, it is necessary to insert a hole in the bottle in advance. The cooked decoction is poured through the neck of the bottle.

How to replace the nebulizer at home

Nebulizer is a gift of technological progress. It can be bought almost in any pharmacy. But before, there were no our moms, grandmothers cope with their own and used a smelter for such procedures.

The task of the nebulizer is to deliver medicines immediately into the respiratory tract. In this, his explicit advantage over the syrup and pills, which begin to act only after suction to the blood. Another plus - it is mobile and you can do the procedure on trips. If there is no nebulizer, and it is necessary to do inhalation, then you should turn to the proven in the methods.

Inhaler Machold.

Looks like a glass tube with several deepening. Such a tube was very common in the USSR, so there are many at home as inheritance transmitted by generations. It is very simple to use it: several droplets of essential oil poured into the tube itself. The bottom tube is immersed in hot water (not boiling water, otherwise glass bursts). The oil is heated and the pairs breathe through the other end of the tube. The procedure is repeated 2 times a day.

Inhalation at home

The most affordable method is to use a saucepan. For the procedure, it is necessary to boil the water, add chamomile, orange and lemon peel into it. You can also drop a few drops of essential oils. The patient must cover his head with a large towel, leaning over the pan and breathe the healing ferry. Another popular way is to breathe over boiled potatoes.


For the procedure take a kettle, better small with a small nose. Pour water to the kettle and heat, add 2-5 drops of essential oils or make herbal decoction. You can breathe right through the spout - the steam will not disappear. If it is difficult to breathe, then you need to turn the paper sheet in the form of a cone and insert it into the aute of the kettle.

All suffering coughing and runny nose notice that during swimming in the bathroom or under the shower it becomes easier to breathe. Explanation Simple - there is wet air. The use of a bathroom to facilitate the patient's condition is a real find for mothers who cannot force a child to use the nebulizer procedure. You just need to dial the bath with water, you can warm hot to the pairs stood out. You need to sit with the child or play there for half an hour. The procedure is repeated 3-4 per day.


Inhalation is a powerful assistant in the fight against colds. This procedure has practically no contraindications. Maximum efficiency The procedure reaches with a combination with medication prescribed by the doctor.


It is important to comply with some rules:

  1. When inhalations above the pots, it is impossible to breathe above too hot steam;
  2. If you add essential oils, make sure that there are no allergies;
  3. Do not leave children unattended, especially if there are inhalations without a nebulizer.

Write in the comments if you use nebulizer? How do children relate to such procedures? Many parents acquire a children's nebulizer in the form of animals, painted in bright colors. Do such tricks help to distract the child's attention and correctly hold the procedure?

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Inhalation rules Inhalation: When you can, and when you can not do


Inhalation rules How many minutes to do inhalation

Summer is a wonderful time to enjoy vegetables, berries and fruits, relax at sea and strengthen your immunity. But as doctors say, they do not surf the vitamins for life. In the fall, many of us may encounter coughing, cold and high temperatures. I don't really want to immediately resort to antibiotics and we try all sorts of folk remedies, of course not costly without pharmacy drugs. Today I want to share how to make inhalation from cough at home. We purchased a nebulizer inhaler on the advice of the doctor a couple of years ago. Prior to that, they made inhalations over the ferry, brewing herbs in a saucepan. Of course, modern means are very simplifying life. But the nebulizer uses the doctor's appointment, only the doctor paints medicine and dosage.

In the throat pain is very simple and efficient tool rinsing the throat. Here is the main thing to start at the initial stages. But sometimes due to certain circumstances or laziness, we do not begin treatment immediately and the pain in the throaturns in cough. Inhalation is an excellent remedy for cold and cough. With pain in the throat, medical workers are not recommended to make inhalations.

I remember before there was no inhalers as now. Made inhalations over pan or kettle. Basically it was a saucepan with a decoction of herbs and a blanket, which must be covered on top. Moreover, it was effectively and recovered without drugs.

How to make inhalation from cough at home

Inhalations are sometimes rescued, which help with a cold, cough, colds. Previously, I remember Mom treated us always only by folk remedies. And the medicines bought only in extreme cases, and then, by appointing a doctor.

But before carrying out inhalations, it is best to familiarize themselves with the basic rules of their holding, as well as contraindications. We need only a positive result. Everything should be only good.

Is it possible to make inhalations?

Children can be made inhalation, if this appointed the attending physician, it is not worth an airplane. If you make inhalations over the ferry, then it must be controlled by adults. Up to three years, children are not recommended to make inhalations over the ferry. School children can make inhalations on the appointment of a doctor and under adult supervision.

If you have a nebulizer, use inhalation only after consulting a doctor, since the doctor monitors the child's condition, prescribes proper treatment and preparations. Nebulizer is usually used with more serious diseases.

Basic rules for conducting inhalation:

  • It is very important before making inhalation to measure the temperature. If the temperature is above 37 degrees, then there is no inhalation.
  • Some herbs or essential oils can cause allergies. Make the first inhalation of a trial for about 2 minutes to determine if you have allergies. Allergies I recommend inhalation with mineral water or food soda.
  • Especially I would like to note that inhalation needs to be done a couple of hours after eating. And after inhalation, about an hour is better not to eat.
  • It is very important to comply with all the rules. When the water boiled, wait a couple of minutes, and then breathe above the ferry. Do not lean over the ferry too low to burn the upper respiratory tract.
  • If you breathe above a pan or kettle, it is necessary to look like a towel or a warm blanket. After inhalation, change clothes into dry clothes.
  • After inhalation, it is impossible to talk about half an hour, and you should not go outside.

Inhalation from cough at home

  • Special attention should be paid to the fact that the duration of inhalation should be 10 minutes.
  • Be sure to get comfortable clothes, it is important that the clothes do not comprehend your chest.
  • Prepare a solution for inhalation at home, immediately before use. After inhalation, the solution must be pulled out, it cannot be reused.
  • When coughing, the solution is inhaled through the mouth, and during the cold - through the nose. Quietly inhale and exhale couples, without a rush.

With bronchitis, inhalations with soda and decoction of herbs are useful. In case of pain in the throat, you can make inhalation with essential oils: eucalyptus, fir, pine, etc. With a cold, pine inhalations can be used, inhalation with fir oil, as well as hammer legs if there is no temperature. Do not forget about warm, and abundant drink.

