Causes of low Internet speed. Why slows down?

Despite the fact that the period of modems and the first unlimited tariffs have already passed, and the modern Internet tariffs for most providers imply high speeds of 50 megabits and above, the problem of the Internet speed remains to this day. At the same time, from time to time, a question arises at the most inopportune moment. Why the Internet is slowing down , why i have a low speed internet ? What can be Cause of low Internet speed At such larger speeds, which promises the provider? Let's figure out.

And everything began so good ...

Usually, when connected to any provider at the very beginning with the speed of the Internet, everything is in order: installers came, conducted a cable, measured the speed on the site, got excellent numbers, as a result, everyone was satisfied. But after a time, wonders begin: the Internet begins to slow down, then work again, especially in the evening, or at all "in the filing" for several days. From this point on, the subscriber begins nervous, as if oxygen was blocked: not to prepare for the exam, no sense of life is not found in the search engine, nor chat. What thoughts come to the head of most users? That's right, the provider is to blame and only he, and in no way otherwise, because I have a cool laptop, the most expensive and new router, and in general, a familiar gave the most powerful guarantee by giving up a computer iron. And what if you familiarize yourself with the reasons for low speed of the Internet, why the Internet slows down, obtained in practice with computer masters, service centers and technical support services of various providers! Do you have ten minutes of free time, not taking off on social networks, toys and other "vital things" things?

When the summer turned off the water, I realized that the Internet was not the most important thing in the house

Folk thought

Why the speed of the Internet can be low: look at first

Low Internet speed and inhibit the Internet can for various reasons. The provider also knows her shoals, but also the subscriber is no less. If you want to save time while your provider is allocated to the wizard that will come to seek the reason for the low speed of the Internet, then here's a list of what can be checked alone.

Why low internet speed

Cause of low internet speed: problem with browser Are you used to working with only one browser? Can you assume that a browser like any other program may at some point to give a failure: it seems to be opened, but everything has something wrong?

Cause of low Internet speed: torrent client or online game Select all speed If you are a fan of online games, love to download movies through the torrents, then we hurry to delight. If you have launched a torrent that downloads something or running an online game that climbed to download updates, then almost all 100% of your channel will be occupied by the download process. Online games download their updates or installers too through torrents, only use their own built-in customers for this. You do not swing? And if you have a router at home, through which your offspring is sitting in the next room and shakes torrents or updates games? Is that possible?

Cause of low Internet speed: periodically freezes or buggy Wi-Fi Router Now everything is pushing the Wi-Fi routers. More than half of all speed appeals are due to the problems with the router. I immediately want to say that the "new" and "dear" is not the property of the router. Liver, hang and capricious can any router, even new, even old, bought for any money and configured at least the most authoritative computer specialist in your community circles. Alas, this is a practice.

The reason for the low speed of the Internet: interference from the neighbors Wi-Fi routers You drove into a new building or a long populated house, put a router, set everything yourself or with someone's help. Everything worked perfectly for a month, two or six months, and then it began: in the evenings and on weekend the day the Internet barely works. Your first conclusions are usually like this: Well, the provider has a peak hour, so it does not cope with its Internet, the provider is bad. Now we turn to the technical side of the cause, which is valid in 90% of cases. Note that if the computer or laptop is connected via the cable to the router, then even in the evening when you remember about the watch "Peak" everything works fine. Why's that? The thing is that the number of routers every day is approaching the number of apartments in the house - they are almost in every apartment they cost. To configure the router, you or the configuration sets not only the parameters for connecting to the Internet, but also configures your wireless network, namely: gives the name of the network, puts the password and sets the channel number (frequency) on which radio communication will occur. Channel number options are a bit - only 13. Channel numbers from neighboring routers can coincide or be close. If most routers are next door to work on the same channel or adjacent, then they will all create interference to each other. We will draw an analogy: if you stay in the same room, but at a big distance and communicate with the interlocutor, then you will hear each other and even figure it out, and another 10-20 person can be communicated in the room, then you can hardly understand each other. One room is like one frequency. And why in the evening and at the weekend it happens more often? Everything is very simple - most of the neighbors of the house, included everything that was in the apartments, incl. And routers, and rushed - the subscribers themselves arrange the Hour "Peak" in the radio.

Cause of low Internet speed: computer processor or laptop can be overloaded The problem with the speed of the Internet may be in the strong load of the computer or laptop processor. When the computer runs "under the eyebreaker", it can not be slowed down by only the Internet. For load checks, just call the task manager by pressing the keys simultaneously Ctrl , Alt. и Del. . In the Task Manager window, you will see besides what your processor will also load the processor load percentage. If the processor load jumps up to 90% and higher or even frozen closer to the hundred - do not blame this provider - this is solely the problem of the operating system and programs on your computer.

The reason for the low speed of the Internet: computer or laptop overheats And how long have you looked into the case of your computer or laptop? Have you seen how much dust there? And we had to see such layers that the boots can be knit from them. You can see what to sit in the tag when they go around in T-shirts, it also feels a computer! Lovers playing games most often could face such when the game hung tightly in the midst of shooters. There are special small programs that show the condition of the temperature sensors of your computer. This usually uses wizards from computer aid and in the services themselves. Here you have the most typical case when the computer slows down due to overheating. At home, a small child, everything is clogged, you cook something on the plate, breathing like in the bath and in such a greenhouse conditions where the opening of the death of death is similar and overheating. Yes, there is also a laptop not on the stand, but on the remoteel - the influx of air to the ventilating holes in its body is generally zero!

