Amoral and immoral lifestyle in society: definition, causes and characteristics of behavior

The development of any society is based on the principles of morality and morality. Amoral behavior is sharply condemned in the team and contradicts the adopted etiquette. It is difficult to find a person who has never come across such behavior of any member of the team. But what value is investing in the concept of immorality?

Amoral man

The essence of the concept is immorality

Amoralism is an idea that includes the denial of moral mains and the norms adopted in society. Amoral behavior does not fit into the framework of morality, contradicts etiquette and moral standards, which have developed for centuries. Hence, Amoral is a man coming against any rules and challenging decent people.

The word "immoral" has several values:

  • immoral;
  • assessment of the situation or actions of man;
  • denial of the norms of morality and morality in society;
  • Behavior not approved by society.

The word is formed from the noun "morality" by adding the console -A-. In Russian, it has a denial value.

Amoral behavior

Examples of immoral behavior can often be found in society. Surely each of us saw similar personalities in transport, store, outdoor. It is often possible to hear the swearing, to see people in a state of alcohol intoxication, as well as those who are littering on the street. To antisocial, immoral actions The noise in the apartment, which prevents the neighbors. Those who include on the full volume of music at home, not worrying about others, also despises social norms.

Speaking about immoral behavior, they often mean immorality, debauchery. People leading such a lifestyle, immodest and dissolved. Amorality can even manifest themselves in conversations: immodest jokes, frivolous jokes, mocks, mockery over the surrounding.

What does man mean immoral

Differences in cultural traditions

The concepts of immorality differ and depend on different factors. It may be national, religious features, and also this concept changes over time. What was impossible 100-200 years ago, is now perceived perfectly fine.

Morality and morality are formed under the influence of family and society. Over time, much is perceived completely differently, the norms change. If 200 years ago, communication between a man and a woman out of marriage was difficult to imagine, now it meets everywhere and is considered absolutely normal.

In the modern world, the concept of immorality has become more referring to the concepts of legality and anti-inflammation. Now no one will condemn a man for some kind of outfit Or personal life, as it was before. But of course, the eternal concepts of morality remained. As before, it is considered invalid to insult a person, mock, behave in a rude and defiant.

In the Christian and Muslim society, the concept of morality is also distinguished. According to Islamic laws, it is now considered an immoral woman to appear on the street with a uncoated head and without maintaining a man. Such differences suggest that the concept of morality is associated with cultural and religious traditions.

Characteristics of immoral personalities

Amoral personality can be easily recognized not only by behavior, but also in nature. Such people are distinguished by greed, anger, envy, curd. Often they adhere to anarchic views, deny the existing standards and try to break the foundations. Turning to the team, Amorals are completely not taken care of how their behavior will affect the rest. They can talk loudly, listen to music, spit on the floor and insult others.

Examples of immoral behavior:

  • abnormative vocabulary in the team;
  • Do not give way in transport to old men, children or pregnant women;
  • to push the human busement to go faster;
  • crawl without a queue;
  • Throw cigarette on the floor.

What is an immoral lifestyle

Causes of immoral behavior

The most common reason for the emergence of antisocial behavior is impunity. People do not make comments to persons Leading itself immoral . This happens for several reasons: some just do not care how others behave, they are busy only. It often happens that members of the team are afraid to make comments to an immoral person, as he behaves aggressively and is a threat to the rest.

Many examples of immoral behavior do not belong to administrative or criminal offenses, so it is necessary to ensure that they are not a task of society. The basics of education should go from the family. It is the parents who instill with children norm of behavior in the team. But if a child or adult led himself unworthy, then the task of others - to point it to it.


This video rises a serious question about immorality and immoral behavior of modern adolescents.

The meaning of the term amoral

In everyday Russian speech you can hear a lot of foreign words. They are called borrowed. People often use them without thinking about origin. Many foreign words included in our language occurred from Latin. Latin, or Latin, is a dead language. At the moment, no one is talking on it. Latin is used only in writing, in medical and legal terms.