With any cold illness, the best is a bed mode. Start the treatment immediately, do not start the disease so that the condition is not aggravated.

What can inhalation

Inhalation with food soda. Bowl all use soda. Or add some soda in herbal decoction. Soda dilutes the sputum and contributes to its disbelief. Inhalation with soda somehow advised our pediatrician when coughing.

Soda inhalation is very simple. On liter of boiled water, add a spoonful of food soda. It is necessary to pour out the soda not in cool boiling water, but immediately before the procedure, that is, in a couple of minutes after water boiling.

Coniferous inhalations. Bowl of all we used pine needle, but you can apply chevy fir and fir. Very good effect when dripping, cold and cough. I have pine kidneys. If there are no needles, then we can apply coniferous essential oils for inhalation at home. A couple of droplets of essential oil per liter of water is quite enough.

Inhalation with medicinal herbs. Very common inhalation with medicinal herbs. Efficiency of herbal beam can also be added to ease of use. Most often brew sage, soul mate, mother-and-stepmother, chamomile, eucalyptus, lime, pine buds, lavender, mint, chewing cedar. All these herbs have a wound-healing, anti-inflammatory, disinfecting property. The pain in the throat, cough, allocating.

Usually mixing a few herbs. But you can brew one grass without mixing it with other herbs. To do this, take two spoons of herbs and pour water liter, put on fire and bring herbs to a boil. Immediately before inhalation, you can add a spoon of soda in herbal decoction.

We always made inhalations with a cheese, chamomile, eucalyptus, mother-and-stepmother and water with the addition of food soda. As a rule, improvements are observed after several procedures.

Inhalation with mineral water. We use mineral water when inhalation with nebulizor. We buy in the pharmacy water "Borjomi", according to the advice of the doctor. Time and proportions prescribe us a doctor.

Before use, water needs to be released from the gas, open the bottle and leave it open for about three hours. If there is no professional inhaler, then warm the water in a saucepan to 45-50 degrees, you can now breathe above the ferry.

Inhalation with boiled potatoes. I remember in childhood, my mother often did such inhalation, very simple and accessible. We will boil potatoes in the peel. Potatoes need to be well to wash, boil, it is necessary to drain the water. Give potatoes a couple of minutes to cool and breathing over the ferry bolding with a blanket or towel.

Inhalation with essential oils. I apply with a cold and cough essential oil of a tea tree. I drip it into the aroma, you can drop the droplet on the handle or palm and inhale the fragrance. I want to say that you need to take only high-quality essential oils. You can use fir oil, pine, eucalyptus. I have a "Primaver" oil. With any cold perfectly copes without drugs. The essential oil of the tea tree copes perfectly not only with a cold, but also many other diseases. True, in a complex with rinsing and warm teas from raspberry, black currant, viburnum, herbal teas.

Inhalation from cough at home

Inhalation needs to be done carefully, so as not to burn the ferry to not pour the decoction and do not burn with boiling water. Precautions are very important.

How often do inhalation?

Inhalation is a medical procedure that needs to be combined with a warm drink, rinse the throat. You can soar legs if there is no temperature. That is, it is necessary to be treated in the complex.

Inhalation is recommended to do 7-10 days in a row, that is, before recovery. Inhalation we make once a day, before improving the condition, since steam inhalations dried the mucous membrane. A very simple and affordable way to breathe above the decoction of herbs, boiled potatoes or make inhalation with soda.

Contraindications for inhalations

  • Often cough or cold is accompanied by a high temperature. At temperature, it is contraindicated in a temperature of inhalation, as well as having a leg.
  • With nasal bleeding or tendency to nasal bleeding.
  • With high pressure or if you have a tendency to high pressure. With cardiovascular diseases.
  • With pulmonary tuberculosis, with purulent processes.
  • With angina, there is also contraindicated inhalation.

With unpleasant symptoms, such as shortness of breath, dizziness, breathing difficulty, etc. The procedure should be stopped immediately.

Inhalation is carried out for children and adults, at the first signs of the disease. In case of sore throat, cough, bronchitis, colds, while running. But again, I want to repeat what you need everything to appoint a doctor.

Do inhalation with the help of the inhaler, is the perfect option. But if there is no special device, then you can breathe a saucepan or kettle. If you breathe above the pan, then you need to lean over it and wrapped in a blanket. And if over the kettle, then the kettle's spout must be closed. You can make a funnel or paper or cardboard and put into a wide part of the kettle, and then breathe above the ferry. Inhalation at home is a simple and affordable treatment method.

Nobody is insured against diseases of the respiratory system. Normally, in addition to discomfort, it makes it difficult for oxygen into the body, due to which oxygen starvation may occur.

Therefore, it is necessary to treat the disease at the very first symptoms. Consider how to make inhalation at home, the peculiarities of the procedure and what means to apply during the runner, cough or throat pain.

Advantages and types of inhalation

Inhalation is a medical procedure that is used for respiratory tract diseases.

Inhalation is a medical procedure

Inhalation has long been greatly popular due to its simplicity and efficiency. The essence of this procedure is that the patient is inhaled with warm wet air with various therapeutic and antiseptic pairs. Due to this, pathogenic microorganisms are dying, swelling of the nasopharynx, the microflora is normalized and recovery comes.

There are several types of inhalations:

  • Steam inhalations are the most common. They can be made using a special device - inhaler, or to build at home. For example, it is enough to boil water in a saucepan and raise this ferry. The main thing is to control the temperature of the water and the pair so as not to burn the mucous membranes. On average, the temperature should be 45 degrees. Also for these purposes you can use the kettle. To build a inhaler you need to twist the tube from cardboard, the narrow end of which is put on the nose, and the wide edge is used as a mask on the face.
  • Oil inhalations are produced by heated essential oils, which are settled with a nebulizer on the mucous membrane and provide the therapeutic effect.
  • Dry inhalations are presented in the form of therapeutic powders, which, when inhalation, settled on the mucous membrane and quickly dissolve. Most often, antibacterial agents are used in this way, if the patient has contraindications to the steam inhaler.
  • Aerosol inhalers can be found on the shelves of each pharmacy. These are therapeutic preparations that are sprayed on the throat or nose with special nose.