Cause of low Internet speed: gave a newcomer used Another of the reasons for braking the Internet when pages on the Internet barely open. The grandson or son presented his mother, grandmother, son-in-law, wool and other relatives (which sometimes sometimes the start button is looking for a written table, and not on the monitor) his old computer, and on the occasion bought more powerful and modern. "On, use, the other day also will spend the Internet!" No sooner said than done. Nobody warned them that the computer is old, it would notice to rearrange everything on it and you will spend it from the inside, you look and shares quickly. And this is sitting in computers by the user one on one to one with the Internet and sees how boiling water in the kettle cools faster than the video in YouTube. Explain the newcomer in computers on the phone that the reason in the computer is very difficult, solved only by a comparative show in place.

Cause of the low speed of the Internet: viruses that missed your praise antivirus The case that will never get out of fashion - computer infection with viruses. And not necessarily entirely of the computer, but only browsers. And it does not always save even the most praised antivirus. Users themselves, especially newcomers, click on the windows of a variety of contents: "Your account tried to hack, click here to unlock", messages disguised on social network notifications, "Before downloading Clean your computer", "download for a direct link, already swing xxx man with Speed ​​xxxxx ", etc.

You can double-click as free additionally.

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Cause of low Internet speed: a specific site or resource overloaded Maybe you are used to downloading files, listen to music or watch video from a specific resource in which constantly hang? It is possible that the problem with the overload of this resource. For example, VKontakte happens periodically slows down.

Cause of low Internet speed: weak iron inside The cause of the braking of the Internet can be wounded in low computers or laptop gland. Yes, yes, in the yard of 2016, and weak computers still have. They do not care in the buyers "Painted Iron" (they gave the buyer those who allegedly needed money) and they want to roll the mountain for a penny. It happens that the sites on which only read open quickly, and how you turn on the video on the same YouTube or VKontakte so slows down. Even on some smartphones you can see.

If none of the probable reasons made himself felt, but you honestly checked all these options, feel free to call your provider and leave an application for the departure of the Master.

Regardless of the speed of your internet connection, sometimes some tract processes slow down. This article describes possible malfunctions, ways to eliminate them and methods for the most efficient use of Internet connection.

Windows is equipped with a built-in troubleshooting agent that can automatically find and eliminate some common connections.

Open it by clicking the button "Start Start button icon"And pressing the button "Control Panel". In the search field, enter Troubleshooting and select Troubleshooting . In chapter Network and Internet Click link Internet connection .

Connection type matters

Connection type to the Internet is the most important factor that defines the connection speed. The three most common ways to connect to the Internet home are switched, DSL and cable connections. If you have selection, it should be borne in mind that the cable connection is the fastest, and the speed of the switching connection is inferior to the speed and DSL, and the cable connection.

Many Internet service providers also offer optoptic optical (FIOS) service, which connects to the Internet through the optical network. In the house, computers are still connected with copper wires. The advantage of the FIOS is at a higher speed compared to traditional types of connectivity with copper wires (DSL or cable). Some Internet service providers offer several options depending on which area you are now. More filled areas are likely to be available in FIOS. For more information, contact your telephone company or Internet service provider.

There are several ways to optimize the connection speed to the Internet. First, you should choose the most high-speed modem. The highest-speed modem allows you to send and receive data at 56 kbps (kilobit per second). Such speed will not hold on constantly, but with a good telephone line you can count on 45-50 kbps.

Secondly, make sure the telephone line is in good condition. If the telephone wires in the house or office are old and worn, interference may appear or overlapping other telephone lines. This reduces the connection speed to the Internet, as the modem is forced to again and again send the same data until they are transmitted without interference. Make sure the telephone wires are not damaged, not worn and not intertwined with power cables or other telephone wires. If, when conversing, crackling, you may need to contact the communication service provider to check the lines inside and outside the house to make sure there is no damage.

Tips for users of wireless networks

When connecting to a wireless network (Wi-Fi), the Internet connection speed depends on both the place of your computer and whether other wireless devices are in the same area. Wireless networks operate at frequencies similar to those used by other devices, such as microwave ovens and radiotelephones. Using a radiotelephone with a frequency of 2.4 GHz near a laptop, also receiving a frequency of 2.4 GHz, can cause interference and even fully block the wireless network connection. For calls by phone while working on the Internet, use a wired phone or wireless, operating at a frequency other than the frequency of the wireless network.

The location of the wireless access point or router, as well as physical access can affect the quality of the Internet connection. To increase the connection speed, move it closer to the access point and make sure that there is no physical interference between the access point and the computer.

Computer Problems: Spyware, Viruses and Other Programs

The status of the computer may affect the connection to the Internet. Spyware and viruses are undoubtedly caused problems, however, program-superstructures, computer memory, computer memory, disk space and its status, can affect the Internet connection speed.

One of the most common causes of low Internet productivity are spyware and viruses. Spyware can slow down the system, interfere with the work of the browser and take all the Internet connection resources. Spyware tracks track the use of the Internet and pressing the keys, which further reduces the speed. The problem is exacerbated if multiple spyware is simultaneously running. If the problem is serious enough, the connection may be lost completely. To maintain optimal speed, it is necessary to regularly run the anti-spin program to remove all possible spyware.