In contact with



My world

Previously, the ancient Romans spoke to Latin. When Roman civilization came into decline, Latin served as the basis for other European languages: French, English, German, Spanish. Many Latin borrowing have penetrated Russian and are still actively used. Their meaning can be found in any dictionary of foreign words, as well as in the dictionary of the Russian language.

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From the words that came to Russian from Latin, according to the rules of the Russian language, was formed single. For example, adverbs and adjectives were formed from the nouns. One of these - "amoral" and derivatives from it - "immorality", "immoral".

What does the word "amoral" mean

Who is such an amoral

Amoral is a person who behaves immoral, that is, immoral. The term "amoral" itself occurred from the Latin "Moris" - "Morals". The famous "Winged Expression" immediately comes to memory: "Oh, times! Oh, moral! " Latin it sounds like "o tempora! O Moris! ". This expression is usually used when older people express their dissatisfaction with the nravami, reigning among modern youth.

"Amoral" consists of the root of "moral" and the prefix "A". Expanding "A" in Latin means the absence of anything, for example: "apolitical" - not related to politics, "amorphous" - not having form ("Morphos" "Latin -" Form "). The literal, or literal translation of the word "amoral" - "a person who has no morality."

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Morality is an abstract concept used in the following values:

  • Melms characteristic of a particular society;
  • Rules of behavior;
  • Ethics;
  • Moral criteria;
  • Also, the noun "morality" is often used in the meaning of "teaching", for example: "Moral Basni is that it is never to hurry."

The word "amoral" in modern Russian is used in relation to a person who behaves shamelessly, immoral. It should be borne in mind that the term "moral", which would be an antonym to the term "amoral", does not exist. Antonyms to the noun "amoral" - "honest person", "decent person", "decent person."

The meaning of the word "immoral"

The adjective "immoral" is the name of the adjective, one-sided to the noun "amoral. In Russian, this word has such synonyms as:

  • Immoral;
  • Shameless;
  • Indecent;
  • Dishonest.
Amoral lifestyle

Usually the term "immoral" is used in conjunction with noun "act" or "behavior". However, decent and honest behavior in Russian is not customary called "moral". Antonyms for the word "immoral" - "high-level", "right", "worthy".

The word "moral" is used in Russian in the meaning "associated with morality", "with respect to generally accepted standards of behavior." For example: "Moral Code" - "Code of Public Moral Rules".

Also in Russian in conversational speech, the expression "read morality" is often used - to train anyone's behavior standards. Usually, young people say so about the elderly people who love to teach morality, for example: "My grandmother eternally I am a morality reading!"

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Amoral Behavior and Amoral Lifestyle

What human behavior is immoral

Most often, the adjective "immoral" is used in conjunction with the noun "behavior." The phrase "immoral behavior" occurs in oral and written speech. People say that when they want to describe licenses, immorality, the lack of shame. For example, "immoral behavior" in society it is customary to be a marital treason, the birth of children outside of marriage, drunkenness and drug use.

However, it should be borne in mind that in every culture its criteria for immoral and moral behavior. What is considered immoral in one country is a moral behavior in another. Morale norms are largely dependent on religion. For example, Christian morality in many respects does not coincide with Muslim morality, and the moral of Buddhists does not correspond to the pagan ideas about morality.

The term "immoral" is often used in writing speech, in an official business style. For example: "The public condemned him for immoral behavior" . This adjective is found in legal documents and protocols. In colloquial speech, it is used when they want to emphasize that someone else testifies to the dismissive attitude of this person to the generally accepted norms of morality. An explanation of the words "immoral", "immoral", "amoral" and "morality" can be easily found in the explanatory dictionary of the Russian language, as well as in the dictionary of foreign words.

The term "amoral" is used when it comes to a person who does not respect the existing moral foundations. This word characterizes a person from the worst. With this noun, it is possible to express indignation by the actions of a shameless person, for example: "He is the real amoral!". However, this word should be used with caution in order not to offend a person, because it has a pronounced negative color. Adjective "immoral" It also has a pronounced negative color, and it can sometimes be replaced by more neutral synonyms.