Regardless of the type of inhalation and the drug used for the procedure, you must consult with a specialist in order not to harm your health.

The effectiveness of inhalation is that therapeutic components immediately settle on the mucous membrane, absorbed and begin to act. In addition, it should be noted that this procedure is much more pleasant than pricks or receiving tablets.

What can be used for inhalation?

Inhalations are used to treat respiratory diseases

Inhalations are used to treat respiratory diseases

Inhalation testimony are all sorts of nasal diseases or throats - influenza, ORVI, pharyngitis, laryngitis, sinusitis and others. Inhalation is aimed at restoring the mucous membrane, improving the overall health of the health and elimination of bacteria that caused one or another disease.

As for the composition, inhalation can be done with various means:

  1. Decractions of medicinal plants chamomile, sage, calendula, a series, linden. Mint is antiseptics of natural origin. They are able to disinfect the mucous membrane, remove the swelling, redness or irritation. Also, the herbs have a soothing effect, which positively affects not only respiratory, but also on the nervous system, normalizing her work. It is also worth noting that most herbs have no contraindications.
  2. With food soda or mineral water inhalation, it is helped to ignite the wet, withdraw it, have an expectorant effect.
  3. Essential oils, like herbs contribute to the removal of swelling and pain, increase the protective functions of the body and kill pathogenic microorganisms - fungi, viruses, bacteria.
  4. Lemon, onions, garlic are fruits that have many useful features, since nor contains a record number of minerals, vitamins, antioxidants and other beneficial substances.

Before there, how to make inhalation, it is important to verify the absence of contraindications and an allergic reaction to drugs.

How to approach the procedure?

In order for inhalation to bring a positive effect, it needs to be done correctly!

In order for inhalation to bring a positive effect, it needs to be done correctly!

Inhalation to benefit, and not harm, it is important to properly prepare for the procedure (we are talking about steam inhalation) and comply with some important rules:

  • It is important to measure the body temperature before the procedure. If above 37.5, then steam inhalations to do strictly prohibited, like other thermal procedures - mustard pieces, compresses and other
  • It is necessary to carry out a test for sensitivity at the first inhalation - to make up for about two minutes and watch your well-minded. It is necessary in order to make sure that there is no allergic reaction to the components of the composition of inhalation, as some oils and herbs can cause irritation.
  • Inhalations are made a few hours after meals. Immediately after the procedure there is and drinking forbidden during an hour
  • It is necessary to control the temperature of the water and steam so as not to get the mucosa burns. Also, with irritated throat, it is impossible to use too hot steam, as it can even more damage soft fabrics and without that sick throat
  • When conducting steam inhalation above the pan, you need to look like a towel or blanket. After the procedure you need to change clothes, as clothes will be wet
  • Immediately after the procedure, it is better not to talk for 15-20 minutes, and do not go out within an hour, regardless of weather and season
  • Inhale couples with a cold need a nose, with a sick throat - mouth. If there are all the symptoms of the disease, then the breaths need to alternate
  • The solution for the procedure must be prepared every time new before the inhalation itself

It is important to note that with bronchitis, sinusitis, ritin, tonsillitis, angina, cold and other inhalation diseases will not be enough. Complex treatment is necessary, where steam procedures will only be part of therapy.

Inhalation means for coughing

Soda inhalations dilute sputum and improve its exit

Soda inhalations dilute sputum and improve its exit

The composition for conducting inhalations is selected depending on the type of disease and symptoms. When coughing, the following recipes will be better fit:

  • Food Soda is one of the simplest and most effective means for inhalations. It can be used for both adults and children. It is important to observe the proportions - on a liter of water - a spoon of soda. First you need to boil the water, and inhalation to dissolve in it soda. It is not worth throwing it to boiling water, since under the influence of high temperature, it loses its some therapeutic properties. Soda has a musolitic effect. It helps to voice the wet and output it. After inhalation, a strong cough may begin - it is good, as the mucus from the bronchi will start
  • Mineral water also has an expectorant effect and soothes soft fabrics in sore throat. For inhalations best use Borjomi. Before inhalation, you need to release gases from the water, for this you need to leave a bottle open for a couple of hours. Add mineral water to normal needed in proportion 1: 1
  • Potato inhalation is also very effective. You need to boil potatoes in the peel until ready, drain the water and breathe above the ferry. This method is probably every familiar from childhood. The peel contains a lot of useful substances that evaporate after thermal processing.
  • essential oils. When coughing, lemon, needles and tea tree oils are effective. On the liter of water will be enough 1-2 drops. When connecting with hot water, the oil begins to evaporate and settled on the soft tissues of the bronchi contributes to the discharge and impact of sputum

In addition, there are still many recipes, but we described the most efficient and simple, which can be done at home.

Inhalation facilities for cold

Very effective in the fight against a runny nose Inhalation with chamomile

Very effective in the fight against a runny nose Inhalation with chamomile

Upon cold, the main task of inhalation is to remove mucus and respiratory normalization. To do this, you can use various means:

  • Coniferous inhalations help restore respiratory features and derive all nasophack mucus. It is better to use decoction of fir needles. To do this, you need to crush the dried chew, to peel in water 15 minutes, cool a little, and then breathe over the ferry. Vitamin complex, minerals and oils are quickly normalized by microflora, impede the development of sinusitis and other complications arising during a cold
  • Honey inhalation is often used in a cold and cough. Honey, as well as other products of bee origin in their composition, have many vitamins, antioxidants, flavonoids, acids and minerals. On the liter of boiled water of a rather tablespoon of natural honey. Attention!!! Honey is a strong allergen, so it is pre-conducting a sensitivity test to make sure that individual product portability

During treatment, in addition to inhalation, it is effective to use a nasal washing with sea water or simply water and salt solution. Inhalations need to do twice a day for 5-10 days, even if the well-being improved, still do not need to throw procedures, as it is important to recover completely so that there is no relapse.

Inhalation with a bough in the throat

With a sore throat, it is important to remove the swelling of the mucous membrane and restore soft tissues. For this, anti-inflammatory drugs are used. The most effective will be decractions of medicinal plants. Chamomile, green tea, coltsfoot, peppermint. You can use both individually grass and collection.