Computer viruses can also lead to low Internet performance. When a computer infecting a computer, the virus installs a computer code that tries to distribute, usually sending e-mail by email. Some viruses are able to multiply with a speed of several hundreds of messages per minute, without leaving other processes of almost no computing resources and the bandwidth of the Internet connection. Detect working viruses is quite difficult, so it is better that the antivirus program is running constantly.

Browser add-in also lead to performance problems. Browser add-in is a multimedia add-in, search bar and other programs that are usually displayed on the browser toolbar. Many superstructures are expanding the ability to view web pages by providing multimedia content or special document formats. However, some superstructures can slow down the Internet connection. If you think that speed drops because of the add-ons, run Internet Explorer in the "add-on" mode. Superstructures are disabled only on the current session; But if speed increases, you can finally disable them using the add-on manager. To open the add-on manager from Internet Explorer, press the button. Service and select Set up superstructures .

As for all computer programs, Internet Explorer requires a certain amount of computing power, memory and disk space. Each viewed web page is first loaded into memory, and then saved to the disk into the temporary file folder. Running another program using a significant amount of RAM and computing power can take resources from the browser and lead to delays in its work. If the Internet connection speed is low, close other running programs. If you need to work with multiple programs at the same time, we recommend increasing the amount of computer memory. Low speed can be caused and a shortage of disk space. To increase it, delete Internet Explorer temporary files.

Sometimes the parameters in Internet Explorer are changing, which can affect Internet Explorer. You can reset Internet Explorer settings to standard values. Reset Internet Explorer parameters are irreversible, so first read the list of parameters that will change.

External factors affecting the connection speed

Unfortunately, there are events and conditions that are not controlled by yours. Even with high-speed connection, external factors, such as web site loading or distribution of computer viruses, can slow down the entire network. Popular websites may not cope with the influx of users. For example, if the site is mentioned in television advertising, many people can try to go to it at the same time. If the website is not ready for such a volume of traffic, there may be delays.

In periods of flash of computer viruses, the Internet can slow down. Many viruses apply, forcing computers to send hundreds or even thousands of copies of the virus. At the same time, the speed of the Internet can slow down due to the huge amount of data transmitted. You can find out what major outbreaks of the disease are currently taking place on the website of the Antivirus Program Web site or on the Security System Website Website Websites.

In addition, the overload of the local Internet can lead to the speed of connection slower than the usual one. This happens when many people are trying to connect to the Internet at the same time, most often at the peak hours, for example, in the afternoon, when students return from schools and overcoming.

If you use a corporate network, using a common network and proxy server may affect the performance of the Internet. Many network administrators track the statistics of the Internet use and try to prevent some user actions, such as loading large files, during peak hours. If you have noticed that at times the Internet connection speed is reduced, contact your network administrator.

Hi. Very often, our users ask the same question - Why is the Internet speed below the claimed provider? Let's figure it out, is the provider always to blame?

Of course not. The problem can be both on the service provider and yours.

In addition, after the results of the internet speed measurement, which you do not satisfy, should not immediately make claims to the Internet provider. And it is necessary to start eliminate possible problems for its part.

The reasons for the low speed of the Internet are a lot, but you can select several basic, which are most often found.

Causes of low Internet speed

The first reason - It is high traffic consumption in your apartment or house. Programs and components of operating systems are becoming more and more "independent". If earlier in most processes, a person decided, now he became just a consumer. And all the tasks for updates to anti-virus databases and programs the device performs independently.

And it happens in the background. Therefore, the user does not even realize that at the moment some component is loaded. A vivid example of this phenomenon is Windows 10. who itself updates, searches for and downloads the necessary drivers for various devices, etc.

Also, programs such as torrent clients, online radio services and other can consume traffic without user knowledge.

Therefore, the first thing is necessary to simultaneously press the three keys on the keyboard: Ctrl + Alt + Del

After that, in the menu that appears, select - "Task Manager"

In the Task Manager itself, open the "Performance" tab and view the activity of sending and receiving data on your network

If the values ​​are far from zero, then it is necessary to find the source of traffic consumption and turn it off. And then repeat the scan of the Internet speed.

The second reason It has a lot in common with the first. Here is a simple example of practice. The dissatisfied client simply cut the phone calls and complaints about the low speed of the Internet. At the arrival, it turned out that the dissatisfied dad did not even suspect that his child in the next room constantly downloads large files through a torrent client on a smartphone and thus loaded the home network.

Therefore, check or disconnect all the device connected to the home network - smartphones, tablets, smart TV, etc.

Third reason More often found in private houses. The fact is that the quality of the Internet is very affected by the length of the cable. Especially if this cable is not fiber, but an ordinary "twisted pair". The longer the cable - the worse there will be the quality of the Internet.

But often you can meet this situation. The user spent the cable to the house and connected it to the router or the usual router. Everything works fine and no complaints. Then the user decided to transfer PC to the bath, garage, summer terrace, gazebo, etc. Bought a 305 m "twisted pair" and handed it from the router to the gazebo ...

... And in two days, he noted that the speed of the Internet allows you to desire the best. Naturally, after checking speed, calls and complaints of the provider begins. Although the problem, as you guessed, not at all in the provider.

Fourth reason lies in a Wi-Fi router. According to statistics, it is the leader among home equipment by the number of problems provided. Simple words - he how sieve misses packet data. If it is still obsolete, it is quickly clogged. Therefore, the router sometimes need a reboot.

It also happens that the hardware version of the router is not supported by the new laptop or PC operating system. It seems to be working, but with errors and failures that the user does not see, but notes only the bad Internet speed.