Nowadays, the struggle for morality is sometimes gaining incredible heat, and in the heat of the controversy, such complex phrases are drawn up that the unprepared listener only from abundance of not too understandable terms is disconnected. The meaning eludes, and the discussion moves from the specifics into the emotional spectrum. For example, who are such amorals, and why are they so fiercely branded chambers of moral purity? And in this category, literally hits anyone, therefore it is difficult to determine the framework of the permissible.

who are such amorals

The origin of the term

If you argue from an academic point of view, we are talking about the so-called Novoya. There is an adjective "immoral", but the noun derived from it appeared relatively recently, and it also belongs to slang. Who are such amorals? In essence, it is antonym for the word "moralist", which in most cases brings an ironic emotional shade.

The Latin concept of Moralis means "moral". Negative prefix "A" came to us from the Greek. It turns out that immoral is not corresponding to moral standards, just as an alogichic is not meeting the requirements of logic. But if there is a noun "moralist", then according to the laws of the language of the language there should be an antonym, so the word "amoral" appeared. Synonyms here can be selected in meaning, based on the context: from "Shamelessness" to the "bastard", although in fact it is somewhat different concepts. It is important that it becomes clear - we are talking about a person, actions and reasoning of which do not correspond to the generally accepted moral principles.

Amoral man

Amoral thinking

It should be separated by the lifestyle and actions from some speculation conclusions. A person who complies with all social attitudes and carefully monitors the border not to crime, it may differ in immoral thinking. Not in all cases it imposes an imprint on behavior. Who are such amorals? Nowadays, when anonymity on the Internet you can hide a real person, users get the opportunity to freely express all their thoughts, including frankly unpleasant and even shocking.

It was in the network that the expression of "moralophages" appeared. In any discussion, where sides of human life are discussed, some personality may appear, which is furiously shocked by morality, as a sacred chorugwe. This is a classic elastic champion, but to such an extent a fierce that the witty Internet public immediately aggravated the term. In contrast to moralophages, trolls were tightened, specializing in the persecution of such personalities. Amorals demonstratively refute the principles of "spiritual purity", and sometimes it can really be the impression that we are surrounded by terrible people. More often is just verbal gymnastics and study of some mental misconceptions.

People deprived of morality

Amoral behavior

Unlike some reflection or anonymous discussions on the Internet, the actions in life affect the surrounding much stronger. Amoral behavior is often attributed to marginal personalities, although in fact it is simply signs of slip on the verge of a social group. Here, much is connected with the ability to adapt in society, while observing generally accepted decency. Who are such amorals in the context of behavior? This includes all the asocial personalities, as well as citizens who bring condemnation due to the violation of the classical principles "what is good, and what is bad."

Blurred morality frames

The main problem of modern society is the excessive latitude of interpretations, which many are used for their own purposes. People deprived of morality are not so often, and at some point it became fashionable to declare themselves as frika. The youth joyfully attributes to itself psychopathic traits that do not really possess. Under such a mask, a trembling and even a conscientious creature is often hidden, replete once again to show the surrounding essence. A kindness, politeness and softness for some reason began to be considered the qualities of beyond and weak, signs of the victim, which itself suggests aggression.

The immoral person who protrudes his inaccation can rely at least that the potential amateurs do not want to get involved with him to have fun or asserts themselves. On the other hand, how to determine what exactly goes beyond morality? After the final victory of the Sexual Revolution, the intimate side of the question has ceased to be taboo, and the right to drink or smoke is limited, perhaps only by age, to which these goods are not selling.

Amoral Synonym

Moral as a subjective measure of judgment

The tolerance, which is now taking something to scold, will extol to heaven, seriously complicated the situation. Old templates no longer work. It is theoretically to state that a kind of conditioned homosexual is an immoral person, because it allows himself a one-sex connection and does not even hide it, but at the same time he can be an exemplary citizen, kind and honest, carefully pay taxes, engaged in charity not for a tick Hearts. And how to reproach him in immorality after that? Especially if you oppose the man of traditional orientation to him, but clearly asocial, fanning and even dangerous.

Moral moved from the category of objective parameters to the subjective. We have to admit that the world has become more accessible, the boundaries are more transparent, and if somewhere they are frankly strange norms of behavior for us, this is not a reason to proclaim the sacred war in defense of the filthy virtue.

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