More information about methods and rules of inhalations can be found from the video:

Substances of these plants possess the following properties:

  • Remove swelling, improving blood circulation
  • Strengthen tissue regeneration at the cellular level
  • remove mucus from the nasopharynx and bronchi
  • Enhance the protective functions of the body

To prepare a decoction, you need to take 2 tablespoons of crushed grass on a liter of water, bring to a boil and cook for 5 minutes. Then cool and strain. The resulting means is added to the inhaler in proportion 1: 1.

When is it forbidden to make inhalations?

At elevated body temperature, there is prohibited inhalation!

At elevated body temperature, there is prohibited inhalation!

Like any procedure, inhalation may have some contraindications that need to be found in advance:

  1. Contraindicated in inhalation at high body temperature
  2. When bleeding from the nose, it is not recommended to "be inhaled", since it is possible to cause damage to blood vessels
  3. With purulent processes, swivel, tuberculosis can not do thermal respiratory procedures
  4. With an angina, you must consult with the doctor, since with the purulent form of the disease, the throat is contraindicated
  5. High pressure, chronic hypertension and cardiovascular diseases are also a ban on steam inhalation

If, during inhalation, well-being deteriorated or unpleasant symptoms appear, the procedures must be stopped and consult a doctor. If there are no contraindications, then inhalation is one of the best funds in many diseases of infectious and non-infectious origin.

With the help of inhalations, various diseases are treated, applying certain medicines and folk remedies. Alone at home make inhalation with hot steam or with a nebulizer. It is important to correctly organize the procedure and correctly pick up the funds for it. Be sure to consider contraindications.

Inhalation of steam

How to make inhalations?

Inhalation hot steam or nebulizer needs to be done correctly. Each procedure has its own characteristics. During inhalation, the condition should be calm, breathing smooth. The procedure takes a little time. It should not be distracted during it - read, watch TV, play. After inhalation, it is not recommended to talk for at least an hour.

Steam inhalation

This procedure can be performed using a special inhaler or by means of a girlfriend - containers with hot water. Seer use a special device.

A classic steam inhaler is a container where hot water is poured and a medicine is added, and a valve cover. For convenience, special tubes, masks, nozzles are used.

In the absence of the inhaler it is convenient to use the kettle. On its spout, a funnel from cardboard or tight paper is installed through which it must be breathing. It is allowed to use and a saucepan - it is necessary to breathe in pairs under a towel. From the source of the steam to face should be a safe distance so as not to burn.

For first steam inhalation, it is enough to 1-2 minutes, especially if the drug is used for the first time. In the future, the duration of the procedure can be increased to 5-10 minutes.

Boiling water for inhalation is dangerous - you need to wait at least 10 minutes after boiling water. Recommended liquid not hot 40 degrees adults and up to 30-35 degrees to children.

Inhalations need to be carried out no earlier than 2 hours after meals. After the procedure, it is not recommended to eat for a minimum of an hour. Also for several hours you can not go outside, being on a draft.

Steam inhalations usually do once a day. It is recommended to spend them in the evening, but before sleeping must pass for several hours, especially if the cough is treated.

Inhalation with nebulizer

Using the nebulizer, it is important to collect the device properly and care for it. It is necessary to regularly wash its parts and periodically carry out sterilization - all the features of the care are painted in the instructions.

Any inhalation solution must be room temperature. If there is a need to use the physiological solution, then the remedy is necessary to be a sterilized syringe, without opening the packaging, or apply it in ampoules.

Thanks to the nebulaizer, the drug composition is finely sprayed. For its concentrated impact, special nozzles or masks use. Spraying the medication is carried out at the expense of the air compressor through a long flexible tube.

If the drug is used for inhalation, then the procedure must be continued until the medication remains in the tank. When using folk remedies, it is important to comply with the recommended dosages. The duration of the procedure in this case should not exceed 10-15 minutes.

When performing inhalation with a nebulizer, it is important to adhere to the following rules:

  • Within 1-1.5 hours before the procedure, any food, significant physical exertion;
  • It is impossible to smoke for at least an hour before inhalation and the same after it, according to the rules, smoking at the time of treatment should be completely excluded;
  • If the treatment is directed to the nasal paths, then it is necessary to breathe a nose - breathing should be calm, unprotected;
  • In pathologies of the upper respiratory tract, to deeply inhale the mouth, for a couple of seconds it is to hold the breath for a couple of seconds, to completely exhale the nose;
  • eliminate the use of expectorant tools before the procedure, otherwise breathing will be violated, which will reduce the effectiveness of inhalation;
  • Do not use antiseptic solutions for rinsing before the procedure.

Inhalation nebulizer

The duration of treatment nebulizer is determined by the attending physician. On average, the course includes 6-15 procedures. Inhalations are performed 1-2 times a day.

What can I do inhalation?

For inhalation therapy, various drugs are used, essential oils, herbal infusions and decoctions, mineral water, soda. For the treatment of each disease there are certain recipes.

When coughing

Different drugs are used to combat cough. It is necessary to navigate to the diagnosis, the character of cough. Medicines usually use nebulizer for inhalations.

The following options are effective:

  • Mukolithic (wet wet, expectorant action): Ambrohexal, Ambroben, Lazolyvan;
  • Antibiotics: Fluimucil;
  • Bronchi-centers (expansion of bronchi): Berodal, Salamol, Berotek;
  • glucocorticosteroids (swelling, anti-inflammatory action): bulvikort;
  • Antiallergic preparations: Kromegexal (stabilizer membranes of fat cells).

Ambroxol-based preparations cannot be used simultaneously with anti-sycode type, codeine, bronchoven. It is necessary to consider the possibility of combining and other medicines.

When coughing it is effectively resorted to alkaline and salt solutions. It can be Mineral Water Borjomi, saline. The latter is often used to prepare various solutions with medicines for nebulizer.

An excellent alkaline inhalation agent for cough is soda. For the preparation of the solution you need to add 4 h. L. Product per 1 liter of water.