Also very often, the router is very far from the computer, which also leads to errors and reduce the speed of the Internet.

Therefore, to eliminate the effect of the router on the Internet connection, it is necessary to exclude it from the network for the time. To do this, it is enough to remove the cable from it and connect it directly to a PC or laptop.

✅The reason It is similar to the fourth, only here the problem is not in the router, but in the network card computer or Wi-Fi adapter. It may very much that they are simply not able to work at those speeds that provider provides. For example, the speed of your Internet connection is 100 Mbps, and the Wi-Fi adapter supports only 25 Mbps. Naturally, no 100 Mbps when checking the speed of the Internet, it is not possible to go and the provider here is also nothing to do with it.

Eastern reason It is in the settings of the Wi-Fi router. The most important of them is the "wireless network mode".

Modes at the moment there are several ( B / G / N / AC ) They differ in the highest possible connection speed:

  • 📌802.11a - This is one of the first standards. Maximum connection speed 54 Mbps.
  • 📌802.11b. - Works in the range of 2.4 GHz. The speed is only up to 11 Mbps.
  • 📌802.11g - It works as in the range of 2.4 GHz. But the speed is already up to 54 Mbps. Compatible with 802.11b. For example, if your device can work in this mode, it will be easily connected to networks that work in the B mode.
  • 📌802.11N. - speed up to 150 Mbps in the range of 2.4 GHz and up to 600 Mbps in the range of 5 GHz. Compatible with 802.11a / b / g.
  • 📌802.11ac - This is the newest standard that works only in the range of 5 GHz. Data transfer rate up to 6.77 Gb / s.

As you can see, the difference in the maximum speeds is very different. Therefore, go to the settings of your router and see which wireless network mode is installed.

You have a low Internet speed, then contact the provider only after checking and eliminating all the main causes above.

And you can check the speed of the Internet you, as always, can on the main page of our service - check the speed of the Internet

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This page was prepared for you:

Speedtest SpeedtestEvgeny Novikov. System Administrator. Experience in the Internet and telecommunications more than 10 years

Diana EreminDiana Eremin. Editor. Experience in journalism more than 7 years

In this article, we will look at how to increase the speed of the Internet on the smartphone and laptop, and also we will analyze the answers to frequently asked questions.

How to increase the speed of the Internet on a PC or smartphone

A sudden drop in the speed of the Internet may be unexpectedly painful, especially now, when we are accustomed to speeds in the range of 100-200 Mbps. The reasons for such a "drill" a large number and the only correct solution does not exist - each case is individual. Therefore, if you google on the topic "Why my Internet is so slow" will see many tips, but most of them will be useless.

In the restoration and even increase the speed of the Internet, first of all, it is necessary to pay attention to the reasons that caused "Drop". And only by eliminating them, you can think about the peculiar overclocking of the bandwidth.

How to check the speed of the Internet connection

If you are connected to the Internet and have difficulty downloading a web page, it is likely that your Internet speed fell to critical values. Of course, there is a certain probability that the problem is on the site. However, check it easy enough - open 2-3 additional pages and check how quickly they are loaded. If it is also without any result - the problem is on the Internet.

How to increase the speed of the Internet on a PC or smartphone

Popular Internet Speed ​​Check Resources:

  • Speedtest.net
  • Fast.com.
  • Spectrum Speed ​​Test
  • Speakeasy Speed ​​Test

Despite the fact that computers and smartphones face the same problem, the methods of solving problems arising on them can be somewhat different. Therefore, we broke the material on the blocks: how to increase the speed of the Internet on the smartphone and how to perform a similar task on the PC.

Select a block according to your needs.

How to increase the speed of the Internet on the smartphone

Internet speed on mobile devices may depend on a number of factors. For example, starting from hardware (processor), ending with the capabilities of receiving and transmitting the signal.

Causes causing a reduction in network speed

You are in a crowded place. For example, at the sporting event, railway station or concert. In this situation, thousands of people at the same time try to enter Instagram to post the next photo, which will show how beautiful they live. The load on the single cellular tower and the Internet speed drops.

Bad reception of mobile signals. If you are in remote areas of the city, it is likely that the connection will be far from ideal. This is the problem of your operator exclusively and in this situation you can do nothing.

Weather. Bad weather is a fairly frequent reason for the deterioration of mobile Internet communication.

Limitting the bandwidth of your device. Even despite the fact that you pay the 4G package, in the case of an inexpensive device, there is a possibility that it will not be able to implement the available network potential.

Downloads in the background. If your smartphone updates the applications or you download the song, the network bandwidth may fall.

Outdated device. If your smartphone has been for many years already, it may well be the cause of low speed of the Internet.

Network speed recovery on the phone

Universal Council How to increase the speed of the Internet does not exist. But you can apply the corrections described below to add additional mobile network performance points:

  • Reset network settings on your mobile device and change 2G to 3G / 4G.
  • Clean the browser cache. As in the case of a computer, removing unnecessary network files can increase the speed of the Internet.
  • Increase the speed of the Internet, limiting traffic for certain applications. Thus, they will not take the resources you need.
  • Use additional software. Install on your smartphone from the Cache Clean, Ace Cleaner or Go Speed ​​discharge. It is likely that the use of these programs will slightly increase bandwidth.
  • Use lightweight mobile browsers. For example, Opera Mini and Chrome Lite.