Different medicinal herbs are used as an expectorant. To carry out inhalations, you need to prepare infusion or decoction - when buying in a pharmacy, the instructions for any raw material are indicated on the package. When coughing effective:

  • Baghone;
  • elecampane;
  • St. John's wort;
  • calendula;
  • mother and stepmother;
  • chamomile;
  • thyme;
  • sage;
  • eucalyptus.

With a dry cough, it is good to use sea buckthorn butter, peach, eucalyptus, olive oil with propolis. Apply oils usually for steam inhalations. It is enough to add 3-5 drops of the selected product on a half-table of water. Inhalations make 1-2 times a day for 5 minutes.

With a cold

The presence of a nebulizer during a cold allows you to use such drugs:

  • Interferon;
  • Chlorophyllipt;
  • Tonsilgon;
  • Naphtizin;
  • Isofra;
  • Propolis tincture, calendula.

Means for inhalation

In short, they make inhalation with essential oils. Menthol, geranium, juniper, fir, pine oil. Good use champs and infusions of such plants:

  • oak and birch leaves;
  • chamomile;
  • black-cormoranodine leaf;
  • mint.

With angina

In this case, the disease of the throat of inhalation provides a comprehensive effect. They remove pain and inflammation, soften the mucous membrane. With the threshing effectively use the following means for inhalation:

  • Mozymestine solution (antiseptic);
  • Mineral water: Borjomi, Narzan;
  • Propolis tincture - for steam inhalation is divorced 1 tsp. Funds in glass of boiling water;
  • Essential oil of pine, fir, eucalyptus, menthol - on a half-table of hot water add 10 drops of the selected tool;
  • Infusions and decoctions of medicinal herbs - Cabinet, souls, coltsfoots, lavender, chamomiles, sage, calendula.

For the preparation of infusion for inhalation, with an angina, it is necessary to brew 1 tbsp. l. Selected raw materials in a glass of boiling water, insist for 15 minutes, filing. The decoction is prepared in a water bath. The proportions are used the same, cooking takes half an hour, and the composition must be minimal for at least 40 minutes.

With bronchitis

Inhalations in this disease allow you to soften cough, speed up the dedication of the secret. For a nebulizer procedure, the following means are used:

  • dilutes the sputum of ambroben, Lazolyvan, Ambroxol, Fluimucil, ATSC;
  • Moisturize mucous membranes weakly alkaline mineral waters - Borjomi, Narzan;
  • The antiseptic effect provides chlorophyllip;
  • It copes well with the infection of Rotokan, and its combination with saline provides moisturizing the bronchial mucosa and facilitates the removal of sputum;
  • Under the attacks of suffocation use Berodal;
  • In the case of bronchial asthma, berotek, Atrovant, Salbutamol are prescribed.

From folk remedies with bronchitis, essential oils are effective. It may be fir, eucalyptus, pine, lavender, mint.

A good effect gives drinking soda. For inhalation, it is necessary to dissolve in liter of boiling water 2 tbsp. l. Product.

With bronchitis for inhalations, various infusions and decoctions are used. Use medicinal herbs and individually, and in various combinations. The following plants are effective:

  • peppermint;
  • Raspberry sheet;
  • sage;
  • mother and stepmother;
  • Linden blossom.

With hyimorite

Schimorite - a serious disease. Inhalations for its treatment are a subsidiary method and must be agreed with the otolaryngologist. For inhalations, vesseloring preparations (xylometazoline), antibiotics (isofra, bioparox), combined drugs (Phasex) are used. For inhalation, such drugs are diluted with saline.

The following means can also be used for the procedure:

  • Infusions and decoctions of medicinal herbs - sage, chamomile, eucalyptus, turns;
  • Essential oils - eucalyptus, sage, sea buckthorn, tea tree, peppermint;
  • honey;
  • propolis.

Inhalation with hyimorite

The following herbal fees are also effective:

  • 2 pieces of grass chilli and plantain, 3 pieces of mint grass;
  • One part of the grass of the Hypericum and Ceeshela, 2 pieces of yarrow grass, 3 parts of the chamomile color;
  • One part of the eucalyptus leaves and calendula flowers, 3 parts of the raspberry sheet.

During the hymorite, steam inhalations with a potato decoction are allowed. You can use a bay leaf - to lower the raw materials in boiling water (30 sheets per liter), cook for 5 minutes, after 1 hour strain.

During pregnancy

Inhalation therapy during pregnancy is attractive in that the compositions used are local. This is effective in the treatment of certain diseases and does not harm the child.

Pregnant woman can use the following means for inhalation:

  • For the treatment of dry cough - alta, sage, lime color, plantain, mother-and-stepmother, chamber in the form of a decoction;
  • With a wet cough - a line-leaf, a richness, eucalyptus, yarrow, a couple;
  • Soda solution - is prepared by a classic method, 2 tbsp. l. per liter of water;
  • Mineral water Borjomi;
  • With laryngitis, tracheake or bronchitis, essential oils - Fir, Lime, Mirt, Eucalyptus, Sage, Cedar, Lavender, Pine;
  • With a cold - diluted juice of garlic or bow, essential oils of coniferous plants.

In childhood

Inhalation to children should be carried out strictly according to the rules. For children of the first three years of life, steam procedures are not recommended, in the future they must be organized with all precautions.

Carefully need to approach both the choice of medicines, since many drugs are contraindicated to a certain age or children in principle. This also applies to medicinal herbs. Before applying any means, you must carefully read the instructions.

With various diseases accompanied by a cough, the children for inhalation are prescribed Ambroben or Lazolyvan. Effectively use saline, mineral water. From expectorant tools, children are resolved pertissine, mucaltine (the tablet is dissolved in 60 ml of saline).

Strictly for the purpose of the doctor can be used by drugs such as Berodal, bulvikort, Berretk, Atrovant. Apply them with the attacks of choking, bronchial asthma.

In the pathologies of the throat, it is possible to use soda solution and various compositions on a vegetable basis (Malavit, tonsilgon, Rotokan), propolis tincture, calendula. With an angina, the onion and garlic juice helps well or their mixture - the remedy must be breed in 10 parts of water.

In childhood, various medicinal herbs can be used for inhalations:

  • Linden blossom;
  • Pine;
  • fir;
  • juniper;
  • cedar;
  • eucalyptus;
  • black-cormoodine and raspberry sheet;
  • Birch;
  • lavender;
  • chamomile.