If none of these tips helps to increase the speed of the Internet on the smartphone, call the mobile operator to clarify the details.

How to increase the speed of the Internet on PC

In this section, we will look at two types of Internet connection: Wireless (Wi-Fi) and wired. The restoration of the bandwidth of each of them has its own nuances, but most of them are common. Therefore, this section will be divided into the following subgroups: Wi-Fi and wired Internet + Wi-Fi .

Wi-Fi Conditions relating to exclusively Wi-Fi compounds.

Bad signal of the router. You probably noticed that if you go to the neighboring room from the router, the signal can deteriorate significantly. This is associated with blocking factors. If the Wi-Fi router is in a closed space, then its signals can be easily suppressed by walls or other obstacles. Elimination of such obstacles is the best way to improve the quality of the compound.

You use a router with a frequency of 2.5 GHz. It is likely that you require a router too much, that potential that it is simply not able to implement. In order for the speed of Wi-Fi compounds at a high level, you will need to purchase a router with a frequency of 5 GHz. After buying, you instantly experience the difference between devices.

Several devices are connected to the Wi-Fi network. If you are altruist and share the Internet with your neighbors, or your family uses all your family, it can significantly affect the speed of the Internet. Loading a movie or a computer game can be more than twice the network performance. In this case, there are two available solutions: update an Internet package and an increase in the basic accessible speed or the purchase of a router with Quality of Service (QoS). Routers with such a function wisely distribute the Internet bandwidth taking into account a lot of use.

Bad password from Wi-Fi. If you count on the fact that the neighbors at the moment of the absence of the Internet never try to choose a password to your WiFi, and create it extremely simple, you probably come across unexpected network users. First, they are sitting in VKontakte, and then begin to swing torrents per 100 GB. In order to avoid such situations, we recommend that you come up with a password more comprehensive.

Wired Internet + Wi-Fi Conditions relating to both Wi-Fi connections and wired connection.

Software takes the resources of your network. If you download any torrent or your application actively uses the Internet, it will be guaranteed to affect its bandwidth.

Using low quality coaxial cable. Coaxial splitters are used to separate wiring connections. In most cases, the presence of this factor is leading on the issue of reducing the velocity of the Internet. Avoid using such cables.

Malicious software. If your computer has suffered from malicious programs or advertising software, it can affect the speed of the Internet. Scan the computer with an antivirus application and eliminate the cause that caused a reduction in network bandwidth.

General Tips for improving productivity online

Your browser and operating system are outdated. One of the frequent reasons for reducing Internet bandwidth is an outdated web browser or operating system that has not been updated for a long time. We recommend more often to load fresh updates so as not only to increase the speed of the Internet, but also get rid of the existing shortcomings of programs.

Clean the disc from unnecessary programs. No matter how strangely sounded in the article about the restoration of the speed of the Internet, we recommend paying attention to unused applications. Some of them can passively use the network and share data with developer servers. Sometimes this traffic is almost impaired, and sometimes it can significantly "sweep" speed. Remove unnecessary applications and, perhaps, the speed of the Internet will boost.

Increase the Internet speed using the command line. CMD - a universal Windows operating system tool that allows you to influence almost all aspects of its work; Including on the Internet.

one. Run the command prompt on behalf of the administrator.

2. Enter the command Netsh Interface TCP Show Global and press ENTER .

How to increase the speed of the Internet on a PC or smartphone

Applying this command, you will see a list of TCP global parameters. If the parameter Auto-tuning level has the meaning Normal - Everything works correctly. If the value is different, go to the next item.

3. Enter the command Netsh int tcp set global autotuninglevel = Normal and press ENTER .

How to increase the speed of the Internet on a PC or smartphone

four. Last step. Perform it regardless of the results 2Point. Enter the command Netsh Interface TCP SET HEURISTICS DISABLED and press ENTER .

How to increase the speed of the Internet on a PC or smartphone

This command will disable the Microsoft heuristic algorithm that limits the speed of the Internet.

If you could not reveal the reason for reducing the speed of the Internet after applying the material described above, pay attention to the next section. In it we will analyze a list of frequently asked user questions and answers to them.

Frequently asked Questions

What is the speed of the Internet - normal?

The answer to this question directly depends on your specific goals. If you use the Internet for web surfing, sending email and listening to compressed music, then 3-5 Mbps of bandwidth is quite enough. If you plan to often download video and watch content on YouTube as not lower than the HD category, you will need 10 Mbps.

Why is my internet so slow?

In the sections above, we have already considered this question in detail and the reasons that could cause a decrease in network performance. If you have not familiarized yourself with this material, we recommend paying attention to it.

How to increase the speed of the Internet

Use the information shown in previous sections is the only correct way to solve the problem.

The location of the router in the room or apartment plays an important role. Studies argue that the installation of the router in the center of the alleged area of ​​its work creates ideal conditions for connecting from any room. Keep the router as far as possible from the microwave and direct its antenna up to better horizontal coverage of the signal. If you need vertical performance, install the antenna horizontally.

The Internet is slow only on one computer. How to solve the problem?

If the Internet works well on all devices, except one, try resetting the router settings and disable the applications that can reduce network bandwidth. Additionally, we recommend scanning a device for malicious software. It is possible that there is a program on a hard disk, which either limits performance, or takes it to its own needs.

Why does the internet speed fall at night?

The internet bandwidth to the night is one of the most frequent complaints of users from all over the earth. In most cases, this is due to the fact that in the evening the day many people return home from work and sit down their favorite films. And so users from one provider can be a large number. Consequently, the flow is loaded and the speed of the Internet in the "Hour of Peak" falls.

Sharp drop in the speed of the Internet

In some situations, nothing foreshadows failure, but it happens. This also applies to the Internet. Unfortunately, sometimes skipping ability can fall more than 2 times less than a second. The reason for the occurrence of such a situation can be at the moment the site on the next tab of the browser or the problem with Wi-Fi connection. In addition, sometimes a sharp drop in the speed of the Internet can signal the breakdown on the provider side.

To restore network bandwidth, use the tips in the previous sections. If they did not help solve the problem, contact the provider to clarify the details.

In 2019, it is difficult to submit life without the Internet. Much depends on it: from favorite hobby before education and work. Therefore, it is imperative to monitor the quality of the connection to always stay online. We hope the article turned out to be useful for you and helped solve questions about restoring the speed of the Internet.

A source: www.starusrecovery.ru.

An unpleasant phenomenon, such as a low Internet speed, can occur due to a variety of reasons. Its sources include router dysfunction, incorrect network settings, provider restrictions. With the right approach, the problem is easily solved, the most important thing is to find the root cause of problems.

Influence on indicators

The main reasons for reducing the velocity of the Internet

Users are often interested in the forums why they have a small Internet speed. The decrease in the speed mode is associated:

  • with the presence of spyware and viruses in the computer;
  • clogging of the browser cache;
  • the simultaneous opening of several tens of tabs;
  • constant updating programs;
  • pop-up advertising blocks on sites.

Important! Sometimes slowing down the transmission and data receipt occurs against the background of an outdated computer.

External factors affecting the connection speed

Low speed of reception and recoil internet connected:

  • with the bandwidth indicators of the channel of the provider;
  • loading line;
  • qualitative characteristics of communication and features of hosting;
  • geographic remote site;
  • Correctness of cables, modem, component computer, etc.

Sometimes the occurrence of problems is related to the time of day and the opening frequency by many users of the same resource.

Important! Slow opening of one site and the accelerated second arises from the location of the server, the novelty of the hosting used.

Problems with opening pages

How to correctly determine the problem

There are several primary sources of small, bad velocities that cannot comply with the data supplier. The main thing is the lack of browser care. To save the quick speed movement mode on the Internet, it is necessary:

  • Clean the cache regularly;
  • get rid of old cookies and information from sites;
  • to update the browser;
  • Reduce the number of active plugins.

Important! Under the observance of the above points when working on the network, discomfort will not occur, and the speed will not begin to decrease into inappropriate moments.

Software Update

Problems of network equipment

Proper debugging of the main elements to work on the Internet helps to solve a part of the issues with failures. The list of components is presented:

  • network card;
  • cable;
  • Router.

When breakdown one or at the same time all key components, the speed will drop to zero. The user must regularly check their serviceability, update hardware software.

Finding fresh drivers

Problems on line

When working with the mobile Internet, the owners of gadgets forget about the restrictions on traffic. Communication with the network disappears into the most unnecessary moments: when communicating on a social network, on Skype, when jumping games or watching the film. The source of the service stop becomes exceeding the limit of Internet traffic. In this case, you need to wait for the next day (to restore high-speed indicators) or include additional packages with extra gigabytes.

Important! Sometimes questions arise against the background of damage to the equipment of the company providing services. The user will have to wait for the restoration of the operability of the equipment of the provider and returning the former speed.

Studying the terms of service provider

"Extra" Internet users

Not all laptop owners remember the need to install a password on Wi-Fi. Sometimes the drop in high-speed indicators is associated with the attachment of foreign devices to the home line. To avoid such situations, it is enough to set a password to contact - this approach will prevent their neighbors to download music and films through someone else's Wi-Fi.

Important! A similar situation arises and with simultaneously joining the line of all the components of the houses. After completing work with individual gadgets, it is better to turn off.

Auto updates of the operating system and installed programs

Automatic update is convenient, but can play evil jokes. The system does not warn about the start of the process when one of the applications is updated. When jumping a surround file (Windows, etc.), the loss will make up several gigabytes, which will noticeably respond to tariffs with a limited amount of data. The remaining users will face the inconvenience of long-lasting afterbilling.

Important! Specialists recommend turning off the update in automatic mode. You can receive new versions at a convenient time when the urgent exit to the wireless line is not required.

OS update upon request

Channel overload by other programs

Problems arise against the background of the simultaneous inclusion of different applications, such loads adversely affect both the connection and the MacBook itself. After completing the operation with one utility and the transition to another must be turned off the previous one. Many active processes slow down work, provoke a drop in speed indicators.

Computer Problems: Spyware, Viruses and Other Programs

Each operating system has a defender designed to stop and reflect external attacks. In many gadgets, full-fledged antivirus programs are installed, which in some cases begin to limit the ports used by the channel. Problems are noticeable when working with torrent applications, they arise due to weak compatibility with P2P protocols, provoking sharp jumps of high-speed indicators.

Attempts to disable antivirus software will lead to viral attacks and slowing speed, jumping important information and sending it to third parties. Programmers recommend temporarily disable the defender, especially if necessary, download the bulk file from the torrent.

These features have an indirect effect on the performance of the virtual line, and the additional memory overload slows down the functionality of the applications. Even with normal Internet speed, the constant overload processor will open a web browser for several minutes. Such malfunctions are reflected on moving through sites on the network, slow down their opening or loading.