Inhalation in children

Infusions and decoctions are prepared in a standard way. On a glass of water takes 1 tbsp. l. Herbs.

Children can make inhalations with a potato decoction. Instead, it is good to use the husks of oats.

Little children most effectively and safely make inhalations with nebulizer. It provides for a mask, so the child will inevitably breathe medicinal composition. The only minus is not to explain the baby how to breathe correctly. A child may also be afraid of the mask, but an adult can wear the same device and turn everything into the game.

At any age, treatment, including through inhalation, must be appointed by a doctor. Many diseases appear equally, and only a specialist can be diagnosed. Self-treatment may not only be ineffective, but also dangerous.

Contraindications for inhalations

Inhalation can be performed not all. There are the following contraindications to this procedure:

  • Individual intolerance to the prescribed drug;
  • Increased body temperature (above 37.5 degrees);
  • Pneumothorax - spontaneous, traumatic;
  • pulmonary bleeding;
  • bulk emphysema lungs;
  • Heart arythmy;
  • Heavy heart failure.

The use of steam inhalations (any method) also has additional contraindications:

  • weakened immunity;
  • tendency to nasal bleeding;
  • diseases of the upper respiratory tract of viral etiology;
  • Blood diseases.

Inhalations are used as the main and auxiliary treatment of various diseases. Such procedures can be carried out at home. It is important to comply with the technique of conducting inhalations, competently select therapeutic compositions and their dosage. Proper treatment will appoint a doctor.

During the cold, the method of treatment of various pathologies of respiratory organs - inhalation comes to the rescue. It helps not only with acute and chronic inflammatory diseases of the upper and lower respiratory tract and ENT organs, psycho-emotional disorders, fibrosis, bronchial asthma and some other pathologies, but also in cosmetology. It is important to trigger this procedure to obtain a maximum health benefit. First select a suitable inhaler, and then stick to simple rules.

Inhalation: Special Breathing

Inhalation: Special Breathing

The term itself occurred from the Latin verb inhalo, which means "inhale". Inhalation, inhalation is breathing (ferry, smoke, gas).

It can pass quite naturally, by inhalation of natural healing air, for example, on the seashore, in the coniferous forest, in salt caves, etc. Either is carried out using a special spraying device having a consonant name "inhaler". Inhalation allows:

  • facilitate, normalize, improve breathing, delivering drugs in the upper and lower respiratory tract, in a gaseous state or as a powder;
  • provide a local therapeutic effect in the treatment of ENT organs;
  • inhalation drugs for anesthesia;
  • improve psycho-emotional state by aromatherapy;
  • control the microclimate of the premises, maintaining the optimal humidity, saturating the atmosphere of residential rooms or offices by phytoncides, etc.;
  • Conduct cosmetic procedures based on steam baths.

Types of household inhalers

Types of household inhalers

The easiest, affordable, but, unfortunately, not the most effective device for the inhalation of the house, remains a steam inhaler. The prototype of medical devices for steam procedures is the simplest set for home inhalation: pan + towel. Suitable kitchen utensils serves to heat water, herbal decoctions, soda solutions, sea salt, etc., and a towel, plaid or blanket - help retain steam.

Modern household medical device, steam inhaler, works on a similar principle. Only it is compact, more secured in operation, due to the thermostat, allows you to adjust the temperature of the steam, the kit has special nozzles for the nose, replaceable masks, including the "sauna" nozzle for cosmetic procedures.

It does not allow spraying powdered preparations and also liquid drugs that are destroyed by high temperatures, for example, hormonal, antibacterial. However, it effectively delivers a pair of various oils, therapeutic infusions, etc., and at the same time, and at the same time heaving heating.

In addition to steam, among modern models of inhalers for home use, the following types of nebulizers produce:

Spraying of liquid drugs for inhalation is carried out by means of an air flow injected by the compressor. These are universal devices that allow inhalation of any drugs, but bulky and noisy, compared with other types of similar devices.

Spraying is performed using therapeutic solutions that come through a metal plate with microcenes under the action of ultrasonic waves. Due to silent work, it is particularly suitable for the treatment of kids, convenient for operation of underlying patients, however, it is not recommended that the use of models of this type for inhalation of oil solutions and some drugs that are destroyed under the action of ultrasound radiation are not recommended.

Spray any medication by radiation of low frequencies. All medicinal preparations can be used for the procedure, except oil, with high density, have small sizes and work silently, but roads, compared to other types of inhalers.

For inhalations of the house, on the way, at work, patients with some chronic pathologies (for example, bronchial asthma), a doctor can recommend using a portable liquid or powder inhaler.

5 rules for home inhalation

5 rules for home inhalation

So that the home procedure only benefits, stick to a few simple tips.

Rule number 1

You can use vapor inhalations H2O to moisturize dry air of rooms. But if the procedure is carried out for treatment, including aromatherapy, or for cosmetics, then it should be consistent with a specialist. No amateur! Inhalation - a treatment method, which, like any other, has its testimony and contraindications, is associated with some risk, therefore, only the therapist, a pulmonologist, cosmetologist, etc. can also recommend it. The specialist will also prescribe powder preparations or spray solutions.

Rule number 2.

Since steam inhalation is conjugate with the risk of burns, it is necessary to follow the safety rules, not exceed the permissible temperature and gently handle the instrument. This procedure at home cannot be carried out:

  • with increasing body temperature;
  • in early childhood, etc.

Any home inhalation (nebulizers, steam) cannot be carried out at:

  • nasal bleeding;
  • purulent angina;
  • heavy cardiopathologists (high pressure, heart attack, etc.);
  • respiratory polypose;
  • acute inflammation of the lungs;
  • pleut;
  • severe pulmonary failure.

Rule number 3.

The most harmless and universal means for inhalations with colds is saline (1 tsp by 200 ml), which can also add some soda (1/2 h.).


Oil solutions cannot be used for inhalation to people whose professions are associated with the production of bulk products (for example, flour), building materials (cement), etc. Dust, settled in bronchi, will connect with oil and form "traffic jams" and then call inflammation.

Rule number 4.