Varieties of antivirus

Time of day and weather conditions

Weather The only factor on which it is impossible to influence your own accord. In case, the grid works unstable, causing malfunctions in a wireless and home connection. It is necessary to try to actually evaluate the weather conditions and the capabilities of the line, reports and important messages do not need to postpone on the late evening, especially when a warning from weather forecasters about thunderstorms.

Important! The user must remember that most people actively visits social networks and sites in the evening. So you can not count on the maximum internet power indicators during this period and enter early.

Scheduler packages "QoS". What it is and how to turn off the bandwidth

Under Quality of Service understand the functionality on the distribution of traffic, which is distributed on the priority of the service, predetermined in the adapter. This approach helps the device to configure bandwidth and distribute the load in the local grid.

To disable package scheduler, you must perform a simple algorithm:

  1. After clicking on the "Start" you need to click on the "Run" block and enter the "gpedit.msc" in the display appeared on the display, the action is confirmed by the "ENTER" button.
  2. After starting the Microsoft console in the "Configuration" subsection, "Administrative Templates" are selected, then you need to move via the "Network" to the QoS Package Planner.
  3. When you start the utility in the drop-down list, the "Limit of the bandwidth restriction" point is selected, the check mark is set near the "Enabled" label, the value "zero" is prescribed in a special column.

Important! Debugging will help increase bandwidth from 10 to 15%.

Planner packs

Internet Speed ​​Tools

To find out which reasons forcing the line to slow down, climb download, "swim", use individual sites that provide the ability to free checking the actual connection speed. You can find pages through search engines, individual tester applications work after jumping or installing plug-ins on a laptop.

Specialists advise to make several independent full tests and output average data. Different programs rarely give identical results, because this approach is appropriate. For the passage of the test it is better to choose the most unfinished time and the nearest server in the geographical location. Performing instructions will help get the most accurate information.

When comparing actual and stated line features, you should not forget that the provider indicates the highest parameters. They are registered in the absence of obvious restrictions that were previously mentioned.

When using unlimited tariffs, you need to remember the current limitations, the endings of a monthly or daily limit will lead to a drop in high-speed indicators. If you wish to get a quick line, you must clarify the conditions for the provider. Always exist favorable versions, less advertised than basic. If necessary, you can change the regional service provider.

Option Testing on the site

What to do if the speed of the Internet has decreased

Users face a question to do if weak Internet. An independent increase in indicators depends on sources of failure, experts divide them into two main subgroups:

  • due to the provider;
  • user actions.

If malfunctions appear due to the fault of the recipient services, the effect on the situation occurs without the use of foreign resources. For stabilization, several actions are applied:

  • Installing a new Internet browser will help improve the network with a network - any eventually gives failures, without replacing to another version with the removal of the previous success, it is difficult to achieve;
  • Turning off torrents - distribution of files can capture a significant part of the outgoing traffic, correct the operation of the grid can be turned off;
  • Playing the serviceability - Disabling and re-connecting helps to set troubleshooting, to execute the task, it is enough to connect the laptop through the cable to the router and monitor changes in the indicators if the data is very different, the purchase of new equipment is necessary;
  • Replacing the broadcast channel - is carried out through the router, allows you to go to another, freer line;
  • PC load reduction - is made by stopping all working applications, the action will help stabilize the line, speed up the opening of sites;
  • Internal cleaning of the device - the removal of accumulated dirt and dust allows the equipment to function normally, without overheating and excess voltage;
  • Study of the gadget opportunities - each device has its own indicators, outdated versions significantly limit the speed of the network, if the reason in the old laptop is needed to buy a new one.

Important! In the absence of expected results from the procedures conducted, the User submits an application to the technical service provider. The came the wizard to determine the original sources of failures faster, prompts the best options for eliminating or to debug equipment in place.

Cleaning from dust and dirt

How to quickly restore the speed of the Internet connection

To normalize the speed connection, the user must adhere to the following recommendations:

  • timely disable advertising banners located in a web browser - with third-party, embedded programs or plug-ins;
  • Do not forget about making a subscription fee for the services provided;
  • use only proven browsers from well-known developers to visit the network;
  • Download and install a top antivirus program capable of protecting equipment from external viral attacks.

Correction of slow work is carried out at the above points. Accurate execution of recommendations, their regular use will allow the equipment to issue maximum values.

How to increase parameters

General Tips for improving productivity online

To change performance indicators, you must check the number of installed applications that take a lot of traffic and setting up updates almost daily. The list of parasitizing on the high-speed utility is presented:

  • programs intended for quick messaging;
  • torrents;
  • products from ADOBE;
  • web browsers;
  • Separate system software.

Important! In some cases, the problem is a big traffic of traffic is associated with infection with viruses.

You can check the availability of unnecessary programs through the "Command Line", and remove them - using the Task Manager. Specialists use special software that detects and freezing the activity of utilities absorbing traffic. These include Process Killer, Process Hacker.

To answer the question why the small speed of the Internet, the user is necessary by eliminating to find the reason for the appearance of such difficulty in the work of the home Internet space.


Internet providers subscribers sooner or later face failures. A sharp decrease in the speed of the Internet can provoke many external or internal factors. This indicates the need to clarify the root causes of the drop in speed.

The main reasons for reducing the velocity of the Internet

All popular cellular operators are trying to quickly eliminate any problems. This is due to competition in the telecommunications market and the struggle for each user.

Under these conditions, weak or unstable Internet appears in such cases:

  • Incorrect work of home equipment or outdated browser version;
  • availability of viruses on a personal computer or mobile device;
  • Windows system failure;
  • download and download updates or the operation of individual applications in the background;
  • establishing a limit of the speed of the provider;
  • Adverse weather conditions.

In some cases, an anti-virus program installed on a personal computer, a tablet or smartphone can affect the quality of the Internet connection. Programs or Internet resources representing the potential danger to the device are blocked.

How to correctly determine the problem

To answer the question why the small speed of the Internet, the user is necessary by eliminating to find the reason for the appearance of such difficulty in the work of the home Internet space.

To do this, follow these steps:

  1. If the computer system, tablet or mobile phone is configured to download updates in automatic mode, the user must suspend all the actions performed in the background. An increase in the velocity of the Internet indicates the determination of the cause.
  2. With the help of contacting the subscriber support service of its provider, you should learn about possible technical failures or scheduled work on the line. If the call center operator confirms the presence of interference, the user will only have to wait for the end of the maintenance of the line.
  3. When organizing a wireless WiFi space in the apartment can abdicate the speed of the Internet. Interference that comes from the network equipment of the neighbors, especially in the evening, create a high load on the channel. If the speed has increased after the transition to the free channel, the reason lies in the operation of various routers on one wireless channel.
  4. The presence of viruses on a personal computer or laptop can cause a low Internet speed. In the background, the system performs many processes that the Internet has too much. You should check the device for malicious software and viruses. If the speed declared by the service provider appeared, the reason was in viral infection.

In addition, individual sites, including various file sharing, purposefully reduce the download speed by installing restrictions for users. Such sites block speed, forcing the user to purchase a premium account to use the maximum service features.

Pochemu-Nizkaya-Skorost-InternetA (2) .png

What to do if the speed of the Internet has decreased

Having answered the question why weak online outside the city, the user can independently try to increase its indicator.

Causes are conditionally divided into 2 categories:

  • Reduced by operator's fault;
  • Fall of speed by the fault of the user.

In the latter case, it is possible to affect the situation without attracting third-party resources.

To do this, perform a number of actions:

  1. Browser. Any software can malfunction. Installing a new Internet browser can significantly improve the work of home Internet space.
  2. Torrents. When working like utilities, the connection speed drops significantly. The user needs to turn off the program and check the Internet operation.
  3. Equipment. Checking the service life is checked by disconnecting and re-enabled the device. At the same time, it is necessary to follow the level of the network signal. Connect a personal computer or laptop directly with an Internet cable. With raising speed, you must purchase a new network device.
  4. Channel. Users who have experience setting up routers can change the broadcast channel wireless Wi-Fi network.
  5. Load. Reducing the PC load by stopping all programs will significantly increase the speed of the connection, as well as improve its stability.
  6. Cleaning. To improve the performance of a PC or laptop, the user must periodically carry out the internal cleaning of the device. Removal of dust and contamination will allow equipment to work correctly at the proper level, without excessive voltage and overheating.
  7. PC capabilities. The systemic capabilities of a stationary or mobile device can significantly limit the speed of the Internet. In this case, you only need to replace the computer or laptop. This will make the proper connection speed.

If these actions did not give a positive result, and the Internet speed did not reach a proper level, the user must submit an application to the provider to call the wizard. Only so you can determine why such a bad Internet.

Speed ​​test

Online checking the operation of the Internet connection will allow you to compare real speed with the one that the provider stated. To do this, you can use various online check services, among which Speedtest occupies a leading position.

Problems of network equipment

What if the Internet return is small? In this case, it is necessary to check the maintenance of network equipment.

The algorithm for such a check includes the following operations:

  1. Reboot the device. You need to completely disconnect the device from the network. After a minute, perform a re-inclusion.
  2. System reboot. In the absence of a positive result, when using a mechanical reboot, the user should go to the execution of this item. Enter the router settings and restart the device using system tools.
  3. LAN card. Direct cable connection to the PC or laptop network card can significantly increase the connection speed.
  4. Routher settings. Resetting the settings will remove failures in the operation of the network device. Incorrect work significantly slows down the work of the unlimited Internet. To do this, you need to find the reset button on the rear panel and click on it. After retention within 10-15 seconds, the device will restart and subsequent system start. This will allow the initial configuration of the work parameters to enter into force.

If even the transition to the factory settings does not help to remove the problem, the user needs to buy a new Wi-Fi router.

Pochemu-Nizkaya-Skorost-InternetA (3) .png

Problems on line

In some cases, the reasons for the disappearance of the Internet connection speed are adverse weather conditions or cable damage. In the latter case, only the service provider will be able to eliminate the breakdown by sending Masters brigade to the crash site.

To refine these data, the user must perform the following steps:

  1. Open command line.
  2. Select the ping command.
  3. Clarify the segment to the desired point, that is, to the gateway.

The appearance of the message with information about the exceeding the expectation interval indicates the availability of problems from the provider.

How to quickly restore the speed of the Internet connection

The user needs to always adhere to such advice from professionals:

  • Disable any advertising banners located in the Internet browser;
  • to make a subscription fee in a timely manner;
  • use only proven browsers from well-known manufacturers to access the global network;
  • Download and install on Personal Computer, Notebook Good Antivirus, able to protect the system from malicious programs.

Knowing a set of operations, each user will be able to independently correct the problem of slow Internet connections.

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