The procedure is recommended to be carried out no earlier than 1.5 hours after meals and no later than 30 minutes before meals. At least during this interval do not recommend smoking.

Rule number 5.

Adults can carry out inhalation 2-3 times a day. The duration of the procedure is from 5 to 10 minutes.

How to make inhalation

A person may get sick at any time of the year. There are many reasons for this: weak immunity, sharp temperature differences, banal drafts and much more. Modern parents do not want to give severe drugs once again, because any remedy has many side effects, and adults often suffer from allergies on pills. And the usual physiosor will be able to help others. It helps to eliminate rhinitis, laryngitis, pharyngitis, bronchitis, lung inflammation and many other respiratory diseases.

If you did not know, the physically can be prepared even at home. To do this, take 1 liter of boiled water and 10 grams of salt. Mix salt thoroughly, and the solution is ready. It is necessary to store it in the refrigerator no more than a day. Otherwise, instead of therapeutic action, he will give the opposite. Before using the solution, it must be heated. But should be neat, because the mucous nasopharynx is very gentle, it can be easily burned.

Inhalation of perishar with cough

Why is the most best of all medicines? Everything is very simple. Small children do not know how to swallow pills, besides, the pharmaceuticals have a lot of side effects; drops almost immediately fall into the esophagus; Ointments are delayed on the mucous membrane, but practically do not reach the respiratory tract; Action aerosols briefly.

What advantages possesses saline? The use of this fund does not cause allergies and other side effects, has a moisturizing effect on nasopharynx mucous. In addition, the salt is a good antiseptic. When hitting the mucous membrane, it kills pathogenic bacteria. Also, salt softens cough and helps to bring the wet from the lungs.

How to make inhalation with physical?

To carry out therapeutic procedures, it is still better to take saline in the pharmacy, because there it is sold in sterile form.

To eliminate cough, you must pour physically in the inhaler and deeply inhale its pairs. With a strong cough in the healing liquid, drugs can be added.

With a dry cough, the preparations "Berodual" or "Pulmikort" are prescribed. With wet, it is better to use the means "Lazolyvan", the ACC, "Fluimucil". Also, antibiotics can also be added to the physically: "bioparox", "floeimucil", etc.

Need to remember the importance of the temperature regime. For children under 3 years old, the physiosor should not be warmer 30 degrees, up to 5 years - 40 degrees. From 6 years, the healing fluid can be used with a temperature of 52 degrees, and for adults - in 54 degrees.

Children under three years inhalation can be done once a day, from 3 years and adults - three times a day. The course of treatment will depend on the type of cough and the availability of complications, as well as from age.

What is nebulizer?

Nebulizer is a special apparatus in which drug fluids turn into drops. The latter, falling on the nasopharyngeal mucosa or lungs, penetrate inside and have a very good therapeutic effect.

What differences does this inhalation of physicality have? The nebulizer will be able to enjoy both the smallest children and the elderly. The thing is that when using this device, you do not need to do a strong breath or adapt to his work. Inhale is being done when it is convenient for you. The medicine does not evaporate anywhere, but is located in a special reservoir.

On small particles, the physically disintegrates with the help of a special compressor embedded in the device and operating from the network.

Basic rules inhalation nebulizer

Wash your hands thoroughly.

2. Collect the nebulizer.

3. Prepare the medicinal substance and warm it up to the required temperature.

4. Pour the solution into the nebulizer cup.

5. Close the device tightly and attach a facial mask, mouthpiece or nasal cannula to it.

6. Connect the nebulizer with the compressor.

7. Turn on the compressor and start inhaling the drug.

8. After the procedure is completed, turn off the compressor and disconnect the device.

9. Rinse all parts of the nebulizer with a 15% soda solution.

10. Boil all for 10 minutes.

11. Dry the components of the device and keep them in a clean napkin.

Conducting the procedure

Inhalation with saline can be carried out even newborn children. Finding on the nasal mucosa, the healing fluid softens it and contributes to the removal of mucus. Upon cold, the procedure must be carried out every 4 hours. It is necessary to begin treatment at the first manifestations of the ailment if the disease lasts for several days, the physical will not help. It will takes the use of drugs.

Inhalation with saline, various essential oils can be added, for example, needles, eucalyptus. Aloe or calanchoe juice is also used. But it is necessary to apply all these funds with caution. Very often they cause allergies.

Rules for conducting inhalation during routine

1. The temperature temperature should be not lower than 37 degrees and not higher than 45.

2. Use essential oils with caution.

3. When using essential oils, it is necessary to remember that for therapeutic action it takes only a few drops.

4. Treatment should be permanent - daily, every 4 hours, before the disappearance of signs of the disease.

Terms of use of inhaler

1. Before the procedure, wash your hands.

2. It is forbidden to carry out inhalation immediately after eating. It is better to wait 1.5 hours and then start treatment.

3. During the treatment period, it is necessary to abandon smoking at least 1 hour before the procedure.

4. During the procedure, it is impossible to talk.

5. The patient should have lightweight clothing that does not make breathing.

6. With the disease of the upper respiratory tract (cold), inhale and exhale should be done through the nose.

7. With the ailments of the lower respiratory tract (bronchitis, inflammation of the lungs), inhale and exhale are made through the mouth.

8. If a hormonal drug was added to the solution, after the procedure you need to rinse the mouth. Children can just give to drink water. If a mask was used, then you need to wash your face and eyes.

9. After inhalation, it is necessary to lie 30-40 minutes. It is impossible to smoke, go out, especially in the cold season.

With many diseases, inhalations help us. Rubber or cough can be attributed to the category of light ailments, if you have an inhaler and saline. Inhalation of physical child will never harm. Very often, the kids have a nasal congestion due to dry air in the apartment. In this case, you can also use inhalation. Inhabit the physical child will like it, because it does not have a bitter taste (like pills) or an unpleasant smell (like ointment).

Treatment of a cold or not very strong cough can be started without appointments of the doctor. But adding drugs into inhalation with physical physician only after consulting the therapist.

Read in this article:

  1. Why does dry cough appear?
  2. How do inhalations on dry cough?
  3. When can you not use the nebulizer?
  4. What drugs are inhalations?
  5. Rules for the procedure
  6. Nebulaizers for inhalations with dry cough
  7. How to deal with a dry cough effectively and safely?

Dry cough is often a satellite of ENT diseases, colds and other pathologies. Such an obsessive symptom gives discomfort and is truly exhausted. But for the treatment of such states there are quite effective methods.

Why does dry cough appear?

To begin with, it is necessary to decide on the notion of dry cough. Its main differences from productive are in the absence of mucous discharge and localization. The dry cough is formed in the larynx, and the wet - inside the chest.

Why does dry cough appear?

Under the action of the inflammatory process, allergies or virus, the rear wall of the larynx is annoyed. The brain comes a signal provoking a cough reflex to free up respiratory tract. As a result, the irritation of the mucous membrane of the larynx is enhanced, which leads to the formation of another cough wave. It turns out a vicious circle.

When dry cough appears, it is important to identify its reason to choose adequate treatment. The symptom can manifest itself with the inflammation of the larynx or during the penetration of the virus into the lower part of the respiratory system. Sometimes in this way the body responds to external stimuli, internal pathologies, allergens. Preparations and methods of treatment must select a doctor after diagnostic procedures.

How do inhalations on dry cough?

One of the most effective methods of dry cough cure is inhalation. A few decades ago were used so-called "steam inhalations" - over a capacity with a special decoction.

But this method is sufficiently dangerous, because it can cause skin burns and respiratory tract. It is impossible to breathe a ferry when increasing the body temperature, infectious lesions of the skin of the face or mucosa in the mouth.

How do inhalations on dry cough?

But with the advent of special devices - nebulizers - the danger of inhalation was reduced to zero. Such devices do not form a hot steam, the active ingredient is communicated to an aerosol state with a compressor, a vibrating membrane or ultrasonic waves.

Inhalation procedures with dry cough give a lot Advantages :

  • This is the safest treatment method, since the sprayed drug is affected only on the respiratory system, without causing undesirable effects from the digestive and other organs.
  • Inhalation is very effective in the fight against dry cough.
  • When performing the procedure from the first symptoms, the period of flowing the disease is significantly reduced.
  • Inhalation of the smallest drug particles facilitates the flow of sputum, mitigates the development of the pathological process, reduces the frequency and severity of attacks.
  • With the help of a nebulizer inhalation, it is possible to do without a visit to the clinic, at home.
  • Inhalations are suitable for people of any age, the main thing is to correctly choose the drug and dosage.

In the inhaler-nebulizer, the active ingredient decomposes into small particles, which fall inside the respiratory organs and act on the mucous membranes. At the same time, large areas of the respiratory system are affected, including the lowest departments. Preparations are successfully fighting with bacteria and microbes, suppress their growth, eliminate bronchospasm.

When can you not use the nebulizer?

Inhalation nebulizer is performed by almost any ENT diseases:

  • bronchitis in acute, chronic, obstructive forms;
  • pneumonia;
  • tonsillites;
  • laryngitis;
  • tracheitis;
  • virus lesions of respiratory organs;
  • infectious diseases.

When can you not use the nebulizer?

Contraindications for this procedure a bit. These include a tendency to the appearance of nasal bleeding, respiratory or heart failure, hypertension. It is impossible to perform inhalations during heaming, individual drug intolerance, during or after myocardial infarction, brain stroke.

What drugs are inhalations?

To combat dry cough, several groups of inhalation solutions are used:

  • Salt;
  • Physically;
  • Compounds with bronchodilies;
  • Expectorant;
  • Antiseptic preparations and antibiotics.

Salt and alkaline solutions are considered the safest, but effective means. The substances contained in them help to moisten the mucous membrane, soften the cough, make the mucus more liquid so that it is easier to come out during coughing. For this purpose, soda solutions are mainly used.

Inhalation with salts solutions are carried out no more than 5 times a day. The duration of each procedure is 5-10 minutes, it is poured into a nebulizer about 4 ml of solution. Inhalation of such substances is not contraindicated by children of any age and pregnant women.

Sodium sodium salvizor (solid salt) is implemented by pharmacies in a finished form. When inhalations, this tool is used in pure form or applied to mix with medications. The physical has an antiseptic effect, reduces the degree of edema of the tissues, fights with microbes. For inhalation, 2-4 ml of solution will be required.

Broncholitics are prescribed to block the inflammatory process, the removal of edema, expanding the lumen of the bronchi, acceleration of the output of sputum. Such drugs include Nebututul, Ventoline, Berretk, Berodal.

Excraceing agents are needed with difficulty removal of sputum and unproductive cough. They are characterized by anti-inflammatory effect, thinning of the mucous substrate, facilitating its exit. Preparations of this type are Muscover, Ambroben, Ambroxol, the ACC, Lazolyvan. They are used exclusively to appoint a doctor, which determines the dosage and frequency of inhalation. For the preparation of the composition for the nebulizer will require saline.

When coughing caused by the action of bacteria, inhalations with dioxicin, gentamicin, furaciline, miramistine and other antibiotics are carried out. Self-medication is unacceptable here, it is necessary to comply with the medical recommendations.

Rules for the procedure

Ingalyanting with dry cough gave the desired effect, some rules must be followed:

  • The procedure is performed after eating, at least 1.5 hours after exercise;
  • Not less than an hour after inhalation, it is impossible to smoke, eat or drink;
  • Smoking it is undesirable and 1 hour before inhalation;
  • In case of ENT diseases, the breath is made in mouth and nose at the same time;
  • Clothes must be free enough to not prevent the respiratory process;
  • Before use, nebulizer needs to be disinfected.
Rules for the procedure

Inhalation is performed in the sitting position, in a calm state. After the procedure, it is desirable not to talk for about 20 minutes.

Nebulaizers for inhalations with dry cough

Inhalations with dry cough are performed by nebulizers of various types. Everyone has its own characteristics. The most common device is Compressor The spraying of the medicinal composition is carried out under the action of a special mechanism.

Second type - Mesh inhalers working on the principle of the vibration of the membrane under the action of ultrasound.

How to deal with a dry cough effectively and safely?

To effectively combat dry cough, inhalation should be carried out, complying with the rules for using the device, the implementation of the procedure and medical recommendations. Then the treatment will be effective and will not cause side effects.

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